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101 Boss… You Are Smiling?

 In the morning, Mike and Neo woke up early. They cleaned up lightly before heading towards Kevin's office. When they saw that their boss was sleeping, they chose not to disturb him.

"He's truly a workaholic. Why did he sleep on his table rather than the sofa?" Neo was confused.

"Don't come in. You know he will wake up if anyone comes inside. Let's just call the shipping company to finish their work."

With the two of them determined to not disturb Kevin, they worked their own part. The company gave a break to the employee during the weekend, but the shipping has to be done quickly. Because of that, the two of them still worked.

When they were waiting for the call, they heard sound from Kevin's office.

"President, have you woken up?" Neo opened the door and greeted as usual.

Kevin indeed woke up, but he frowned when he saw the two men. "Be quiet."

"What?" They were stunned by the sudden order when they saw a head appeared from the sofa's seat. Because the back of the sofa was faced to them, they didn't know that there was someone there.

Instantly, the two of them freeze. Did their boss just let someone sleeping here? Even they were not allowed to sleep in the same room as their boss. Ah, this was truly unfair!

It took Kanae a few seconds to recall where she was. She smiled towards Kevin brightly. "Good morning, President."

Kevin nodded his head. "Good morning, Kanae."

"K... Kanae?" Neo was stunned speechlessly. Heaven, did their boss just let a girl sleep in the same room with him? Even if he knew that there was nothing happened, he was hoping from the bottom of his heart that he was dreaming.

Kanae turned around. "Oh! Good morning Mike and Neo."

"Good morning, Kanae," Mike was the first one to recover from his shock. "What are you doing sleeping here?"

"I'm working late tomorrow, so President didn't allow me to go home," Kanae answered. She proceeded to explain what happened last night. When they heard the unreasonable demand from Sheila, they were speechless. That girl was truly a pampered girl to the core.

"Have you made a call to the company?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, they're coming in a few minutes."

"That's good."

Kevin took his suit from the side. He wanted to change here but recalled that Kanae was in the room. On the other hand, Kanae could read the situation as she walked out of the room even without the need to ask. She did not want to see a man change his clothes in front of her.

Seeing Kanae swift movement, Kevin was stunned, but then a small smile was formed on his lips.

"Boss... You are smiling?" Neo pointed to Kevin's face with bewilderment. Did this expressionless man have just smiled when he saw Kanae walked away? Why?

Kevin's indifferent face returned, and he looked coldly at the two of them. "Make sure the company owner is there. I want to have a good talk with him."

"Roger that."

Mike also saw the small smile on the corner of Kevin's lips, which made him rather shocked. Even if the entire city was destroyed, he doubted he would be this shocked. After all, knowing Kevin, it was hard to make this man changed his expression.

Outside the room, Kanae took the time to familiarize with the design. She never paid much attention before, but since she has the time, why not? It didn't take long for Kevin to finish his work and headed out from the room.

He looked towards Kanae. "Do you want to watch the show?"

"What show?" his words piqued her interest.

"Follow after me."

The four of them headed down, and Kevin quickly found Sheila's father. His indifferent face made the company owner stunned, but he knew that this man was angry at his daughter behavior.

"President Kevin, I'm terribly sorry for my daughter behavior last night. Because the work is finished with your employee, I'll retract the price per our agreement," it was not that much since Kanae only loaded one small truck. Although he was angry at his daughter, his lost was barely negligible.

"From the security camera, I found out that she also acts out of her authority, is this true?" Kevin's voice was tinged with coldness.

Sheila's father was stunned. He only knew that his daughter asked the employee to go to the storage room. Could it be it was not allowed?

"Sir, can you explain it?"

"Storage room is my property and except for the goods that are being transported, your daughter can't order anyone to move them around. In addition, she makes my employee overwork by asking a woman to do a menial job. Can you explain this to me?"

Sheila's father felt his back was filled with sweats. Dang, his daughter was always making trouble for him, but he loved her so much that he kept on pampering her. Even if he knew what she did was wrong, all he did was rebuking her before allowing her to do what she wanted.

In the end, he had to pay for the loss that Kevin's suffered. Although it was not that much, he felt that his pride was destroyed in front of Kevin. He wanted his daughter to get close to this man, yet that girl instead made this man angry. What an end.

On the back, Kanae watched as the man apologized to Kevin a couple of times. Even the surrounding people were watching in bewilderment as they saw their company president bowed to a young man.

"His face is completely lost this time," Kanae commented.

Mike nodded his head as a smile was on his face as usual. "It will be a miracle if people don't find out about his deeds. They'll surely talk about him. Well, this is a nice change for the newspaper."

Kanae moved around and noticed several people were taking pictures of Kevin and this man. From the angle, she was not included in the photo, which was a good thing. However, she knew that the newspaper wouldn't let this news go as it was a good chance for them to show off an interesting piece of news.

Before long, Kevin finished talking and headed back to the three of them.

"He won't do anything big anymore. You can rest assured."

Kanae looked towards Kevin with a pout. "And whose fault does you think I'm in this state?"

"It's mine," Kevin nodded his head, acknowledging his mistake.

At first, Kanae thought that he wouldn't admit to it. Since he already did, there was no way she would pester the matter further.

"Now that the problem is solved, can I get my days off? I'll be having exams," Kanae asked.

Kevin nodded his head. "I'll give you your pay through the bank on Monday."

"Don't forget the bonus."

"I won't."

Kanae smiled happily. "Alright, I'll be going back now."

"Before that, don't you want to eat with us?"

"I want to!"