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108 Smiling Devil Again

 "Do you manage to make it, Kanae?" Alice asked with a smile on her face as she looked towards Kanae's work.

Kanae took up the paper she has been holding. She managed to make a simple paper snowflake. Unlike Alice's paper snowflake, which was filled with detailed intricate, her paper snowflake was rather simple. It still looked like a snowflake, so she knew that she didn't fail in the process.

"It's quite good. I think you have talent in this."

"Really?" Kanae was skeptical. She merely made one paper snowflake and Alice could say that she had the talent to make them?

Alice nodded her head. "My first time is really poor, so I'm sure that you can do far better than me."

"I have a good teacher."

The two of them ended up going back and forth as they continued making the paper snowflake. Although Kanae didn't really have any interest in them, making them occasionally wouldn't hurt. In the end, she spent quite a long time to finish them all.

Alice looked towards the clock. "It's my turn to treat you. Let's go to the canteen."

"Why are you taking turns in treating me? I can buy my own food," Kanae laughed.

"No, we still haven't paid you enough for your help during our preparation for the end term. Without you, I won't be able to do any of the questions."

Kanae scratched her head. That was nothing big for her as she was already used to help the other students in their struggle when they were doing their homework. In the end, she didn't reject the food that Alice paid for her. The two of them ate their lunch before Kanae headed towards the Student Council Room while Alice was busy to make the snowflakes.

"Good afternoon, President, Mike, and Neo," Kanae greeted when she came into the Student Council Room. There were only those three inside the room as usual.

"Good afternoon, Kanae," Mike was the only one who answered. "How's the decoration for the class?"

Kanae struggled to remember what their class representative prepared. She only recalled that he wanted them to prepare some decoration for the class, but she didn't remember the specific. During her time in the class, she only spent them by helping Alice to make a big batch of snowflakes.

"I think it's going well."

Mike nodded his head before pointing to the dispenser. "You might want to make a coffee for our president."

"Oh yeah, I almost forget."

During the exams, she didn't make any coffee as her attention was fully focused on helping the other two in their lesson. Her hand quickly worked on the small table to make the coffee.

While she was making the coffee, the other two members came into the room while panting. They looked towards Kanae with a sheepish grin on their face.

"I have finished the task."

They handed the half written, half typed, report to the two of them. Kanae browsed through the content for a moment before nodding her head. These would be enough for them to make the report.

"That's good," Tommy grinned. He was already feeling tired after running here and there just to collect the information.

Jay nodded his head in agreement. "If those are still not enough, I don't know what to say anymore."

"At least, I finish them earlier than you."

"What are you talking about? I'm faster!"

On the side, Mike tapped the table with a book to gain these two's attention. He had a smile on his face, yet the two boys knew that he was feeling displeased.

"You're late by 5 hours and 15 minutes. Do you know what it means?"

Even though Mike was showing an amiable smile on his face, Tommy and Jay were not foolish enough to believe that this man was lenient enough to let them off the hook. The two of them secretly gulped down with hesitation as they didn't know what they should talk in order to make Mike not angry.

"Since you two are so brave to break the deadline. It's time for another practice. I'm sure that the cold weather will not affect seasoned fighters like you two, right?"

Jay and Tommy unconsciously screamed inside their mind.



The temperature already decreased by a few dozen degrees compared with the usual temperature. Although it was possible for them to get out with a sweater and long sleeve uniform, going out with the thin sports uniform was insane. The cold temperature would seep deep into their skin as they did any kind of sports outside.

Some boys were reckless enough to get out with their uniform, but these two didn't want to court trouble by going out during this time.

"Can't we use the gym?" Tommy asked.

Mike shook his head as his mouth still formed a smile. "The other students are still using the gym at this time, so let's go out. Don't worry, I'll jog with you two."

The two of them cursed inwardly. If this training maniac wanted to torture himself, he was free to do so. There was no need to involve the two of them into the insane training.

They looked towards the other members, hoping for any help they could do. At this time, Neo was still busy typing on his monitor with extreme focus. On the other side, Kanae was discussing with Kevin about their report that they had to finish and submit.

Yup, they were doomed. With no other choice, Tommy and Jay followed after Mike. At the very least, this would make them stronger.

Kanae finished the work with Kevin within a few hours. By the time she finished, she noticed that it was also the time for the school to be over. Her eyes wandered around, wondering if those two would be alright under the abuse of Mike.

"Mike is a good trainer. He knows your physical strength limit after you start training with him a few times," Kevin seemed to notice Kanae's anxiousness as he remarked in a calm tone.

Kanae nodded her head. "I hope so. Jay and Tommy won't be able to survive if that's not the case."

"They'll return soon enough. Mike is not that strong to stay under the drastic temperature for hours without stopping too."

"I see."

Kevin finished printing the report and stapled them together. "Let's submit the report. After that, it's time to go to work as usual."


While Kanae was busy with her work, Tommy and Jay finally finished the training. Mike had left them because he had to accompany Kevin to the office, so these two laid in the corridor. They were too exhausted to care about the other students who passed by.

"I can't believe that the Young Master of Souhon Clan can't stand after this punishment," Tommy taunted.

"The same goes for the acclaimed third strongest of their group."

"I'm never good for a long term fighting, especially under extreme condition."

"Wow, I guess I know your weakness now."

Tommy sent a glare towards Jay. "My training is harder than you. Mike seems to specifically target our limit when he's making our punishment."

"In any case, I won't be able to walk at all right now."

"Well, you can stay there while I'm going to eat."

"Wait, don't leave me!" Jay struggled, but he was more exhausted compared with Tommy who had walked far away. Inside his heart, he cursed as he hoped that he could beat Tommy someday.