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105 I Can’t Swim!

 Kanae hurriedly looked towards the ground from the window. At this point of time, they were at a pretty far distance from the ground. It would be dangerous to get out with this height. If someone didn't get broken bones after jumping from this height, it would be a miracle.

"There's someone running."

From the entrance of the Amusement Park, several people were running with another group chasing from behind. Although she was located pretty far, she was sure that the dark blue colors from the group of people who were chasing were from the police uniform. With that information alone, she knew that there must be some criminal who has escaped.

The entrance of the Amusement Park was filled with people. They quickly dispersed when the group passed by and another sound of guns was heard. The men were attacking the electrical source for the Amusement Park, trapping those who were in the middle of playing.

"They're coming towards here," Kanae said with worry.

Kevin nodded his head. "We need to get out from here."


Ignoring Kanae's stunned look, Kevin took out his phone and called Neo.

"How's the situation down there."

"Boss, they are shooting randomly. Many citizens are trying to run away. It's very hectic over here."

Neo was practically running here and there to reach his boss's place. Unfortunately, it was not easy for him to get closer with the situation being extremely chaotic like that.

In the next second, Kanae felt the place they were in shook terribly. She immediately looked down and noticed that they were shooting the footing of the ferris wheel. Although it was not enough to make the place got destroyed, the shook was enough to send the people into a screaming frenzy.

"Boss, are you alright?" Neo's panicked voice could be heard from the phone. "Mike is on the way to the place. He's much closer than me."

"Wait near the lake," Kevin answered before closing the phone. On the other side of the line, Neo nearly cursed out loud because he found out that he couldn't talk with Kevin anymore. That boss of his never gave him enough instruction to make him understood what the other party wanted to do.

Kevin moved towards the door and crouched down near the chair. There was an emergency button in case the door unable to open. After he had pressed them, he pulled the door open.

"What are you doing?" Kanae was startled. He didn't mean for them to jump down to their death, right?

"We have to get out," Kevin answered calmly. "If we stay here for long, we might be trapped."

Before Kanae could answer, the place shook once again as another barrage of shooting could be heard from below them. Inside her heart, she cursed those people for using heavy guns.

Kevin was holding the door tightly. He turned his head towards Kanae once more. "Come over here."

Kanae walked to Kevin slowly and looked below. In front of her was the big lake that she saw earlier. Half of the ferris wheel was placed right on top of the lake, so if they jumped, they would land in the water.

"It's okay."

"No, it's not! I can't swim," Kanae said to Kevin.

Kevin pulled her closer as he answered, "Just hold onto me."

Kanae wasn't able to say anything else before they jumped from the place. Kanae could barely see anything as everything happened so fast. By the time she realized it, she was already inside the water.


She was holding her breath, but she couldn't see anything. Her glasses were lost in the water and all she knew was someone pulled her up. In a matter of seconds, she was on the surface once again.

*cough* *cough*

"Can't you just leave me up there?" Kanae asked angrily when she was already at the surface. Her hand was practically holding Kevin tightly as she was unable to swim.

Kevin was holding her by her waist as he shook his head. "They destroy the place. If you stay up there, you will have to wait for hours before the firefighter come to help you."

"I tell you, I can't swim!"

"I know."

Kevin moved his body and placed Kanae on his back. When he moved, Kanae was absolutely terrified. She couldn't swim and if he didn't hold her, she would surely drown. Even if it was only a split second, she was still afraid.

"Don't move around so much!"

"If I don't move, we'll stick in this position for hours. Do you want to die because of cold?"

Kanae didn't want to answer and merely tightened her arm around this man's shoulders. In any case, she could not move from here as she was unable to swim. If he hoped for her to go back to the shore by herself, he must be dreaming.

Kevin also didn't pester her anymore as he moved to the shore slowly. He didn't want to startle the girl, but at the same time, he didn't want to stay here for long. The short distance took longer than he expected, but at least it was still within minutes. The shore was not that far from the place they fell too.

"Boss, are you okay?" Mike called from on top of the shore. He was crouching down to avoid the group of people random shoots, but at the same time, he tried to reach the two of them.

Kevin nodded his head. "We're fine."

It was only on the shore did Kanae released Kevin. On the way, she didn't relax her grip even in the slightest as she was too afraid to let him go.

"Vice -Kanae, here," Neo handed his outer shirt to Kanae. His physique was the smallest among the three of them, so his clothes were the best if they wanted to cover Kanae.

Kanae used the shirt on top of her shirt. Even though her clothes were wet, it was better to have a slightly dried one because it would protect her from the wind.

"Thank you, Neo."

Neo looked towards Kevin. "Now shall we give those people some lesson to cause a ruckus in this place?"

"Sure, make sure to not hurt any citizen."

"No worry Boss."

The two of them walked away while Kanae looked towards Kevin in confusion. "You're not a police, right? Why are you helping them?"

"There's no reason to not help. Let's move the wounded citizens to the building."

There were several buildings across the field. Those were resting place or the place to buy ticket, but at the same time, it was also the safest place in this park. Many of the people were heading towards that place as they didn't want to get involved with the police chasing after the bunch of people.

"Okay. Before that, don't you need to change your clothes?"

"There's no need."

Kanae nodded her head. She was not hurt, so it didn't take long before she approached those who were wounded and helped to get inside the building. All along, the two of them only moved in the small place. When she rested, she saw her two seniors fought the people.

Mike was powerful, so it didn't take him long to win in a contest of strength. On the other hand, Neo was instead utilizing covert movement. His built was smaller and it would be an idiotic move if he wanted to face them head on.

Seeing their proficiencies, Kanae was quite stunned. It was clear that they were pretty experienced. When she was still thinking about it, her name was called.

"Kanae? What are you doing here?"