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103 Party

 "There's a celebration party in the company?" Kanae was stunned when she heard about it from the president in front of her. She wanted to know if she should come to work today, but if there was a party, she would just go home and rested.

Kevin nodded his head. "The project is successful and the company is overjoyed. This is just a simple dinner together, but all staffs are invited."

"I see," Kanae answered as she pondered. When he said that all staffs were invited, she knew that it would include her. Unfortunately, she knew better than anyone that she didn't have any dress. Her clothes only consisted of uniform aside from a few shirts and jeans. None of them were suited for a formal party like that.

"Do you want to come?" Kevin asked nonchalantly as he packed his laptop.

"I'm not sure I can come with this outfit."

"You can eat for free there."

"Okay, I'll come."

On the side, Neo was stunned by Kanae sudden change of answer. It seemed that anything related to food was something that this girl didn't want to miss. Didn't she just get the payment not long ago? Why did she so eager to eat for free again?

"Is it fine if I just wear my uniform?" compared with her other clothes, this was certainly the most suited one.

Kevin glanced towards Kanae before nodding his head. "It's fine. There's no restriction for the clothes."

"Thank you, President."

With that, Kanae joined in the free ride again too. This time, they dropped out in front of the building as there was no way the boss wanted to walk when he was clearly the center of attention. Following behind Kevin, they headed towards a wide hall where the other employees have come.

Other than them, she also saw that Sheila has arrived with her father. They were sitting in the middle seat. It seemed that the seats were the best in this room as Kanae guessed that the others were the higher ups of this company.

"I'll search for a seat in the other side," Kanae pointed to Taka's direction.

Kevin nodded his head and with that Kanae scurried away to another place. Unfortunately, the other employees already saw her coming together with the president. In the end, she got a seat not too far from Kevin and the rest of the people.

"Why is the seat for me near the main table?" Kanae turned towards Taka by the side.

Taka grinned. "I'm not the one arranging the seat. It's the President."

Well, she could guess that Kevin was the one who made the arrangement for the seat, but she did not understand why he wanted her to sit here. In addition, she could hear their conversation very clearly from this distance.

Kevin sat with Neo and Mike around him. At first, Sheila wanted to stay near him, but seeing the two sat near him, she could only give up the notion. After all, they all knew that Kevin was close with Neo and Mike and those three were known to be together for a long time.

Sheila looked towards Kanae with a scrunched face. "What is that country bumpkin doing here? Did she not know how to wear a proper dress?"

In this occasion, of course Sheila was wearing a dress. Her dress was quite revealing with the bright color, making her quite suspicious with the men mostly wore a suit around her.

"Don't talk too much, Sheila," Sheila's father warned.

Sheila nodded her head. When the food came, she barely ate anything as she wanted to keep her body slim. On the other hand, from behind her she could hear the sound of someone ate delightfully.

Taka looked towards Kanae while shaking his head. "If I don't know better, I'll think that you have not eaten for a long time."

"There's a lot of food in front of me, it's a waste to not eat them," Kanae answered with a grin before taking another chicken drumstick.

On the main table, Neo and Mike had to hold out with all they could. They too wanted to laugh so much at the sight of Kanae eating like that. Unfortunately, they knew that it would be inappropriate. They were already used with Kanae ate a lot, but the others would surely be shocked to see a girl eat that much.

"Doesn't she know any manner?" Sheila grumbled.

Kevin glanced towards Kanae for a moment. "She's in her growing period. Don't mind her so much."

"If you say so, I'll do it, President."

"Hey Mike, don't daydream or I'll take your food," Neo called from the side. He was surprised to see that Mike was silent after looking towards their boss.

"Ah yeah," Mike took the spoon and ate the food again. It was faint, but he was pretty sure that their boss smiled again. Before he could see closer, Kevin already returned to eat, so he was not sure.

After the foods were finished, they mostly talked about the deal and the others. Aside from Sheila's father, there were several others that Kevin talked with for the past few days, so they were talking a lot too this time. As for Kanae, she was taking her time to eat the desserts.

"I think this shall be the end for our dinner, gentlemen's. Thank you very much for coming," Kevin concluded after a while.

"Kanae, you don't listen to his speech, right?" Taka asked when he saw that Kanae was still busy eating.

Kanae nodded her head. She barely understood anything about business, so she didn't want to waste her time just to listen to him talking about that. The foods were clearly more interesting.

Sheila walked over to Kevin. "Can I come over again in the future?"

"Sorry, but I'm too busy to talk with you," Kevin immediately refused.

"But you still talk with those female employees and that four eyes girl," Sheila pouted.

The other company owner shifted their gaze when they saw how Sheila acted. With their experience, how could they not know that Sheila was clearly trying to get close with Kevin? After all, Kevin was the youngest company owner in recent years.

Kale Company might be not too big right now, but there was no telling how it would be in the future. From what they saw, the president was quite competent, and this girl was just searching for trouble.

"They're working for me, so I talk with them," Kevin answered calmly.

Sheila sulked. "But I can help you out too."

"Miss, your father is waiting," Kevin said in an indifferent tone.

Before Sheila could say anything else, Mike had stepped forward with a smile on his face. "Miss, if you don't know the way out, I'll be glad to call the security guards to take you out."


"Don't be rude to her, young man," Sheila's father immediately rebuked. He could not stand anyone being rude to his daughter.

Mike smiled at the old man. "The gathering is over, please leave, Sir."

"You-," Sheila wanted to talk back, but her father had pulled her back. They only have shipping company, and he didn't want to look back in front of the other company owner. This would detrimental to him.

"Please excuse me, President Kevin," Sheila's father dragged his daughter out of the room. No matter how Sheila complained, he didn't budge.

Neo grinned sheepishly as he moved around to apologize for the small drama they had a moment ago. The other company owners were not stupid, so they didn't prolong anything longer and they bid their farewell not long after that.

On the other hand, Sheila was feeling extremely vexed that her father had to drag her away from the venue. Her eyes were filled with rage. She would not accept this humiliation! That girl would pay for this dearly!