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107 Preparation

 When Monday arrived, many students returned back to school. There was no longer any lesson, but they had to make the preparation for the end year party that the school held every year. Most of them only came because they could play around while the rest came to attend their club. After all, some clubs would prepare something for the end year party show.

"Good morning, Kanae," Alice smiled when she saw the sleepy Kanae.

Kanae nodded her head. It seemed that she slept too little last night because she was busy cleaning up her room. She only did it occasionally, but each time was full of struggle as she had to make sure that everything was in their place.

"Good morning. Has Misae come to the class?"

"She's in the Chorus Club Room," Alice answered. "She's part of the students who will participate in the end year performance today."

Kanae nodded her head in understanding. Some clubs members, who were good enough, would be chosen to be their group representative in the end year performance. It seemed that Misae was quite good for her to be able to be chosen to perform.

The rest of the students would just decorate their classroom with a winter theme or play on the gym. The temperature has been going down drastically for the past few days, so there was no way the student would want to play on the field unless they were sure that they were well prepared. Well, some boys were reckless enough, though. They were already playing outside even with the temperature low like this.

"The cooking club doesn't prepare anything?" Kanae asked.

"We'll prepare cookies for the gathering after the performance," Alice answered. "But there's no need to cook them right now. It's enough to prepare them one day before the event."

Kanae nodded her head. She moved to her chair as she watched Alice made paper snow. It was a simple decoration that was usually used for the window, but to make them detailed was not easy.

"Aren't you busy with the Student Council, Kanae?" Alice asked in curiosity.

Kanae smiled wryly. She still couldn't do any of her work right now because neither Tommy nor Jay had finished theirs. She had included those that Mike and Neo prepared beforehand, but not those from Tommy and Jay. Since those two were not finished yet, she had to wait for them to finish before continuing her work.

"I'll go there in the afternoon," she was sure that by afternoon, those two would have finished making the report. Although she was not sure about the content, at least they must be passable.

Alice smiled brightly as she showed one of the finished paper snowflakes on her hand. "Let's just make this for our classroom."

"I don't know how to make them."

Alice giggled. "Don't worry, I'll teach you."

"Alright then, you have to teach me, Teacher Alice," Kanae answered back. Since she still has to wait for those two, she better spent her time doing something different other than dozing around without anything to do.

"Ah, don't call me teacher," Alice's face turned red. She was embarrassed to be called a teacher by Kanae. It was her who was the one who kept on pestering Kanae all these times, so the title shouldn't be hers.

Kanae smiled mischievously. "Alright, I get it."

"Let's just make the paper snow, okay?"


While Kanae and Alice were busy making the paper snow, Misae was busy reviewing the music sheet on her hand. Although the song they prepared was not long, the constant change of the pitch made it hard to sing. She had to pay close attention to the tone in order to not make any mistake.

"Excuse me, is the leader of Chorus Club present?" a voice woke her up from her daydream.

"Yes, he's in the inner room," Misae looked up and saw Jay was holding a stack of paper on his hand. The two of them were surprised when they saw each other. Jay didn't know that Misae was part of the Chorus Club while Misae didn't know that Jay was tasked to come to her club.

After a few seconds, Jay squeezed a smile out from the corner of his mouth. "Hello, Misae."

They have never talked privately before as Misae was always surrounded by Kanae and Alice when she met with the Student Council's member. Although all these times Misae has been trying to act normal around him, Jay knew that this girl was not comfortable around him. This was the reason he tried his best to not bother Misae at all.

Misae nodded her head slightly. "Hello, Jay. Our club president is over there if you want to meet with him."

Her tone was neutral, but she was treating him like she was treating a stranger. Jay already knew that she would not accept him into her inner circle, and he too wouldn't force things. With a light nod, he moved to the direction Misae pointed at.

The two of them didn't try to extend their conversation as they knew that they didn't like each other company. After looking towards Jay's back for a few seconds, Misae returned her attention back to her music sheet. She had to finish looking through them soon enough because they have practice after this.

While Jay was tasked to come to the Chorus Club, Tommy was making his way towards the Drama Club. He asked a few questions and noted them on the paper he held on his hand before bidding farewell. He still had to make trip to a few more clubs after this.

His steps suddenly stopped when he saw the third year in front of him. Even though he only saw the other party a few times in the past, there was no way he would forget this man.

"Roy," Tommy's body suddenly turned alert. He has to be prepared in case the other party started another fight. In any case, their fighting ability was almost the same and he only won last time because Roy was tired after a long battle.

At the same time, Roy also saw Tommy. He looked towards Tommy with a sharp gaze. He might not know Tommy was Tom, but he still remembered the boy from the Student Council who interfered with his fight in the past.

"Boy from Student Council, what are you doing here?"

Tommy arched his eyebrows. "I believe I don't have any obligation to answer you."

Roy's eyes moved to the stack of the paper. He could guess that Tommy was doing Student Council's work, but he didn't know what it was. Thinking of scaring this kid away, he moved forward fast and tried to snatch the paper.

Tommy saw his intention and he sneered internally. He made a wide step to the side and secured the paper on his hand close to his chest, making the effort from Roy useless.

When he saw that the boy managed to react, Roy stopped his attempt. He looked towards Tommy with a cold look. "You're not bad kiddo."

"You too, senior," Tommy answered.

The two of them glared towards each other for another second before they went their separate ways. There was no need to clash right here as they still have things they needed to do.

Upon reaching outside, Tommy sighed in relief. If they had to fight at school, his identity might leak out and it wouldn't be good for his future. After all, his enemies might come to the school and disturb his peace.