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119 The Ghost of Black Stree

 Tommy almost cursed out loud when he heard the voice of his teammate from the earphone.

"You-!" he wanted to yell out of anger when his friend's voice continued.

"But cheer up. I have turned off all the cameras on the areas. Now you can fight to your heart content without any need to worry. They won't be able to fix it for half an hour."

Although they did need to maintain their secrecy, there was no need for him to not be captured into the camera. He had done his makeup fully, so he was not worried that someone might know about his identity.

Tommy gritted his teeth and charged towards the two men again. If they wanted him to fight alone, he would do it. After this, he would file a complaint to their leader about this man poor behavior.

On the other side, Roy was fighting bitterly with Rick. At times, he would take out his gun using his left hand and shot the other party. Unfortunately, his aim sucked badly, so he didn't manage to hit Rick.

The blade came towards his neck and he used his gun to block it. Rick sneered. "You're always worse than me when it comes to close combat fight."

"Scram!" Roy raised his feet, but his kick failed to reach its target.

Rick moved to the back, avoiding the kick before moving forward once again. He wanted to make sure that Roy wouldn't be able to escape. At this time, he was not worried about his people because he knew that there were not many people as skilled as Roy.

As he had expected, Jay was already troubled to handle the core members of the Zone Clan. Even though they were still part of the outer layer, he was getting wounded here and there while trying his best to fend them off. With Vero protecting him from the side and handled most of the men, he fought his best.

"Young Master, please move back!"

"No way," Jay's eyes moved to Tommy for a moment. He noticed that Tommy too was being pushed back, but the latter was fighting his best. If Tommy could, why couldn't he do the same? It was just fighting to his best and his opponents were not that strong too, so there was no need to worry about anything.

"How many minutes have passed since the start of their coming?"

Vero's face changed. "You mean?"

"It's three minutes. We just need to hang on for another two minutes," Jay answered with a confident smile.

When he saw that smile, Vero didn't understand what made Jay fully believed that he would be fine. From what he knew, Fiore Group was indeed the strongest group, but they were only crowned recently and hadn't done anything after that. Could he fully believe that the Fiore Group could handle the Zone Clan?


"Argh!" another shot hit him and Tommy's face was pale. Although he managed to avoid getting hit, this time it was his head that got scratched. The place was near his eyes. If he missed even the slightest bit, he would have been dying.

The one who shot cursed and he was about to prepare for another one when he felt pain from the back of his head. The next thing he knew was everything turned black, and he fell to the ground.


Seeing the men from Zone Clan fell one by one, Tommy's smile blossomed. "It seems only that guy that doesn't come. Our sniper has come to join the fray."

"So what?" one of the elites who fought with Tommy sneered. He managed to fend off the bullet. "His location is too far, so the power of the bullet is not that strong. You won't be able to get away."

"..." He couldn't refute that.

He moved forward once again and clashed with the two of them. With them fighting ferociously, his teammate could only aim for the other members because Tommy's way of fighting gave a lot of chances to get hit.

"Oh boy, Tom... You're making things hard again."

The sound of the gun continued, but by now the people from Zone Clan had deducted the position. They swiftly moved behind the trees or building because they didn't want to get hit.

Tommy could feel the blood started to cover his right eyes. Internally, he cursed out and closed one of his eyes. He wouldn't be able to fight them normally and his aim suddenly turned off compared with before.

The first men blocked his sword and the second one immediately went forward and sent a kick towards Tommy, sending him straight to the trees. He crashed badly, and he felt that his back was hurting so much. These guys were extremely tough.

"A bit more and we can handle that wimpy Young Master," the first men moved forward.

Tommy's eyes sharpened. He was about to move when he saw a shadow came right towards the two men. Although he couldn't see the shadow clearly, he recognized that instantaneous acceleration and the swift movement.

Without any sound, the two men in front of him fell. He grinned. "Captain, you're late."

Kanae didn't answer as she moved her body towards the other member from Zone Clan who attacked Jay and the others. She twisted her body and attacked from below with a weird small sword on her hand. The man who attacked Jay fell to the ground without knowing what had befallen him.

Jay watched with wide eyes as the men from the Zone Clan fell one by one. He could not see the person as she moved too fast, but the afterimage felt surreal. Within seconds, the place was swept clean and the shadow jumped out from the wall and disappeared into the darkness. Only Rick was left untouched as he was still busy fighting Roy.

"What happens?" Jay muttered out.

Tommy struggled to stand up with a laugh. "That's our captain: The ghost of Black Street. Facing these second rate bunches, you won't be able to take a glimpse of his look."

No one knew that their leader was a female, so he always used 'he' when he mentioned about their captain. This was one of the perquisites that Kanae asked them to do in order to make it harder to guess that she was their captain.

"What are you talking about?" At this time, Roy and Rick also stopped fighting. They managed to catch a glimpse of the fight from Kanae and their heart turned cold. They were not able to follow after her movement at all. What they saw was her after images and the faint mark on the snowy ground.

The ground didn't have much snow, but there were still some of them because this is winter. Usually, the snow would hinder the movement of whomever on top of it, but that person movement was not hindered in the slightest. This made them knew that the person they were facing was someone they were unable to touch at all.

"Most of your subordinates are wounded hard," Roy said with a sharp tone. "I believe this shall be the end of our fight today."

Rick glared towards Roy. "You're cheating to ask for help from the groups."

Roy sneered. He was not the one who asked for help from Fiore Group because he didn't have their contact. He did try to ask for help from another group, but that group rejected the offer because their core members were not healed yet.

"You can do the same if you want."

"There's no need. We'll move back," Rick said and waved his hand. Those who were not wounded too hard immediately moved to take their fellow subordinates out from this place. Some of them held the urge to cry because they realized that their subordinates might die because of their wound. However, this was already common as they had to face the possibility of death every single day.

Roy sheathed his sword back. "If you try to attack again, I'll welcome you."

There were still some core members from Zone Clan who didn't come today, so he knew that they might not stop this fight.

"You won't hear from us anytime soon," Rick answered. He knew that with the Fiore Group siding with the Souhon Clan right now, he wouldn't be able to touch them. That inhuman speed was deeply engraved into his mind.