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109 Dirty Scheme

 Kanae worked as usual. Her work has become very easy for her as she took a shorter time to finish them now. Although she was still working hard as usual, the time she needed to finish them has shortened greatly.

"I believe that you can get a promotion if you work this fast," Neo commented when they were eating together in Kevin's office again.

Kanae grinned when she heard that. "I don't need promotion. I just need more foods to eat every day."

"I believe this is already enough, right?" Mike pointed to the box they got for their dinner. This was already far bigger than usual people as their appetite were bigger than ordinary people. He was certainly feeling hungrier after he spent his time practicing like that in the afternoon.

"When the temperature is cold, I'm getting hungrier than usual."

"You're already eating a lot, and you want more? You're truly a glutton," Neo commented.

In the end, the two of them entered a heated debate about eating. Kanae did like eating, but she didn't eat that much in her opinion. Her body didn't become fat just because she loved eating. So obviously, she was sure that she only ate according to what her stomach told her but not over.

If it was over, she wouldn't be able to be this slim.

"Even if you're not fat, I bet that your nutrition consumption is a mess."

"I believe that they're still perfectly fine. I'm still in my growing period, so I can eat a lot."

"What growing period, you'll only grow fat!"

"Say that to me another time and I'll make sure that a pen land on your face."

"Come on, you two, it's time to start working," Mike beckoned with a wry smile on his face. If these two didn't stop fighting soon, they might need to face the wrath of Kevin. That president never liked anyone to talk so much during the time he was working.

Neo and Kanae exchanged another look before they returned to their respective seat. The work was not quite done yet, so they better not wasted their time in their useless debate as they needed to do their work.

After another hour or two, Kanae bid her farewell and headed home. She no longer stayed that long after dinner because she didn't want to go home too late. The temperature would be far colder if she stayed in the office until it was late at night.

When she arrived in the lobby, she noticed that the annoying girl from before was here. She thought that the deal with their company has finished, but it seemed that the girl was still coming over here occasionally. Well, it was not her business too, so she would not do anything.

Sheila also saw Kanae walked from the lift. Her face contorted in displeasure. She was annoyed by the sole fact that Kanae could meet with that president almost every day, but she has to wait here. Especially the incident before, she was sure that her image wouldn't be that bad if it was not because of Kanae.

"Miss Sheila, is there anything wrong?" the servant asked with wariness. He was not sure what made this girl suddenly had a bad mood.

"Leave me alone," Sheila answered in a sharp tone.

When the servant left her, she moved her gaze to follow after Kanae. Kanae didn't greet her, so she would not greet the other party too. Her eyes glinted with maliciousness when she saw Kanae walked out of the door. She took out a phone from her pocket and made a call.

"The girl who comes out just now, that's the one you should get."

After she had finished making the call, Sheila sneered. She wanted to see how that poor girl would fare when she was facing the people on the street. It would be hard for her to get out safely.

She turned her head back to the servant. "I want to meet with the president again."

"Miss Sheila, please understand. Our president is busy as it's nearing the end of the year. There are a lot of sales and other things that we have to manage."

"Can't he spare a few minutes?" Sheila pouted. She has been waiting for this chance for a long time, so she didn't want to wait any longer.

The servant was getting bothered by the matter as he was trying hard to reject this girl. He was not ready to get his supervisor fired him because of his action. They had clearly told him that he was not allowed to let this girl pass, so he would not do it.

"Then can you let me speak with him?"


As Sheila was fixated to have a meeting with Kevin, she failed to realize that someone was paying close attention to her. This man heard her conversation very clearly, so he quickly whipped out his phone to make a call to his boss.

On the top floor, Kevin looked towards the security camera with a frown. He noticed that the annoying girl from before was pestering his servant vehemently. It annoyed him by quite a lot. After all, he clearly rejected her advance several times in the past.

Neo followed after Kevin's gaze and snickered. "That girl seems to love being rejected by you, Boss."

"Tell her to go away."

"I'll call the guards to take her away," Neo answered with a smile.

Kevin didn't listen to Neo as his eyes were fixated on another security camera. He also placed the camera in front of the building in order to allow him to know whoever came to the company before they came inside. This time, he saw a girl was standing in front of a group of men.

They were only several meters from the company main gate, so he was able to see them through the security camera. Although this kind of view was common in this city as it was well suited for the nickname as "City of Crime", but the person in question was someone he knew.

"Kanae?" Kevin was stunned.

The phone on his side rang and Mike hurriedly answered while Kevin was looking towards the camera with a frown on his face. When Mike heard the information that was thrown to him, his face turned pale.

He quickly turned to the side. "Boss, Kanae is being targeted by Sheila's men."

"Ask the guard to help the girl..."

Kevin had not finished talking when he saw that Kanae ran to the side, evading the men. Her movements were agile, but they were not that fast. After avoiding the men, she made her way towards the buildings on the other side of the street. The narrow path between the buildings was the perfect way to avoid getting surrounded, but it was dangerous if she got captured.

"Neo, hack the cameras on the street."

Neo was stunned by the sudden order, but his finger quickly moved his screen to a completely different program. He was already used to Kevin's sudden change of order, so he was well prepared. Well, he was not trained in programming for naught.

"Mike, tell the guard that there are gangsters making trouble in front of us. Tell them to take care of the matter."

"Yes, Boss."

The two of them knew that Kevin didn't want Kanae to get involved in this matter too much. After all, for that girl to be targeted by Sheila was part of Kevin's fault. He didn't want her to get wounded because of him.

Kevin stood up from his chair. He walked to the door while Mike was bringing his phone while Neo took the laptop with him and typed quickly with one hand. Before the door, he stopped for a moment before uttering one order.

"As for that girl, kick her out from the building and blacklist her company."