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123 Informing Friends

 Kanae did her work as usual for the next few days. The president gave her the list of things she needed to bring, and it nearly shocked her to death. For work, she had to bring laptop and some important files. In addition, she had to bring cell phone to answer the call from the client. Unfortunately, she didn't have any of that, so she had to borrow from the company.

After taking care for the paper, she was allowed to borrow the laptop. As for phone, she would be using Kevin's as she was appointed as the temporary secretary for him along with Neo.

In the meantime, she told Tommy about her work, and Tommy nearly turned her ear deaf.


"Don't shout," Kanae wore a wry smile as she held the special phone in her hand. That Tommy couldn't contain his surprise to shout in the middle of the day like this.

"But, you say that you will be going away."

"Jay's father is going to return soon, right? I'm sure that the time for our mission to protect the place is going to end soon, so you're going to be alright with doing it by yourself."

Tommy felt that this leader of his was going to dump the entire matter to him. If he knew that she was going away, he would never propose to accept this job in the first place. His strength alone was not enough to make him able to face those powerful people in the Zone Clan. Without her, he would be dead meat the next time he faced encirclement.

"Captain, are you going to kill me?"

"If they dare to do anything to you, their clan will disappear," Kanae answered calmly. A trace of ruthlessness appeared in her eyes for a split second before it returned to normal.

They might be weaker and smaller, but they were not someone who others could easily bully. This was the rule she enforced when she first created the group. Those of the core members were basically brother and sister, so they would not allow others to hurt them.

"But if you are going away, I won't be able to face them alone. What if they suddenly try to attack me?"

"Go to the black street. We always do that in the past, right?"

Tommy sighed. He knew that his captain has decided to not pass on this chance to go on a trip. Although he knew that this was a rare offer for someone like them who basically lived in a simple life, he still wanted his captain to stay here.

"Fine, just be careful on your time there. I believe those from your family is not going to let you go."

Kanae nodded her head unconsciously. "Yeah, I believe the chances are high, but I too have something I need to tell them."

Tommy was stunned when he heard Kanae's words. Did it mean their captain has been starting for the war against the Nali Family? Well, not war in literal meaning, but it was still a battle against them.

"Are you sure you want to do it now? If your uncle becomes wary of you, he might not allow you to do as you wish."

"He can't touch me right now. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing."

Well, in fact Tommy was worried that Kanae would do something reckless. Even thought this girl was usually very mischievous and cheerful plus slightly lazy at times, he knew that once she set her mind on something, she would commit to it until the end. Since the Nali Family had made a move against her captain years ago, he knew that Kanae wouldn't let things lay like that.

Kanae was about to turn off the conversation when the other member of their group chatted.

"I thought there's an important chat. Anyway, I'm going away too, Tom. Good luck with doing things with only the sniper."

Hearing that, Tommy nearly threw the special phone far away. He cursed loudly as he shouted.


"Can't help it, I'm not a stray cats that wander around on the street like you," the man answered calmly.

Tommy's face blackened. It was this person way of telling him that he didn't have a life outside the Black Street. Although it was true that he was still nobody, he hated for them to point it out blatantly to him like that.

"Stop fighting you two. It should be me who tease Tommy," Kanae interrupted.

Tommy: "..."

"The place I'm going is too far from the residence. I won't be able to make it to return even if I want to. You should just hope that they return fast enough, Tom."

Kanae nodded her head. "Me too. But if you need something, there's still our talented sniper protecting you from the back. Good luck, Tommy."

After the call was cut off, Tommy buried his head on his palm. He was doomed this time. Inside his heart, he hoped that the Souhon Clan wouldn't make any trouble on his last time going there to take his payment. His heart wouldn't be able to take it if he had to face an abuse. After all, this time there was no one who could help him.

Although he had no confidence to face against those most elites of the Clans, it shouldn't be a problem for him to escape from them. After all, the black street was already like his second home.

While Tommy was lamenting his poor fate, Kanae was busy preparing for her trip. She didn't have any suitcase, so she had to use her backpack. The problem was her backpack was not that big. After struggling for an hour, she finally finished packing everything for the trip.

"This should be all," Kanae nodded her head contentedly. This shall be her first luxurious trip. She wondered how it would feel to change her daily life for once into the luxurious one. Although she would also work in that place, she was sure that she would be having fun too.

Then her mind drifted to the Nali Family that would attend the cruise. Her eyes hardened as she knew that she didn't like them at all. They were always flaunting what they had in front of her like what her cousin did, yet they were only leeching off their parent's hard work.

As for their parents, they always thought that they were above those who were born not from their direct lineage. The branch families always have it hard, but they had to endure if they wanted to stay in the family registry.

Kanae was the opposite, she wanted to get out from the Nali Family so bad, but she couldn't. However, this time she shall make her intention clear to them as she was tired from being pushed around by Sakura every time they met.

This way, she hoped that they could just let her go, but if they still insisted, she didn't mind having the Fiore Group took a job against the Nali Family.