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104 Amusement Park

 When the others were already away, Kanae walked to Kevin and crossed her arm. "Do you bring me here to make that annoying girl purposely say bad things about me?"

Without her being here, Sheila wouldn't make a sarcastic remark. After all, Sheila was mostly jealous of her being able to come together with Kevin in that party. Without her here, Kevin wouldn't be able to make Sheila that agitated.

"You're quite sharp," Kevin didn't deny it.

"You're truly a cunning president," Kanae shook her head. "I'll be expecting another bonus at the end of this month, alright?"

Kevin's eyebrows rose. He calmly looked back to Kanae. "Rather than bonus, I have a different offer for you."

"What is it?"

"Do you have anything you want? Name it, and I'll give it to you."

Kanae was stunned speechlessly. Was this president serious? What if she said to him that she wanted a big mansion, would he give it to her? However, seeing his serious expression, she knew that he might even do what she wanted if she asked something outrageous.

"Is anything possible and there's no limit?"

"If you ask me to spend millions for you, I'll just give you a bonus like last month," Kevin answered calmly. He knew that by doing this, he had made this girl became the enemy of a company, so he wanted to make up for it.

Kanae thought for a moment. "There's a place that I want to go for a long time."

"Where is it?"

Kanae smiled. "Amusement Park."

"Okay, come here early in the morning tomorrow. I'll take you to the amusement park."

"Will you pay for all games that I play?"


"Okay, I'll come tomorrow," Kanae nodded her head. "Is your house really far from my place?"

"It's not appropriate," Kevin answered stoically.

"Okay, I got it."

After making the promise, Kanae went home.


The next day, Mike and Neo saw their boss got up early. They wondered what happened with him to wake up so early on Saturday. When they saw him threw the key to Neo and asked to drive him to the company, Neo was stunned speechlessly.

"Boss, it's not good to overwork too much. The deal is over, can't you have some rest for a while?"

Kevin stared back coldly. "I'm not going to work."

Neo and Mike didn't know what to say. They just did what their boss told them to do. However, when they saw Kanae was standing wearing a shirt and jeans, they were even more stunned.

"You're early President," Kanae greeted.

"Get in," Kevin ordered and turned to Neo. "Next is to amusement part."

"Amusement what?" Neo nearly yelled. When he saw Kevin's cold gaze from the mirror, he chose to shut his mouth for good. Why in the world their stoic president wanted to go to the amusement part. Please tell him that the two of them were not dating. He would not be able to take it if that was the truth.

When they arrived, Kevin said to the two of them, "You don't have to follow after me."

"..." President, please tell us that you were joking.

Kanae got out from the car and waited for Kevin to buy the ticket. They walked in, and Kanae's eyes gleamed with excitement. It has been a long time since the last time she went to the Amusement Park. With her tight schedule and money, there was no chance in the past two years.

"What do you want to ride?"

"Roller coaster!"

In the end, Kanae rode almost all kind of rides in the amusement park. Kevin was merely following her from behind as he saw her being excited at each ride. He got in to some of the rides, but most of the time he just waited for her to finish. In the end, she was exhausted from trying a lot of rides.

"We can take a short rest there," Kevin pointed to the Ferris wheel.

Kanae nodded. "I think that will be a good idea."

The two of them waited to buy the ticket as Kanae took a deep breath. It was quite tiring to try them all in mere hours.

"You can just come here again in the future," Kevin remarked.

"I doubt it," Kanae grinned. "I haven't come to the amusement park for a long time. I don't have the time and money to come here."

"I believe I give you quite a lot as the payment last time."

"I already use them for a different thing," Kanae evaded the question. It was clear that she didn't want to tell him.

Kevin nodded his head. "That's quite a miracle that you can spend them so fast."

"Well, I'm a woman."

When he heard that, he looked towards her up and down. To be honest, he even doubted the money she got were for her appearance. It was clear that she barely did anything to make herself looked well. She was wearing a worn out shirt and jeans. They were not bad, but it was clear that they were not new clothes.

"President, I don't bring my pen today. Do you want me to change it to my shoe?" Kanae asked with a cold tone.

"..." he was only looking at her appearance, and not her chest like before.

Knowing that it was useless to debate about anything with a woman, he didn't explain himself. After paying for the ticket, they got into one of the rooms and waited as the others started to board into the ferris wheel.

"The lake seems small from here," Kanae looked from the window.

There was a small lake near the Ferris wheel. It was a manmade lake, but it was still quite big for them. Although it was not used for swimming, at least the view of the lake was quite amazing.

"Everything seems small if you see them from the distance."

"You're right."

Kevin took a seat at the opposite of Kanae as he watched her looking from the window excitedly. He wondered where the usually capable worker in his office had gone to. The girl in front of him was more similar to a little kid rather than a grown up woman.

"When is the last time you go to the amusement park?" Kevin suddenly asked.

Kanae pondered about it. "I think it's two and half a year ago when it's summer vacation. What about you?"

"I never went to an amusement park before," Kevin answered calmly.

"Are you serious? I thought most children would go here when they're young," Kanae was quite surprised.

"I don't have the time when I'm young."

"Are your parents very strict?"

Kevin wasn't sure how he should answer this question. He looked back to Kanae. "You can say so."

"I see," Kanae nodded her head. She might not know about the other children, but she was fond of her parents when she was young. They were the best parents for her as she loved them very much.

"I guess we have a completely different life."

When he heard that, Kevin nodded his head. He was about to ask about something else when the place they were in shook and nearly caused the two of them to fall to the floor. In the next second, they heard the sound of guns not far from there and the light suddenly turned off.

What happened?