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117 The Call

 Kale Company

"When will the work end?" Kanae was staring at the huge batch of paper in front of her with disheartened feeling. It was almost a week and she has been slept deprived lately. If not because that President treated her for a good meal every day, she would just sleep at home.

Aside from that, she kept her special phone close with her in case Tommy suddenly contacted her about the work. So far, the Zone Clan hadn't made any move and in a few more days, their clan leader should return. Well, that was the news she got if the clan head already healed.

"Today is the last, work hard Kanae," Taka said from the back. Around his eyes, the skin was black, making him looked like a panda.

"Good luck, Taka."

After Kanae submitted the work to her supervisor, they got the news that the deal was secured, so they would have lesser work tomorrow. Hearing this, Kanae was extremely glad. She was already extremely tired after working so much.

"Go up and meet with the Boss. I'm sure he's also grateful for your help."

Recalling Kevin's indifferent face, Kanae merely nodded her head. She made her way to the highest office and noticed that Kevin was having a business meeting with someone she didn't know. Not wanting to bother, she stood up by the side with Lou, Kevin's secretary, near her.

Lou always gave her unfriendly look and Kanae didn't understand the reason. Even today, Lou seemed to be ready to murder her through his look. If only look can kill, she might have died multiple times under the hand of this man.

"Good evening, Sir Lou," Kanae smiled as she greeted the man.

Lou nodded his head. "Don't enter. Boss is busy."


She could see that Kevin was busy, so she would not pester that man and entered the room by force. It was obvious that she would not be able to help in this regard.

It only took them a few minutes to finish and the man walked out. Upon seeing his face, Kanae's body tensed up. She quickly lowered her head and fixed her gaze to the documents on her hand.

Why did he return to this city, now of all time?

He should be on his business trip because he had numerous companies all over the world. Even if he was worried about Sakura, he shouldn't have come back during this time. Hopefully, he didn't recognize her. They have only met a few times in the past, and her uncle too never tried to get close to her.

That's right. This man is her uncle and also the current head of Nali Family. He was one of the most powerful men in this city that no one dared to offend. With a call, it was entirely possible for this man to destroy a person life. That was how powerful this man was.

However, he was also her enemy.

"Thank you very much for your understanding, Sir Nali. It is a pleasure to talk with you," Mike was the one handling the conversation as usual with a wide smile on his face.

Kanae's uncle nodded his head. "I'll be waiting for the news of the deal. It's interesting to work with you too."

After talking for another minute, the man departed. All along, Kanae didn't dare to move from her place as she didn't wish for her uncle to know that she worked in this company. He already destroyed her life numerous times in the past, so she didn't wish for this company to be involved in her feud with her family.

Mike turned his head and looked towards Kanae. "You can come inside now. Boss will be happy if you help out with the work."

Kanae nodded her head. "I understand."

Even from the distance, he could sense that Kanae was trying to hide her presence as much as possible. If not because he could see her beside Lou, he would not realize that she was there. During the time this man was here, Kanae's presence seemed to fade into nothingness.

Mike shook his head. It might just be his feeling, but if she truly could hide her presence like that, she must be an extremely talented martial artist. Well, it was also possible that she did that unconsciously because she didn't want to meet that man. After all, he also knew that Kanae had a rather complicated relationship with those from the Nali Family.

"Oh, Kanae, you finally finished your work. It has been tiring lately, right?" Neo waved his hand like a kid.

Kanae smiled, her complexion already returned to the usual. "It's completely tiring. I don't think I can keep up doing them much longer."

"You look like a panda."

"... Say that once again and this paper clip will end up in your head."

"You're still as violent as ever," Neo's smiled stiffened. Whenever they mentioned a subject related to her appearance, Kanae would immediately resort threatening to throw a certain object. Most of the time, it was whatever in her hand when Neo made the remark.

Mike sighed as he smiled wryly. Most girls cared the most about their appearance and the likes. Pointing out blatantly about a certain things related to them would earn them the ticket to hell.

"Can you still keep up with the work?"

"I don't know," Kanae scratched her head.

Kevin pointed to the sofa. "You can sleep there for now. You don't have to work on the fifth floor tomorrow and just help me out."

When she heard that, her hand nearly moved to touch the special phone. She had to be ready to be called anytime, but this offer was simply too good. She wanted to sleep on the sofa again.

"What about you, President?"

"We'll work overtime. The deal has to be finished tomorrow."

"I'll take the offer then," Kanae decided to accept the deal. She took out a blanket and lied down on the sofa before sleeping peacefully.

On the other hand, Neo nearly made a ruckus. She was allowed to sleep, but they were not? That was totally unfair!

In the end, the men inside the room had to work until it was morning and Kanae woke up before the sunrise to help them out. She was far more energetic and with a big bowl of breakfast, she helped them even faster.

When it was morning, Neo was practically limping on his chair. He has deprived sleep for the last few days and last night he didn't sleep at all. His hand was still typing fast, but his mind started to drift around here and there.

"When do you need them all?" Kanae looked towards the clock anxiously. There were still a lot of them.

"I have a meeting at three in the afternoon. Do you think you can handle hours of work again?" Kevin asked calmly. His complexion clearly showed that he was tired, but his posture and calm expression didn't tell anything about his condition. He was clearly holding himself back from falling.

Kanae nodded her head. "Don't worry. I'll do my best."

With that, she continued to work on the desk as fast as she could. She tried her best to keep concentrating for hours and skipped the lunch until everything was finished.

"It's done, President," Kanae handed the last batch.

Kevin nodded his head and pointed to the lunch box with his chin. "You should eat. I'll finish the rest."

"Alright," with that, Kanae ate speedily in case the President needed her help again. However, the president didn't really need her as he finished them all within minutes. He grabbed some food before dragging Mike out to the conference room.

Only Neo and she were staying inside the room. Neo was hanging his head low as he was too tired. Unlike Mike who had a better physical ability, he was still lacking in stamina and the tiredness hit him hard.

Kanae was resting too, but she hadn't managed to fall asleep when she sensed her special phone vibrated. Her eyes sharpened and she immediately stood up.

"Neo, I'll be going home first. I'm tired after all of this."

Neo waved his hand lazily. "Just go home. There's no more work for you today."

"Okay, that's good."

Kanae immediately walked out with moderate speed, but when she was outside the camera's range, she immediately sprinted.