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100 Sleeping in the Office

 On the top floor, Kevin heard from the security that Sheila and her father had left. He merely acknowledged it before resuming his work. On the side, Neo felt like he was having a breakdown after being pushed around by this devilish president continuously.

"Boss, I need to sleep," Neo complained. He was lacking in sleep lately, and it was not good for his body at all.

Mike nodded his head. "Yes Boss, all of us is tired."

They were racing against the time to complete the project. Now that they already finished the deal, they only needed to wait for the shipping company to bring the goods to the customer. That would end the deal.

"I'll work a bit, you two can sleep on the other room first."

"Thank you Boss!" Neo exclaimed happily. "But don't take too long, you have to sleep too."

"If there's anything, just call us, Boss."

When they were alone, they were used to call Kevin as the boss. Although they still occasionally used it in front of other people, no one thought about it as strange.

Kevin worked on his table for another hour or two before he finished. He was about to sleep when he saw from the security camera that the first floor's lamp was still on. Who was still working?

He got in to the lift and headed to the first floor. Aside from the security guard, he didn't see anyone else until he reached the storage room and heard the sound of things moved. Opening the door, he was stunned to see Kanae was still busy moving around.

"Ah, President, what are you doing here?" Kanae was stunned.

"I should be the one asking that to you. This is already 2 AM and you're still working?"

"Well, that annoying girl asks me to clean up the storage room. Didn't you ask me to follow along with her demands?"

He did ask that, but it didn't mean that Sheila was allowed to make her work overtime like this. He looked towards the truck that was ready to move out with a frown on his face.

"I thought she asked you to move things to the truck."

He thought with Kanae's strength, she would not finish the work, thus making Sheila angry. After that, he thought that Sheila would just let Kanae off, but it seemed, that was not the case.

"I have finished the work," Kanae answered leisurely.

"You finished?"


Facing with the stunned expression on Kevin's face, Kanae could only scratch her head. Although it was quite a surprise to see the change in Kevin's stoic expression, she didn't know how she should explain this. After all, she was only an ordinary student in Kevin's eyes.

Kanae grinned. "Don't underestimate me. I have been working in different places for two years, and most of them require strength."

Kevin nodded his head. He knew that this girl had been working for two years because she lost her parents two years ago. Although he did not search for everything regarding her work since those were only part time jobs and not all place recorded them, he was sure that none of them were like his company. After all, who in their right mind would hire a teenage girl in a company?

He was the exception, though.

"Let's go up."

"What about this work?" Kanae pointed to the storage room.

Kevin shook his head. "There's no need to finish them. I'll just explain them to Sheila and have her father deal with it."

It was not within Sheila's authorization to order his employee for this job. He would just use this incident to threaten that cunning old man. As he thought, that company owner's weakness was his daughter. By making that arrogant girl moved around and did other things, he managed to finish a profitable deal and even a bit more with this.

They reached Kevin's office, and he brewed a glass of warm milk before handing it to Kanae.

"I don't have more foods here, so you have to make do with this."

Kanae accepted it with delight. She was used to sleep without having anything warm beforehand, so for her this was more than enough.

"Don't I need to go home?"

"You can go home in the morning," Kevin scanned Kanae's appearance, but he didn't have women clothes in his office. At most, he only has some spare clothes for him in case he slept over in the office because of work. Argh, having a girl around him was indeed a burden.

"But..." Kanae knew that she would only hinder Kevin if she stayed here. In addition, she was filled with dust because of her work in the storage room. Having her stayed here would be inappropriate.

"The streets are dangerous at night. This place is farther than the noodle store from your home, I can't possibly send you back when it's already this late."

The underworld's people were usually more active when it was already past midnight. This was the very reason he didn't send her straight to home. As for driving her home, he could drive, but he was sure that this girl would complain to him not having a license yet.

Kanae scratched her face, she didn't have any problem walking home at night because she was part of the underworld people. Of course, she could not say this to him as her biggest wish was to have a normal high school life.

Kevin rummaged his spare clothes and handed a shirt and jeans to Kanae. "This will surely oversize for you, but just make do with it. I don't have girl's clothes."

Kanae stared at the clothes in Kevin's hand. She looked towards the man with bewilderment. He was far taller than her and obviously, his clothes were far bigger than her. If she wore his clothes, it would be too big.

"I have spare clothes."


"Today is usually martial art day, right? I put them in out of habit," Kanae explained.

Kevin nodded his head, "Just take a short bath in the bathroom outside, and then change to your sports clothes."


In the end, Kanae rather enjoyed the bath. Well, this place has hot water, something she didn't have, so she no longer complained about having to stay over. At the very least, this was comforting especially with the cold weather because of winter.

She changed to her sports uniform. Although it was not really suitable for sleep, at least it was better than a skirt. When she finished, she dried her hair the best she could before letting it fell on her back.

In the office, Kevin had taken out a blanket and placed it on the sofa. When Kanae returned, he was already busy typing on his desk again.

"You can sleep there," he pointed to the sofa.

Kanae looked back. "What about you?"

"I still have work, so I won't be sleeping."

"But you still have to sleep," Kanae insisted. Not sleeping at all was bad, so she persisted.

"I'll just be like you, then," Kevin tapped his table. "I can sleep here."


"No more but, just go to sleep."

Kanae would prefer for her to be the one sleeping on the table. After all, she was already quite used to sleeping there (bad habit, don't copy this). Although she still slept in the infirmary occasionally, the table has become her best sleeping place.

In the end, she waited until her hair dried a bit more before tying them into a simple ponytail. After that, she lied down on the sofa and pulled the blanket. Before long, she already fell asleep. The work she has done today made her felt extremely tired.