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114 End Year Party

 When it was the time for the party to begin, the students gathered in the hall. Once again, Kanae was dressed as like a butler, but this time her clothes were more informal. The other Student Council members were wearing a suit, and they looked handsome.

"On this rare occasion, I'll say that they're looking quite good," Misae commented. For her high standard of beauty, Tommy and Jay were definitely not included. Only today did she make the exception because they were going to celebrate the end of the year.

Alice giggled. "They're very suited to wear a suit."

Kanae nodded her head. Although she was not sure about these two definitions of handsome guys, she would just play along. They were not that bad looking too, at least no one would say that their eyes hurt after seeing these boys.

"I need to prepare for my turn to perform. See you two later," Misae ran towards the other Chorus Club members while Alice and Kanae were being left standing to wait for the performance to start.

"Who will be the one to start?" Alice asked curiously.

"The MC for today is Neo, so you just have to wait for him if you want the event to start," Kanae answered with a smile.

Alice nodded her head. At this time, Neo climbed up the stage with a smile plastered on his face. Although he was not usually this eager, they were certain that this man was playing an act to be a good MC.

"Everyone now is the times that we have anticipated the most: The end year party and also the performance from our beloved friend. Now, let me hear the applause for me as the one who will start the event."

The students laughed when they heard Neo asking for applause for him. However, his attitude immediately garnered the attention of the students as they stared at the stage. They were now waiting for what this MC was going to say to start the event.

Neo proceeded to tell them the performances that would start by asking for applause. The students did what he asked as they waited for the students to start the performance.

The first one was drama club. They make a drama about a romance between two students that started because the school was getting attacked. This drama made the male students have some plans as they would try to help their crush during the time the school got attacked in the future.

After that, there were ballet, traditional dance, ensemble, chorus, and many others. When it was Misae's turn, she was nervous, but she was only one of the many students in the bunch, so it was not obvious.

"I'm sure that she's extremely nervous right now," Kanae shook her head lightly.

Alice nodded her head. She watched the performance intently as her best friend was among the bunch of people on the stage. Their voice was beautiful, and it was hard to distinguish the owner of each performer.

At the end of the performance, Neo appeared back on the stage, still wearing the smile on his face.

"Now that the performances are over, we can start the next event for today. There are a lot of light foods on the side that we have prepared along with the faint music background. You can choose to either dance or eat. There's just one thing for sure, have fun everyone!"

With that, the students started to crowd the side as they took some food or search for someone to ask for a dance. Even though it was quite cramped, no one complained as they were busy trying to find their friends.

"Is the Student Council not allowed to dance again?" Misae turned her head to Kanae in curiosity.

Kanae smiled. "You can ask them. There's no rule about that today."

With that, Misae immediately headed over to Mike. There were already a lot of other girls trying to ask the man to dance with them, so Misae didn't want to lose. On the other hand, Alice was having another trouble because a lot of boys were asking for her to dance with them.

Alice was indeed a beauty. Last time, she was dressed conservatively under her costume, but today she wore a bright yellow dress. The students immediately noticed her and many of them wanted to get close with her. There were not many chances they could ask a beauty to dance.

"Wow, Misae is chasing after Mike again," Tommy commented as he walked to Kanae.

Kanae nodded her head. She knew that Misae loved to see handsome guys, so she was not surprised. "I guess so."

"Is she admires him, or she is falling for him?"

"Honestly, I don't know."

Kanae smiled wryly. If it was a mere admiration, there would be nothing wrong with Misae chasing after Mike, but if she fell for that boy romantically, there would be a lot of troubles ahead.

"I don't think it's a good idea for her to get close with Mike," Tommy remarked.

Kanae nodded. "Well, you can try to say that to her and I'm sure you will end up being hated by her."

"...Don't be so cruel to me."

"Anyway, don't you want to help Alice? She's quite pretty, right?"

"Are you trying to set me up?"

"No, but Jay is trying to help her too, so I thought that you might want to compete with Jay."

"That's a great idea."

With that, Tommy already walked away towards Alice. He made his way nearly the same time with Jay and the two of them ended up glaring towards each other. They were only trying to help the girl, but not really dancing. Neither one of them knew how to dance that well. Jay still could, but he was not proficient in it.

On the back, Kanae watched amusedly as the two boys entered into a heated debate while Alice already giggled too much from watching these two. Well, if she heard what they were talking about, she doubted she would stay calm like now.

"Don't you want to dance, Vice President?" Neo asked with a glass of juice on his hand.

"I can't dance, so I better become a spectator over here," Kanae answered calmly. She was not used to the chaotic atmosphere too, so she would not embarrass herself by going there and merely stayed on the back.

Neo nodded his head. "If you don't want to dance, maybe you want to eat the foods."

At some point of time, the foods on the table already decreased so much. Kanae was stunned when she saw that and hurriedly head over. She was not going to let them ate the foods that she wanted to eat too!

Neo watched amusedly as Kanae hurriedly ate as usual. He only stopped watching when he saw Kevin walked over. "President, how is my performance before?"

"It's quite good."

"..." Couldn't you say that it was good?

While he grumbled internally about how stingy this man just to give praise, Kevin's eyes noticed Kanae. He allowed the Student Council members to dance today, but that girl didn't seem to be willing to dance.

"Is Kanae not like dancing?"

"Ah? I think she says that she can't dance," Neo answered calmly.

When he heard about it, Kevin instead felt weird. Kanae is a member of Nali Family and from what he knew; it was one of the biggest families in this city. How did it possible that their member didn't know how to dance?

Even if Kanae had a conflict with her cousin, she should have learned how to dance before. He shook his head as he tried to erase the thought. It was not his business too.