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118 Facing the Zone Clan

 Souhon Clan

Because Tommy was guarding the clan in secret, he spent the time by staying on top of a tree near the residence. The leaves provided him the best cover to stay lazy and at the same time watched those people who came and go from the clan.

His work so far has been extremely easy. He only watched as Roy and Jay trained like a maniac in their residence. He was impressed by their training, but he didn't intend to join them. He already has more than enough training during his time in Black Street.

"You're still as weak as ever," Roy sneered when he saw Jay couldn't hold on to complete the training.

Jay's face flushed red. He was always taunted by his brother because his result was always lower compared with Roy. Although their difference has been decreasing lately, the difference was still far cry from the word 'close'.

"I'll catch up with you soon."

"That's what you say, but you don't seem to be heading that way. Don't bother and just give up the seat for the next successor to me. You're just going to hinder my work," Roy said calmly.

Jay shook his head. He knew how ambitious his brother was. If he let the Souhon Clan under Roy's hand, there was no saying that the same thing as before wouldn't happen. When it did, they would be facing a great crisis, unlike any before.

"Never," he hissed.

"Then get up, you useless brother. Lying around on the ground won't help you to beat me. I doubt you can ever reach my level even with a decade of learning."

"We shall see about that."

Jay and Roy continued their training while Tommy watched amusedly. He and Jay were always comparing their result with each other in the school. Because he was holding back, their result became similar. However, Jay never truly confronted him because he was not really taunting the other party for a challenge and only for fun.

'Their banter is really interesting. I wish I can have a brother.'

Tommy thought to himself how fun it would be to have a brother, but with his current family condition, it was practically impossible. He didn't think too much as he lied on the tree branch lazily. It was tiring to camp out in this place for long.

When the work has finished, he would just copy Kanae's method and ask for a good meal from Jay. He was practically having back pain from sleeping on the tree these past few days.

The two brothers only train on the morning because they still have to work in their clan. He didn't really understand their business, but he knew that it involved the earning of their clan.

When he was busy watching, he suddenly sensed danger and immediately turned alert. In the next second, the sound of gun shoot was heard followed by the sound of them hitting metal.

"So they have come," Vero was protecting Jay using his sword. Jay didn't have the same reflex as them, so he was unable to move as fast as the intent appeared.

On the other hand, Roy's hand was holding a gun, and he used the tip of the gun to block the bullet. Because his gun was made specifically, they were far more durable than ordinary gun. He saved his gun back and took out his long sword as he stared at the group of people who came.

There were more than 40 people in front of the gate of Souhon Clan. Some of them already came inside and they were coming over to hunt down this big clan.

"Rick, you come," Roy said with a menacing tone.

The one who led the Zone Clan was a young man with a handsome appearance. In terms of appearance alone, he was several degrees ahead from many people with his dazzling red eyes and stylish hair. Not to mention, he was the next successor of Zone Clan and he was regarded highly in his clan.

Rick smiled broadly, showing his charming smile. "Of course I come. Do you think I will let you go after you beat up my subordinate?"

"I don't think you will go this far for a mere subordinate."

"Oh well, you may not know, but Aaron is one of the talented fresh blood of our clan, so he's important."

Roy sneered. "Important enough to make you deploy the elites of Zone Clan? You can't fool me. I know you want to try snatching our territory by weakening our force during the time my father is away."

"You're not that stupid, Roy," Rick sneered. "But knowing our real plan won't hinder my movement."

With a wave of his hand, the men behind him moved forward including him. He was charging straight to Roy because these two has been fighting with each other for a long time. Rick was slightly older, so he usually came victorious, but their fight was always a bitter one.

On the other hand, Vero's face paled when he saw Rick's Right Hand was charging towards him. Rick has two elites following after him and one of them was going after Jay.

Before the man could reach them, he was stopped by someone who blocked his way suddenly. He was stunned when he saw that dark brown headband. On the street, there was no one who didn't know the only person who dared to wear it.


Tommy and the man moved back several steps. Tommy nodded his head feeling satisfied. "You're not bad. I guess I'll be having fun right now."

With that, he charged forward once again with the short sword on his hand. The man could only defend as Tommy slashed here and there with fast speed. This was the usual move Tommy did, which suited with his personality, brutal rampage.

"Young Master, we need to help out too," Vero called Jay.

Jay nodded his head. He was stunned to see that Tommy was moving at a speed that he couldn't see. He tried to not think too much as he pulled out his long sword. He had to fight too and didn't embarrass the Souhon Clan.

"You, why are you helping the Souhon Clan?" the man bellowed when Tommy moved back. He was panting for breath as his hand trembled. Tommy's speed was far than what he could handle.

"We make a secret deal," Tommy smiled wickedly. With his getup that has a scar make up on his eye, he looked far scarier than usual. This was done to prevent people from knowing his real identity in the school.

"What are you?" before he could finish asking, Tommy already dealt another barrage of attack. The other elite from Zone Clan immediately went over to help and managed to pressure Tommy quite hard.

On the other hand, Tommy was doing all he could to avoid or blocked the attack from these two. From the moment he saw them coming, he had made the call to his other members. They should be coming soon to this place.

At this moment, a gun was shot towards him and he narrowly avoided it, but it still scratched his back. His face scrunched with pain.

"Eat this!" the first man attacked from above and Tommy immediately used his sword to block. At the same time, he saw a kick from the other man and failed to avoid it, making him rolled to the side before getting up once again.

"Two people against one is not fair," he said with a grin on his face. Their skill was only slightly below him, so he had trouble to face them.

The second man smiled wickedly. "Don't act too cocky Tom. This is the street and not some arena."

"True enough. Come at me, I won't lose."

The first man sneered. "You're too arrogant. Your teammate has not recovered fast enough to help you."

Tommy was about to retort when he heard his special phone vibrated and a sound was heard from the earphone he plunged.

"Hey Tom, you ask at the wrong time. I won't be able to come to help you."

When he heard that, he almost spurted out blood out of anger to his teammate.