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106 This One Didn’t Coun

 "Sir Kano?" Kanae was stunned to see the police inspector in front of her. She knew that Kano usually worked around this are, but this was practically her first time seeing him in his work. Additionally, she was sure that her best friend would not let her heard the end of it should that girl knew what happened here.

Kano jogged towards Kanae with confusion filled his face. He knew that she was his daughter's friend, but he didn't hear anything about this girl coming to the Amusement Park. Additionally, why did she wear a men's shirt?

"What are you doing here? It's dangerous."

"I was inside the ferris wheel when that group of people coming here, so President takes me out by jumping to the lake," Kanae simplified her experience into one sentence.

Kano moved his gaze towards the ferris wheel with bewilderment expression. He wanted to know who that president this girl talked about. Moreover, why did they have to use such a dangerous method to get out of the place when they could just stay there?

"You should just wait for help."

"President doesn't allow it," Kanae pointed to Kevin.

Kano looked towards Kevin with a frown on his face. He was about to berate that boy, but he found that the young man seemed rather familiar. His brain worked twice as faster when he thought about it. When did he see this young man? He didn't seem to be out of ordinary, yet he couldn't shake the feeling that he did know the young man.

Shaking his head, Kano no longer thought about that young man. He could just flip into some documents when he returned later. For now, his focus should be ensuring citizen safety and those people are captured.

"Just stay away from trouble."

"I'll do my best, Sir."

After hearing Kanae's answer, Kano ran towards his men and gave more instruction to them. They needed to capture those men before the gun hurt anyone else. It took them another few minutes to ensure that those people were captured.

Mike and Neo walked towards Kanae after being berated for interfering the police's work.

"They should be glad that we help them fight," Neo complained as they walked.

Mike shook his head with a small smile. "Do you think they'll appreciate something so small like this?"


Kevin came over and moved his hand. Seeing his gesture, the two of them immediately shut up. They didn't want to annoy their president more than this.

"It's better if you return to your home as fast as possible. You might catch a cold," Kevin reminded.

"You're one to talk when you're completely drenched like that," Kanae retorted. The man in front of her was the one who needed to warm up. After all, he didn't change his clothes and immediately ran over to help others.

Kevin shook his head. "I'm a man. This little thing won't be able to affect me."

Hearing his words, Kanae was still doubtful. He did look strong, and she knew that he still did sports occasionally. Even though so, there was no need for him to stay wet just to act strong.

At that time, Kano walked over to them. He had finished arranging the task for his men and all he needed to do was cleaning up.

"Thank you for your help before, but you shouldn't interfere in the police's work in the future. It's dangerous," Kano reminded.

Kanae nodded her head. She didn't have any intention to help them again in the future. If it was possible, she would want to stay out from the police as far as possible as she didn't want to have any dealing with them.

"It's nothing big, officer. There's no need to worry so much," Neo answered in his usual laid back tone.

Kano glared towards the young man while Neo just shrugged. They could interfere as they liked. After all, they were helping the police and not the opposite. As for the danger, they knew about them very well.

"You might get hurt if you involve yourself in our work."

"We won't blame the police," Mike answered with a smile. "Please don't worry so much, Officer."

Kano was about to berate these three again when his gaze landed on Kevin. He had seen this young man from afar before, but he was not sure where he had seen his picture before. Although they were only standing and didn't do anything, he felt that there was an invincible pressure from this boy.

Unconsciously, his body stood alert immediately. Even if they were not doing anything, he felt that if he said something wrong, he would be death. This feeling of pressure was something he had seen before from his superior. With bewilderment, he looked towards Kevin, but he could not understand where this feeling of anxiousness came from.

Kevin was merely standing calmly. He looked straight at the officer before him, but Kano didn't have the will to stay there anymore. His instinct told him that he would not end well if he stayed in this position.

"There's no need to worry. This is something we have to do," Kevin answered shortly before turning silent once again.

When it was Neo and Mike, he felt that they were only the arrogance of youth, but from this man, he felt different. It was as if Kevin was giving him order and that order was impossible to refuse.

"I see. Just remember to be careful," Kano answered after a few seconds.

"We will," Neo answered with a grin.

After looking towards the four of them once again, Kano walked away. He would not let things end like this. He was sure that he had seen that young man's face before this. He needed to find them. Inside his mind, he promised himself that he would take the time to know about this.

Without Kano watching over them, Kevin turned his attention back to Kanae. "You have to return soon. You will get sick if you don't change your clothes soon."

"Yes, President," Kanae nodded her head.

"Do you need me to take you home?"

"There's no need. The location for my house is not that far from here," Kanae shook her head lightly.

"Take care of yourself," Kevin nodded his head.

Kanae acknowledged it as she turned around. However, she hadn't even walked one step when Kevin suddenly spoke again.

"This one doesn't count. I'll take you for a different trip in the future."

Kanae was stunned when she heard Kevin's sudden remark. She was already having enough fun after spending hours in this Amusement Park. There was no need for him to bring her for another trip.

On the other hand, Neo and Mike were even more speechless. They were already praying from the bottom of their heart that Kevin would only act strange for one day. Who would have thought that this young man wanted to take Kanae on another trip in the future?

Heaven, did he take a wrong medicine today?

"There's no need. I already have enough fun today."

"It's ruined in the end, so I'll take you to a different place later."

Kanae didn't understand why he was so adamant on making a promise with her. "There's really no need. You're already giving a lot today."

Seeing that Kanae was adamant on refusing, Kevin no longer pestered the matter. "If you say so, I'll not force you."

Kanae smiled. "Thank you for today, President. I have fun."

They bid their farewell before Kevin turned his body to face the two men behind him. "Find out more about them. There's more work for you two."

"Yes, Boss," yet their mouth was still hanging rather open. After all, they were rather surprised by the sudden advance their president made.

"Let's go."

On the other hand, Kanae returned home quickly. She only realized that she took Neo's shirt with her when she arrived back.

'Oh well, I can just return it later.'

She took a quick bath before getting on her bed. She was exhausted from the trip today, so it didn't take long for her to enter the dreamland.