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113 He Already Knows

 Nolen School C

The next day was very hectic as the students were busy trying to finish all the preparation as fast as they could. Tomorrow will be the time for the end year party of their school, so they had to prepare everything fully. It made the students extremely tired.

When it was the time for lunch break, nearly all of them cheered as they finally could get some rest.

"Kanae, here's your lunch," Misae gave a box to Kanae. They had asked the canteen to prepare their food into a box, so it was easier for the students to bring some for their friends.

Kanae accepted it. "Thank you. How's your practice going on?"

"I'm totally nervous," Misae answered. She has to perform the next day along with the other students in her club. Although she was not alone, she still felt rather nervous at the fact that she will sing in front of numerous students.

"I'm sure you'll do well."

"I hope so too."

Alice handed the food to the other Student Council members before she returned to Misae and Kanae's place. She was smiling happily.

"Have the cookies for tomorrow ready, Alice?"

"Yes!" Alice exclaimed happily. She was making the cake with the other students and so far, things were great. The taste of the cookies was excellent, and she could not wait for the students to eat them. They would surely be shocked to get such delicious food from the cooking club.

"I can't wait for your cookies," Misae giggled. She has already become a big fan of Alice's cooking.

"You have to wait for tomorrow," Alice answered heartily.

"I know."

"Kanae, why don't you join a club? I'm sure it's going to be fun with you around," Alice asked with interest. Even though she didn't usually talk much, she was already familiar with the two of them.

Kanae shrugged. "I don't have any interest in joining any of the clubs."

"That's too bad."

Misae took a sip to her drink when she recalled something. "After this event, we have a winter holiday. What are you two plan to do?"

"I'm going to stay at home and work as usual," Kanae answered calmly.

Alice fidgeted a bit. "My father asks me to follow him for an important occasion, so I'm going to be away for some time."

Misae was disappointed. "My mother has an important case, and she wants me to follow her during the work time because there's no one at home. I won't be able to stay for long during this winter holiday."

Their plan would make them unable to meet again during this period of time. After all, they had their own things they had to do, so it was basically impossible for them to meet with each other for too long.

"I guess, we can just meet again after the school starts," Kanae answered.

Alice nodded her head timidly. She was not sure about her activity during the holiday, but she knew that it was inappropriate for the two of them to come to her house. Her father might end up chased out these two out from the house.

Misae sighed. "At least, I pass the exams. My mother is not going to be too mad at me."

The score for the end term exams has been posted on the board as usual. None of them got below the passing grade, including Tommy who nearly didn't pass. That boy wanted to brag, but Mike already dumped more work to the poor boy numerous times.

"You get lower than the midterm exam," Kanae remarked as she recalled that score.

"It's not that bad," Misae argued. "I'm not like a certain someone who only makes simple mistakes to the point the score nearly perfect."


Kanae did get the first place again. Without Sakura intervention, her score became higher compared with the midterm. Although they were still not the perfect score, they were already good for her.

"Let's realize our goal during the second semester of our first year," Misae grinned.

Alice and Kanae nearly choked on their food when they heard what Misae said. Alice dream was to change, and she had slowly changed her attitude to be more open. On the other hand, Kanae wished to live a normal high school life, something that didn't happen because Kevin appointed her as the Student Council Vice President.

They looked towards each other in bewilderment. They knew very well what Misae's dream was. That girl wanted to have a boyfriend in high school that fulfilled those massive criteria that she said before. Well, they no longer remember them as they didn't bother listening.

"You already have someone you fancy?" Kanae asked in disbelief.

Misae scratched her head. There was indeed someone she fancied, but not in romantic terms. At most, she only idolized those from the Student Council as she has extreme interest towards men who were handsome.

"Let's just forget about that," Alice smiled wryly. She didn't want to see her best friend chasing after men here and there. That would be very unsightly.

"Fine..." Misae nodded her head unwillingly.

On the other hand, Kanae looked towards the two tired boys on the side. They have finished their food, but it seemed that Mike already wanted them to work again.

"You have not finished the work?" Kanae asked loudly.

Tommy walked to them limpidly. "Not yet. I'm going to die if this continues. He's making us overwork too much."

Alice passed him a bottle of water, which Tommy accepted delightfully. He was extremely thirsty after working for long.

"I have to return first. My leader is going to be angry if I'm not present to practice," Misae waved her hand as she bid her farewell.

The two girls talked with Tommy for a few more minutes before Alice returned because she still has to work in the kitchen. As for Kanae, she was waiting for Kevin to call her because her task was to help that president. Since he was still resting, she too wouldn't get back to work first.

"Kanae, President talks to me early this morning," Tommy suddenly remarked.

Kanae nodded her head. "Isn't it already usual?"

"It's not that usual. He only says one sentence to me," at this point, Tommy was hesitant, but he continued his words as he smiled wryly. "I'm glad to meet you, Tom from the Black Street."

His voice was nearly inaudible, but it was very clear to Kanae. Her face turned into that of a shock for a split second.

"I see, so he already knows."

"Yes, he has," Tommy sighed. It was partially his fault too for training with Mike too much. With his physical condition, it was clear that he was someone who had trained in martial arts for long. After that, it wouldn't be hard to search for someone who was around his age and roamed on the street.

If Neo knew what Tommy was thinking, he might consider shooting this boy as he spent nearly one month just to find the correct information. There were too many people who suited his physical condition, but only few who matched his fighting prowess, so he finally managed to find the most suited one.

"Then you should be more careful, Tommy."