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111 Spreading News

 The next morning, Tommy was heading out to the school even before the sunrise as usual. He would visit the infirmary to sleep, so he always came over very early in the morning. On his journey to the school, he stopped on the empty path that didn't have any surveillance.

"Captain, what are you doing on the street this early?" he asked with a wry smile.

Kanae scratched her head. "I need to talk to you before we go to school because the school is filled with surveillance all over the place."

Tommy nodded his head. He looked towards Kanae up and down, wondering if this reckless captain of his would get wounded again. After all, she had to rest for months because of the big battle months ago.

Kanae was the leader of Fiore Group, a group that she herself created nearly two years ago. Even though it was a relatively new group, they managed to snatch the title of the strongest group on the street a few months ago in a big battle against the other groups.

Unfortunately, she sustained heavy wounds and nearly unable to move from the bed because of rupture and so on. In the end, she skipped school for a long time and only informed Misae that she had to work and not go to the school for the time being.

Thankfully, no one ever suspected anything. By the time she could walk and not wearing those bandages again, she returned to the school. At that time, their group halted their movement completely because their very leader was hurt.

"I know, you want to have a normal high school life, so you don't want anyone to know your other identity in the underworld," Tommy nodded his head.

"You're no different, Tommy."

Tommy coughed up. "Anyway, back to the topic. Did something happen to you again?"

"I'm already healed completely. There's no pain at all when I move around," Kanae explained.

"That's good news," Tommy exclaimed delightfully. He was already bored to stroll on the street alone after spending time with Kanae and the others for over than one year. On the next second, he noticed that something was wrong. How Kanae realized that she was already healed?

His eyes turned into disbelief. "Did you fight again?"

"I'm being chased, so I just retaliate," Kanae answered calmly.

Tommy's face turned sour. A simple retaliation from Kanae was the same as sending death message to the people who chased after her. Having stayed by Kanae's side when the girl fought, he knew very well that this girl was worthy of the title one of the best fighter on the street.

Unfortunately, that still didn't change the reckless behavior that she had. Even though he knew that she would be fine even while charging into an army, she still has a limit to her physical ability.

"Don't be reckless. Who did you fight this time?"

"I believe they should be ordinary guards," Kanae decided to tell Tommy about her experience in the office.

When Tommy heard what Sheila did to Kanae, he got the urge to go straight to their company and wreck havoc over there. After Kanae finished explaining, he finally got the big picture of what this girl wanted him to do.

"You want me to claim that I'm the one who stroll on the street and accidentally see a girl being chased near that place?" Tommy frowned. Although there was indeed a black street not far from the place, it was still in quite a distance.

"Can you do it?"

"No problem, but I'm sure that they will suspect about my identity considering your fighting ability."

"We'll think about that later."

Tommy shrugged. He saw that Kanae already disappeared from his view after blinked once. He cursed inside his mind again. If that girl dared to do anything reckless again after she was healed, he would make that doctor forced her to stay on the bed again.

She has just sustained heavy wound for the Heaven sake!

In the end, Tommy just forgot about that matter as he reached the infirmary again. He would just think about it later.

"Tommy, stop sleeping! Do you forget that we have to finish the task?" Jay felt displeasure when he saw that Tommy was sleeping again. Mike was behind him, and he knew that he had to somehow force this sleeping prince to wake up.

Tommy yawned. "I'm still tired. I nearly don't have any sleep last night."

"What are you doing? Visiting the girls?"

A pillow was what Jay got for trying to tease Tommy. He couldn't avoid the pillow even when he realized that Tommy had thrown one to him. Inside his heart, he complained that this man used his martial arts for something so insignificant.

"Tommy, do you want another training or helping for the party?" Mike decided to speak up.

"I'm coming!"

With that, Tommy followed after Jay to the Student Council Room. The other members were there as they were preparing for the decoration for the stage later. Although there were not many decorations, they still had to finish them quickly as there were a lot of others.

"Tommy, you still have bed hair," Kanae joked when she saw Tommy's appearance.

"Someone has just dragged me awake," Tommy answered with a grin on his face.

Because they have come to help, the work finished even earlier. Kanae moved the decoration into the box before heading to the main hall. On the other hand, Tommy was leaning on the chair, intending to sleep again.

"Can't you stay awake for a longer time?" Jay asked with an annoyed tone.

"I'm not like a certain young master who manages to leisure alone in his residence without any need to worry."

"What are you talking about? I have to train with my brother!" Jay's face cringed when he recalled the training he had with his brother. It was complete hell for him because his brother ability far surpassed him and it took everything he had to finish the same amount of training.

Thankfully, these times it was not as hard as before, so he could go to school.

Kevin glanced at the clock. "It's time to prepare the stage. I'll go down first."

"I'll help out," Mike said as he looked towards the two lazing boys. "In five more minutes, you have to come down."

Both of them nearly cursed out loud when they heard Mike's order. They stayed on their seat with a black face while Neo pretended that he couldn't hear anything as he was still busy with his computer.

"Why are you following after Mike's order when you have that high of a status?" Tommy asked curiously.

"I'm just a normal student here, and I don't like to have my background being related to me over and over, which I guess the same for you."

"Yeah, you're right," Tommy nodded his head. "But I'm from a humble background as it's just a hobby of mine that I stroll on the street. Even yesterday, I got into a fight with seven men."

Actually, Jay didn't feel anything was weird from what Tommy said to him. Knowing Tommy's second identity as the member of Fiore Group, he knew for sure that this man spent most of his time on the street. Besides, he had heard the news about this man capability on the street very much.

Neo raised up his head from his monitor. "If you two don't want to get another round of punishment, you better go to the field."


The two of them scrambled outside. On the other hand, Neo took out his phone and make a call.

"I need a detailed background of Tommy Malady."