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102 End Term Exams

 Monday was the very first day for the end term exams. Many students were groaning when they got out as they realized how the teachers were hell bent on making difficult questions. They had to rummage deep into their brain to be able to answer those questions.

"Kanae, how's your exam going?" Misae wrapped her hand around Kanae's neck from behind.

"Wah, let me go!" Kanae was stunned. She unwrapped Misae's arm before answering, "I'm doing quite well in my opinion."

"The teachers are more of a devil in the end term exams compared with the midterm," Misae complained.

Alice came over with a wry smile. "That means we have to study harder."

"Let's have a study session together in the Student Council Room," Misae said with a wide grin.

Kanae rolled her eyes. "You just want to see the seniors, right?"

"Well, you know me."

"Let's just go there, then."

With that, the three of them headed towards the Student Council Room, and they saw the others were already there, including Tommy and Jay.

"Vice president, help these bunch in their study," Neo pointed to the two of them.

"Isn't Jay doing quite well in the exams?"

"He skips the class for nearly one month, what do you expect?"

Jay smiled broadly. He had indeed skipped the class very much lately, so he was quite sure that he was being left behind in the study.

"Can you help us, Vice President?"

Kanae sighed, but she nodded her head. They took some additional chairs as they used the third table and started learning for the next day lesson. It was quite hectic as Kanae was the only one who could answer most of the questions, but the others were paying attention deeply. They didn't want to miss even a single detail.

On his table, Kevin was unperturbed with the noisy students in front of him. Mike and Neo also did their work as they ignored the bunch. It took them a long time to finish studying. They cleaned up the table happily.

"I think I'll be happy if I can pester you every day, Vice President," Tommy smiled widely.

Kanae rolled her eyes. "Do you take me as your private teacher?"

"You're already close to one."

"Let's just clean up," Alice picked a test paper and she was stunned speechless as the score. She turned her head towards Tommy. "Are you really that poor in the lesson?"

The number '29' with the red mark made the students speechless. Even if Tommy was focused on his club activities, he shouldn't have neglected his study until it was this bad. What would happen with his grade if this continued?

"I skip classes too often," Tommy grinned.

"You should learn more," Alice added with concern.

Tommy nodded his head. "I'll make sure that I pass the passing grade that I need."

The other students walked out from the room one by one leaving only Kanae inside. She turned her head towards the president. "Have you transferred the payment to me?"


"Thank you!"

With that, Kanae sprinted out from the room. Seeing the happiness in Kanae's face, Neo was speechless. Was she truly that poor to be happy at a mere one month payment? Not to mention, the payment was not that high because she was only a high school student.

"You will not understand the mind of a poor person," Mike pointed out.

Neo shook his head. "There's no need for me to know about that too. All I know is I'm living well right now and I don't have anything to worry about."

Mike smiled. "This peace is only temporary. Do you think the clash between clans doesn't happen?"

"Well, we're still in a peaceful state, right?" Neo grinned.

Mike smiled wryly as he turned his attention back to his cup. Even if they were in a peaceful state right now, there would surely come the time when the condition of the street was not as peaceful as now.

While they were talking in the Student Council Room, Kanae made her way to the bank. She checked her account and almost exclaimed in surprise. The payment Kevin gave to her was almost double than what he promised to her at first.

"Thank you, President."

She turned to the teller. "I want to transfer the money to this account."

"Transfer to an international bank has a lot of fees, are you sure?" the teller was stunned when she realized that the amount was not that much.

Kanae nodded. "Make sure to transfer full amounts."

"Okay, the account you direct to belong to Miss Nali?"

Kanae looked towards the name that the teller showed as she nodded her head. "Yes, it's correct."

"Alright, I'll make the transfer. It'll take a few days for the recipient to get the money."

"I understand."

After Kanae finished her task, she moved to the ATM and took out some money for her daily needs. Thanks to the President, she got more allowances she could use for now.

"Now, it's time to eat."

Of course, the first use of her money would be to fill her belly.


The exams ended on Friday, and these five days were hell for the students who were not too bright. Many of them were overjoyed when the exams had finished and they made their way to enjoy the freedom they received.

"Kanae, how are your exams?" Misae waved her hand excitedly.

Kanae smiled. "I think, I should be the one asking you this."

"Well, I don't do too well, but it shouldn't be a problem for me to pass the passing grade," Misae grinned. Because she skipped a lot of class last month, she missed quite a few lessons. This made her felt rather unconfident that she could pass the exams well.

Alice came to them with a wry smile. "The teachers are rather harsh in the end term exams this time. I don't think I'm doing too well."

Kanae scratched her head. She barely remembered any of the exams' questions. This was the bad habit she had as she only treated them as something in passing, she didn't pay much attention to the content after she had finished. This made her completely forgot about them.

"Now that the exams have finished, should we gather to eat together?" Misae asked with a grin on her face.

Kanae smiled wryly. "I have to ask President about my work first."

"Oh yeah, I forget that you're working under him. Good luck, Kanae!"

Alice and Misae headed towards the canteen to get some foods while Kanae headed towards Student Council Room. From what she remembered, the three of them usually gathered in that room even though there was no work for them.