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116 Busy, Busy, Busy

 Kale Company

Kanae looked towards the pile of paper in front of her with widened eyes. "Are you sure that this is my work for today? Why does it feel like I'm working for two days worth of work?"

At this time, Taka was near her and he laughed when he heard what Kanae said.

"Don't complain. The Company is going to be very busy when it's near the end year because our sales increase rapidly. President also expanding his business, so our work becomes much more than usual."

Looking toward the other employees' desk, she also found that they were filled with numerous papers on top of the table. It was certain that the workload for them was much more than usual.

Upon recalling that during this holiday time she had to work double to earn the earning Kevin promised, her face darkened. She did say that she would work more, but with this amount, it would feel like she was working fourth times the usual times.

"That annoying President, he better gives us a good bonus this month or I'll bother him all day," Kanae murmured.

On the side, Taka nearly tripped on his own feet. This was the very first time he heard someone talked badly about their president. Most of the times, the girls would squeal about how handsome the president was or how amazing he was and how it would be great if Kevin was older.

Kanae's voice was not loud, but he was standing right beside her, so he obviously heard what she said. At this time, he highly doubted the relation Kanae had with their president. Going by how she dared to talk casually with the President, they were certainly very close.

Hmm, he needed to pay more attention in the future. This was certainly very interesting.

Kanae decided to not think too much as she started to do her work. As she had thought, the workload became much higher and by the time she finished her work, it was already night. Her fingers were sore and she had to eat her meal in a hurry, so she hadn't visited their President.

"Kanae, President ask for you in his office," when she was resting for a few minutes, her supervisor suddenly called.

"I understand."

Some of the employees still gave her some looks, but most of them already ignored her. They already kind of accepted that this plain looking girl was very capable and their president fancied her a lot to help with his work. In this regard, no one voiced out any complain.

Kanae soon made her way to the office. Her eyes widened when she saw the stack of the paper was much higher compared with her. It seemed that the President has more than triple from her work.

"Kanae, you're finally here," Neo exclaimed with jubilant expression. "Help us over here or this demon will overwork us till death."

Kanae was stunned. She barely rested her finger for a few minutes, and they already asked for her to help them again. Come on, she wanted a rest, very badly at that, yet she knew that she had to help them or she wouldn't be able to eat.

"You should be able to match Boss's speed, so you're the one who will be arranging the paper for him to look," Mike added with a wry smile.

"I understand...."

In the end, Kanae only managed to get out of the office when it was nearly midnight. Kevin was adamant to let her went home earlier because it was more dangerous at night after midnight and he didn't want to mistreat her.

"If you don't want to mistreat me, you owe me a big feast."

"Deal, I'll treat you when the matter finished."

Kanae was happy, but to her horror, the abuse went on for days as their company was extremely busy. Inside her head, she was practically screaming how she wanted to have some rest and not sitting down in front of the computer all day long.


Tommy was having a meeting with Jay, in the poor boy room.

"Can't you pick a better place to meet aside from your room?" Tommy was looking towards Jay with an annoyed expression. It was clear from his expression that he was displeased over coming to the headquarters of Souhon Clan in the middle of the night like this.

Jay scratched his head. "You tell me to not tell the detail through phone, so I can only suggest this place. If I try to get out, the guards will definitely follow me because this is not the school."

"Even at school, you will never know who is watching you," Tommy shrugged.

"You're right. At least, you can come here without anyone detecting you."

Tommy nodded his head, but his heart said otherwise. From the elites behind the Souhon Clan Head previously, he had the feeling that he wouldn't be able to beat two of them. He has keener sense compared with other people, so the sense of danger he had when he saw them was real. However, aside from those two and the Clan Head himself, he doubted he would be detected.

Since they were not here, he could confidently say that he was not detected.

"I still have to be careful with your brother," Tommy added. Their skill was more or less on par, but in regards to hiding his track, he believed that he was far better.

Jay nodded his head. "Brother has been training like crazy lately. You definitely have to be careful when you're meeting with him later."

"Back to the topic, I talk with my leader and he's displeased over the matter. He doesn't want us to get involved with you so much because if we help Souhon Clan, it means we are enemies with Zone Clan," Tommy said solemnly. After talking with Kanae, he made the call to the other members to hear about their opinion. In terms of the brain, he was the worst after all.

Jay took out a token. "I already guess that you will say that. This is the token for a guest of Souhon Clan. With this, you are allowed to move around freely in our territory without anyone hinder you. I think this should be the best offer for you."

Tommy eyed the token. Their group was not famous before this, so he knew very well how hard it was to move around unhindered in the clan's territory. If this was the reward for protecting Souhon Clan, he wouldn't find any excuse to reject such a good offer.

"One more thing, aside from me, the other core members have their own life, so they won't appear in front of you and only come when I call them through our communication device if it is needed," Tommy stated the requirement Kanae posed to him.

On the side, Vero was shocked to hear the outrageous request. Even he was not sure that he would dare to propose a lot of restriction upon being asked for help. Although the Fiore Group was powerful, was it necessary for them to ask so much from them?

Jay gave it a thought. He also considered this matter because he knew that most groups only performed at night. They were unlike the clans who could abandon their ordinary life under the day easily with some excuse. Those from the groups strictly separated their life on the day and night, which made their work usually only happened at night.

"How long will it take for them to come here?"

Tommy was startled. He knew that Kanae could travel within minutes to here as long as she was given the chance. As for the other two...

"At most five minutes for two of our core members," Tommy answered.

Vero's mouth hanged open. He was pretty sure that he already investigated the people who were around their areas. How fast was the speed of Fiore Group core members to make them able to travel thousands of meters within five minutes? Oh wait, he didn't know their exact position too.

"It's a deal," Jay nodded his head. "I'll give you the reward after you finish your job."

"No worry. It's a pleasure working with you."