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98 Mike’s Birthday 2

 Misae repeatedly berated Tommy and Jay over their attempt in helping her. She felt that they were even more troublesome compared to Kanae and in the end, she kicked the two of them out from the kitchen. As for Kanae, she was merely watching the other two girls made the cake.

"I can't believe that the two of them is as bad as Kanae when it came to cooking..." Misae looked at the messy kitchen and sighed. If she knew about this, she would surely not agree with their attempt to come here and helped her.

Alice patted her best friend's shoulder. "Come on, let's make another one. There is still enough time."

"I know."

On the side, Kanae felt wronged. Why did the two of them have to be compared with her? She was an innocent girl. Don't just assume things so quickly.

Thankfully, Misae didn't hear Kanae's lament, or she would surely kick her best friend out of the kitchen. She suffered a few times in the past because of Kanae's attempt to learn how to cook that ended in super failure.

Outside the kitchen, the two of them sat on the hallway.

"I never thought that cooking is that hard," Tommy sighed.

"Have you never tried to cook before?" Jay knew that Tommy lived in Black Street and from what he knew; it would be hard to live if he couldn't cook.

Tommy shook his head, "I'm too busy fighting everyday and all. Besides, for our food, there is someone in our group who is capable of cooking, so I don't really have much trouble regarding my meals."

"Didn't Fiore Group were created around two years ago?" Jay pondered a bit.

"Yes, it's true," Tommy nodded and changed the course of the conversation, "How about your condition? I hear that the Souhon Clan is closing any news from leaking out."

Jay nodded, "Because of some disagreement inside the clan, they don't want the news of our latest performance get out."

Tommy nodded. He was not that familiar with the matter of the clan as he was more used with things on the street. After all, he also knew that those clans have their way to protect themselves and it was extremely unwise for him to meddle into their business.

When the two of them talked, Misae opened the door, "Get in and help me clean up the mess you created."

"Okay," the two of them nodded and took the tools before helping her to clean everything up. Inside their mind, they wanted to know if their subordinates saw them like this, what they would think. The imaginary expression of their subordinates made them unconsciously smiled.

One thing for sure, those people were not going to let them hear the end of it.

After they had finished cleaning up, they returned to the Student Council Room while the girls were staying inside the kitchen. Kanae was merely helping them cleaned up while the girls decorated the cake. It didn't take long for them to reach the Student Council room and met with the other three.

"Has the cake finished?" Mike asked.

"Nope, Misae is still waiting for the cake to be finished. We choose to return first," Tommy answered.

Mike pointed to the batch of paper in front of him, "Then you can finish the work earlier."

Jay and Tommy looked towards each other. They completely forgot about this devil. Taking the papers, they started to do the work with a resigned feeling.

The three girls came to the room not long after that. In Misae's hand was a beautiful and big chocolate cake. In the appearance alone, it could match the cake from the store without fail. The other five people stared at the cake with awe.

"You're really amazing! I want to eat the cake as soon as possible," Neo said excitedly

Mike poked the other party head, "If you want to eat it, wait until the celebration first."

"Be quick, I'm already hungry!" Neo grinned.

"If you're that hungry, you can go to the canteen first," Kevin said in an indifferent tone.

At that remark, Neo immediately shut his mouth in fear that Kevin would really send him away to the canteen and missed the birthday celebration for Mike. Even if he was hungry, he would not trade it with the friendship he had with Mike all these years.

The birthday celebration only consisted of them singing for Mike, that ended up in a terrible way because Jay and Kevin couldn't sing well, and cutting the cake. The two of them ended up getting a tease from all the other members as their voice was simply too funny.

There was nothing really special, but all of them enjoyed the occasion.

"I never know that you cannot sing," Kanae said to Kevin with grin when they already got their part of the cake.

Kevin arched his eyebrows, "Am I look like someone who can sing?"

"Well, no," Kanae put the cake into her mouth, "I just thought that someone who can get perfect scores at the test should be able to do something so simple."

"There is no music test in mid-term."

"Oh, right. I forgot," Kanae stuck out her tongue, "Well, I'm not that good at singing too. At best, I could only make sure it didn't exceed the range."

"You don't need to be able to sing that well," Kevin ate the cake again. On the side, Kanae giggled at his response.

When the two of them were having a light conversation, Tommy and Jay got into a dispute over who get the biggest slice of the cake. The fight ended with Neo butting in and claimed that he got the biggest among them all.

On the side, Alice was eating quietly as she watched these three with amusement. She was too shy to join the conversation, but she found them to be very funny, so she ended up watching them from the side.

"They are truly kids," Mike smiled wryly as he watched the three of them still arguing as they ate. In front of him, a cake blocked his vision.

"You should eat the cake too, Mike. Today is your birthday after all," Misae smiled as she shoved the cake to Mike.

Mike took the cake and tasted it. The cake tasted really good, it looked as if a professional was the one making it. If he didn't know that Misae made the cake just now, he would have thought that she bought it somewhere.

"How is it?" Misae asked with expectation.

"It's good, you're talented in cooking," Mike praised.

Misae beamed with a smile and took the cake for her to eat too. As Mike ate the cake, his smile turned gentler.