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120 I Want to Have Duel with Him

 The Souhon Clan members didn't hinder the Zone Clan to retreat. Their relationship was not that poor to the point that they would chase the other party until their doom. Although it was sour, they were mostly only some conflicts with those parts of the most inner circle still hadn't stepped out.

Roy moved his gaze towards the wounded Tommy. Although most of the wound on Tommy's body was not heavy, it still hindered the boy's movement very much.

"Why are you asking for help from outsider again, Jay?"

Jay looked back to his brother as a smile appeared on his lips. "I can't contend against those from Zone Clan. The only way I know is by asking for help from my friend."

Tommy's eyebrows arched. Please don't say anything more about our relationship. He was not ready to be associated with Jay that closely when he was dressed as Tom. After all, he had quite a lot of enemies, and they might chase after Jay if it was heard that he and Jay were friends.

"What friend? I'm just helping you for the token," Tommy rebuked.

When the other members heard the word token, they were stunned speechless. They all knew very well the importance of the token and how it would give the owner the power to do anything in their territory. For their Young Master to give that just for a one time help, they were absolutely speechless.

Jay smirked. "If you want the token, you have to give me your new number. It's hard to see you these days."

Tommy took out a phone and threw it to Jay. "Put your number inside. It's my, Tom, personal phone, so you can't guarantee the group to move along with me even if you request anything."

"Sure," Jay typed his number into the phone. When he saw the contact list, he was speechless. "I'm the only contact number you have?"

"I have just bought the phone when you ask for my help. I haven't had the chance to put inside the other numbers," Tommy shrugged nonchalantly. Of course, he specifically bought this phone for his personal alias as Tom and not their group call. He had his old phone, but it was already unusable because of several matters, so he had to buy a new one from the money he got as the payment from Jay previously.

Jay threw the phone back to Tommy. "When my father returns, I'll give you the token."

"Sure, as long as you're not lying, it's good," Tommy nodded his head. He finally gave his attention back to Roy. "Anything you want to say to me, Young Master of Souhon Clan?"

Roy felt that he wanted to give this brat a good beating. However, his aching body clearly told him that it was impossible. He merely gave a glare towards Tommy as he humped.

"You better not think about doing anything shady in our territory."

Tommy shrugged. "We shall see about that. The one who wants the token is not me, but the other members. Anyway, I have to treat my wounds, so it's time for me to leave."

"We can treat you here," Jay was startled.

"Thank you but no," Tommy sheathed his sword back as he walked to the gate. Although his step seemed forced, he still smiled cheekily as usual and walked out proudly before disappearing on the gaps between the buildings.

"Young Master, you have to treat your wound too," Vero immediately reminded.

Jay nodded his head. He suddenly looked forward as a man appeared in front of them. He recognized him as one of the most elites in the Souhon Clan, but what was he doing here? Shouldn't he stay with his father?

"Master Ren, you are here?" Roy was also shocked. He didn't know that someone from his father side was here.

Ren nodded his head, but he didn't bother looking towards Roy. He crouched at the place where Kanae attacked the two elites from Zone Clan. There was a faint mark on the snow where it was clear that she stopped behind them rather suddenly to switch her movement.

"When that captain appeared, do you see his movement?"

Roy, Jay, and many others immediately shook their head. They were unable to follow after that godly movement.

"It's an art," even he was only able to see the after image, but it was enough. The sudden stop and switching motion halted the speed, so he was able to see how that girl in that one movement finished these two.

"Master Ren, is he even better than you?" Jay asked with wide eyes. He had never heard this strict master praised anyone other than his father's other right hand. After all, he was extremely strict in his evaluation of someone's strength.

Ren nodded his head. "If I'm the one who faces him, I may be able to allow you to see his appearance, but I might not be able to beat him."

The other members were startled. They knew that those who could become the leader of the three strongest groups were rumored to be extremely godly, but for their own leader to say that he was not able to beat the other party. This was extremely shocking.

"Master Ren!" Roy was startled.

Ren shook his head. "If you're not strong enough, you should latch onto someone stronger until you can stand on your own. I believe this is something that I teach to you two."

Souhon Clan was not always the strongest clan. There were times when their members were weaker, so they had to rely on the others. Making friends with the strong was clearly beneficial, so this time he would overlook what Jay did since he knew that the current younger generation of their clan was far weaker.

"Jay, when the situation calms down and the other clans no longer try to fight, tell Tom that I want to have a duel with his captain."

Jay was stunned, but he quickly nodded his head. "I'll tell him about it later."

"Good. Although you act without authorization regarding the totem, I'll let you give it to them. They're worthy to be the friends of our clan," Ren laughed. His slightly aged face moved a bit. He wished for nothing more than witnessing the rise of the younger generation.

Hearing what Ren said, Roy's face turned darker. If only he managed to persuade that group to work together, he would be the one who get a favorable impression.

Regardless of what everyone thought, they all returned to their respective place to get treated.


On a Certain Place

"Owie, can't you treat me kindly?" Tommy asked with pitiful eyes.

Kanae shook her head. "Who ask you to move so recklessly? I have told you that you're not good for multiple fights if the opponents have similar levels with you."

Tommy scratched his head. "But there's only me as the close combat member at that time."

"No but, you're not allowed to sleep on the tree with that back of yours. Just sleep on the street if you still want to cover up the residence."

"...You're really cruel captain."

Kanae didn't answer again as she sighed. She moved to the side and gave a light massage to her feet. She was straining her feet to be able to keep that insane speed for nearly half a minute. Thankfully, she has been jogging around to increase her stamina and her feet strength or she wouldn't be able to do any of them.

"Thank you for coming so fast, Captain," Tommy smiled weakly.

"I know you'll be reckless, so I have to come very early. Now, you should return back, or you'll fail your mission."

"What about him...?"

"I have told you, we're busy during this time. This is the reason I'm against you accepting the request in the first place."

Tommy smiled weakly. "I can't help but want to help him when I see his condition."

"I know, that's why I let you do what you want," Kanae sighed. "Just be more careful. I might not be able to come again like this."