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99 Unreasonable Demand

 After Kanae finished the cake and dragged the other two back to the class, she followed the rest of the lesson quietly. The students were still swarming towards her to ask some questions, but they mostly gathered together for their group studies. Today was the last day this week because this Monday they would have the end term exams.

"I'll review the lesson for the last preparation," Misae said solemnly.

Kanae laughed. "Don't be too nervous. You still have to sleep enough if you want to be able to do well in the test."

Alice also nodded her head. They knew that they have to sleep a lot if they wanted to be able to pass the exams.

Kanae headed towards Student Council Room and found out that the third table was filled with food. She was stunned when she saw the variety of foods that was presented before her.

"You finally come back, Kanae," Mike smiled. "That's the treat I promised to you."

"All of them?"


Kanae stared blankly at the food presented before her. Come on, there was no way she would be able to finish them all. Were you trying to make me fat by buying a lot of foods for her?

She looked towards the three of them. "Shall we just eat together?"

"I would love to!" Neo immediately raised his hand.

Kevin nodded his head. "Let's just eat first before going to the company today."

"Yes, President."

In the end, the four of them were busy eating the food that was on the table. It took them quite some time to finish them all. Kanae felt relieved that she was full, but it made her hard to move around too much.

"Let's go to the Office," Kevin beckoned.

Kanae tailed behind the three of them quietly. In her heart, she vowed that she would not eat this much again. Her stomach has started hurting so much. This was the first time she felt regret for being a glutton. Thankfully, by the time they reached the car, the pain reduced and in another minute she no longer felt any pain.

They followed the same routine of her following from behind. When she reached her office, she looked around, but that annoying girl was not here. Did that girl prepare something different?

"Oh, you're here, Kanae," her supervisor smiled and waved his hand.

"Yes, I come to work as usual," Kanae answered calmly.

The supervisor handed her a box of paper. "This is your work for today. After you finish the work, go to the first floor to help with the shipping company."

"I understand."

Kanae knew that her real work today would only start once she went down to the first floor. With that in mind, she started her work and typed as fast as she could. After a while, she finally finished her work and stretched.

"You're really quick, Kanae," from behind her, Taka commented. He was holding a big box of food.

Kanae turned her head a bit. "Yeah, I have to help out with the shipping company after this, so I try to be faster."

Taka nodded his head. He passed her the big box of food. "This is from President. He says that you will be better to eat first before working,

"Oh, thank you!" Kanae smiled happily.

"Be careful when you work later, I'm sure that girl is up to no good," Taka reminded her.

"I understand."

Kanae finished her food and headed to the first floor. On the other hand, Taka was looking towards the empty box with bewilderment. This was the first time he saw a girl ate that much. What did that girl stomach made off?

On the first floor, Sheila was standing near the basement door. She was clearly waiting for Kanae as she smirked when she saw Kanae has arrived.

"So you have arrived, four eyes girl. Now, help us to move the item from the storage to the truck."

Kanae looked towards the storage room and then to the truck. It was not that far, but the number of items was something different. In her heart, she quietly cursed that girl. Why did you have to ask for a girl to do a menial job?

However, she showed nothing as she moved to the storage room and picked up the box. Due to the size and weight, it would be better if she just picked them one by one. With that in thought, she walked to the truck under Sheila's watch.

'Hmph, let's see you drop down after several boxes.'

Sheila knew the weight for each box was heavy. Asking a girl to deliver them was the same as asking for a beating. After all, the heavy weight would cause the muscle to hurt, especially after a long time moving them.

Unfortunately, what she hoped never arrived.

One hour...

Two hours....

Four hours....

When it was nearing the midnight, it was already five hours, but Kanae still moved with the same pace. On the other hand, Sheila was going nuts. She could not believe that a girl could do this job very well.

"You! Why are you still moving them?"

Kanae looked back and stared 'innocently', "You're the one who asks me to move them, right? The truck is almost full now. Just a little bit and I'll be finished."

Sheila was looking towards the truck with beads of sweat. This was supposedly the work for her men in the company. If her father knew that she had asked an employee from Kale Company, he would surely be angry. After all, that meant the payment for them would decrease.

"Is there anything wrong, Lady Sheila?" Kanae put the last box on the truck with ease. Now that she had finished the work, the look on Sheila's face was priceless.

"You! Just go and clean up the storage room!" Sheila shouted indignantly. She knew that there was no way her father wouldn't be angry with the work has been done.

Her eyes drifted to the security camera. Even if she wanted to lie, she wouldn't be able to do it. How vexing.

While Sheila was on the verge of exploding, Kanae saw the storage room and her face blackened. Because of the project, they were moving things rather haphazardly, so the room was in quite a mess. Even if this was only a small storage room for the company, Kanae was not entirely sure that she was allowed to come in.

"What are you doing standing in front of the door? Get in and clean up!"

Kanae looked towards the clock and sighed. It seemed there was no sleep for her today. At the very least, she knew that the girl also didn't end well. When she thought about this, her lips curled up slightly. She was truly a bad girl to think this way, but it was indeed satisfying.

Before long, she heard the sound of someone angry and peeked from the door. She saw Sheila's father was berating his daughter while pointing to the truck. She smirked.

'Do you think a girl will be incapable to move them? Don't you underestimate someone who once lives on the black street.'

Feeling rather happy, she continued her work. This time, she no longer cared about the fact that she wouldn't be able to sleep. Tomorrow is Saturday, so she didn't have to worry about school.