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110 Legend of the Stree

 Kanae walked out from the building calmly, not bothering with Sheila's presence in the slightest. She thought that there shouldn't be anything wrong, but she instantly knew that her thoughts were incredibly wrong.

When she walked to the gate, she saw several people were standing with many kinds of weapon. Her eyes sharpened. Was there something she didn't know here? Those people were common on the street, but their gaze seemed to follow her movement closely.

Trying to target her? She wondered who they were to make her their target.

"Oh, there's a little chick over here."

"Man, she's ugly. I don't understand how a man can prefer her rather than hot girls."

"Let's just get this job over with."

Kanae's face darkened when she heard them call her ugly. Even if she was not that attractive, it shouldn't be enough to make them call her ugly no matter what the situation was. Still, her eyes watched with wariness as these guys walked towards her.

"Who are you?"

"There's no need to know, little girl," one of the men answered with a grin. "We're just going to do our job."

"Job?" Kanae's eyes narrowed in displeasure. She was pretty sure that their job was anything but good. After all, they were standing with weapons ready and blocked the road in front of her.

"Just be obedient, we won't do anything bad for you."

"Come follow us, little girl."

Kanae looked to the group of men in front of her. There were seven people in total, and they have big build. She knew that there was a camera nearby, so she couldn't make any move here or her picture would be captured. How troublesome.

"What if I refuse?"

The first man smiled. "Then don't blame us for using violence."

The moment he said that, one of the men from the side lunged forward. Kanae was ready as she leaned her body to the back and stepped away from the range of attack. She used moderate speed as she turned her body and ran towards the row of building not far from there.

"Catch her!"

The leader's face was ugly. He didn't expect the reflex of the girl was faster than them, so they missed the perfect chance to catch her. Before they knew it, they had gone inside the path between buildings to chase after Kanae.

Kanae was calm as she observed the surrounding. Some of the paths have cameras, but the others didn't. Her eyes carefully searched for the camera and she stopped right on the place where there was no camera. The distance between the buildings was perfect as she used both her arm and leg to climb upwards.

When the group of men ran to this side, they failed to recognize that someone was not far from them. Seeing them chasing after her so frantically, Kanae's eyes turned cold.

'If you truly want to get beaten up, I'll let you see the glimpse of the famous fighter from the street.'

When the last man passed below her, Kanae released her grip and landed right on top of him. The man was startled, but he only felt pain on the back of his neck as the next thing he saw was complete darkness.

Kanae moved to the next man and knocked them fast. Her swift movement caused no disturbance as they fell to the ground one by one. Before the next one could realize what happened, he already passed out. The only one who reacted fast enough was their leader.

He turned around and saw his subordinates passed out on street one by one. He saw a shadow coming towards him and hurriedly put a guard, but he still felt pain in his stomach. At that moment, he seemed to recall something as he watched how powerless he was even when he was supposedly the strongest bodyguard.

Moving like a ghost,

Leaving no trace except bodies of the enemies,

No one ever saw him as his movement is too fast,

When you see him, you should just run because he's the legend of the street.

That was the phrase people on the street described for the strongest members of the three most powerful groups. They were invincible and whenever they appeared, no one would know what had befallen them or who. The movement of the person was similar to that of a ghost, reminding of the legend on the street.

At this very moment, he felt regret chasing after the girl into this narrow path. If only he knew that a strong person was lurking around, he would never dare to walk here. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do as he saw darkness and lost consciousness.

In front of him, Kanae stretched her body. "It has been some time since the last time I fight. It seems my body is healed."

She was feeling rather excited when she noticed that her body has healed. Based on what the doctor said, she had to cease any strenuous physical movement until January. Being able to move well again, she was certainly happy.

However, she needed to have a perfect reason for the mess in front of her. There was no way she would want to tell them that a girl knocked them out of the blue.

"Oh well, I'll just ask Tommy to spread news that he's the one who did it. He shouldn't reject a request from his captain."

With that in thought, Kanae used another way to get out from the narrow paths between buildings. After a few turns, she noticed that Kevin and the others were standing not far from the gate. How did he know what happened to her?

At that time, she knew that the one who sent the men must be Sheila. If that was so, she would have to make Tommy spread the news in Student Council to avoid getting suspiciousness from the president.

When she got out from the paths, Neo also managed to trace her using the camera. He was dumbfounded when he saw that girl was perfectly fine without any trace of fight or wound. At most, her clothes were slightly disheveled after running quite a bit.

"Boss, she's fine."

Kevin's eyes narrowed. "Where is she?"

"She gets out through a different path," Neo answered. "Is it possible that she shakes them off?"

Based on the speed she showed on the camera, it was unlikely for her to escape from the pursuer. Besides, the paths between the pack buildings were like a maze, making it hard for them to get out once they came inside. His guess was she must be meeting someone powerful who helped her inside.

"Boss, those men are unconscious."

"Mike, you know what to do."

"Yes, Boss."

Kevin stared at the camera with a frown. The place where the men passed out was in the place that has no camera. There was no way he could know what happened inside the place. The only way to know was by asking those men or asking Kanae.

"We can just ask Kanae tomorrow. She should be coming to the school as usual," Neo suggested.

Hearing that, Kevin shook his head. He would just try a different method and try to find out about this later.