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97 Mike’s Birthday 1

 The next day, Kanae went to school early. She saw that Misae was fidgeting, which made her confused why this girl seemed out of ordinary.

"Misae, are you alright?" Kanae greeted.

Misae nodded her head. Her face was beet red as she was trying to suppress her embarrassment. On the back, Alice was giggling because she knew the very reason Misae behaved this way.

"What is it?"

"Misae wants to make a cake for Mike's birthday today," Alice answered. "She wants to borrow the key."

"The key is teacher's room. Let me take the permission sheet from Student Council Room first," Kanae nodded her head.

"I want to come!"

The three of them headed towards the Student Council Room. Kanae noticed the door was locked, which mean there was no one inside, so she had to use her key. She rummaged the desk when the door opened and Jay with Tommy came inside. When Misae saw Jay, she was no longer giving a strong reaction.

"Hello, what are you three doing here?" Tommy was stunned.

Kanae nudged Misae's back, but Misae was too embarrassed.

"Um... I hear that today is Mike birthday so I want to borrow the kitchen to make a cake...." Her voice trailed at the end of the sentence. She didn't dare to look towards the others as she hid behind Kanae though her face still could be seen due to Kanae's shorter height.

"Eh, today is Mike birthday?" Tommy said in a surprised tone.

"Yes, it's true."

Jay nodded his head.

"What about you two?" Kanae asked the other two.

"I don't feel like going to the class on the last day before exams, so I come here," Jay shrugged.

"That annoying doctor kicked me out because there are several patients there," Tommy grumbled. He wanted to sleep, but that doctor had to kick him out at this time, so he moved to the Student Council room.

"What about your class?"

"There is a test simulation today."

"..." it's obvious that you want to skip the test.

The door opened and Kevin with the others came inside. Neo looked towards the students inside the Student Council Room with bewilderment. Why was this place so cramped today?

This time, Tommy narrated their intention of coming here. Although Kevin frowned upon hearing the lazy reason from Jay and Tommy, he didn't kick them out from the room.

"A cake, huh? How about if we all go to the kitchen and make the cake?" Jay shifted the conversation. Staying in the Student Council room might be boring and he didn't want to get subjected into another harsh training from Mike anymore.

"Can you cook?"

"Well... no?" Jay scratched his head in embarrassment. As the Young Master of Souhon Clan, it would be a miracle if he had time to learn how to cook. Just to learn fighting and school things were enough to make him extremely busy every day.

"We can just help you out when you make the cake," Tommy offered.

Alice and Kanae also nodded their head, but when Misae saw that Kanae wanted to help too, her face cringed. How could she forget that Kanae's ability in cooking was indescribably poor?

"Kanae, you're only allowed to watch, understand?"


Alice giggled. "I'll help to make the cake."

Misae nodded, "What kinds of cakes do you like, Mike?"

Mike pondered for a moment, "Chocolate then."

"I got it," Misae smiled before going out with four students following after her. In any case, the five of them were going to skip classes.

Neo grinned, "Well, what should be the excuse of them skipping class?"

"Student Council task," Kevin answered lightly.

Neo was speechless, could making cake be considered as Student Council task? He sighed as he typed the letter for the seven of them to skip classes. The one who got busy was always him.



Alice and Misae were the only two who knew how to cook, so the others waited patiently. Kanae stood by the side as she didn't have any intention to help and was not allowed to help. Tommy and Jay wondered what they should do as they stood near the stool.

"First, I need you to crack the eggs," Misae explained.

Tommy took one of the eggs and took a knife from the other side. He was about to cut the egg with the knife when Alice stopped him.

"This is not how you open the egg," she said hesitantly.

Tommy was stunned. "Then, how should I open this?"

"It's like this," Jay showed the egg on his arm and he was about to throw it to the floor when he felt that something hit his head. Misae had thrown an empty bowl right to his head.

"If you two don't know how to crack the egg, you should just ask me or Alice," Misae said with a menacing tone. At this time, she had completely forgotten that she didn't like Jay for his background and did her best to stay away from him.

"I understand," Jay used his other hand to rub his head. Misae didn't hold back at all when she threw the bowl. Even if he had practiced martial arts, it didn't mean that his head was a rock. It still felt hurt.

"Now watch me."

Misae and Alice showed how to crack the eggs, but the two boys seemed to be unable to control their strength well as they immediately crushed the outer layer of the egg when they tried to crack it.

"Don't use too much power! An egg is different from a rock!" Misae berated with indignation.

After that, the two of them use strength as little as they could, but it ended with them taking a long time just to crack one egg.

Misae's lips twitched when she saw this scene. Did everyone she knew never learned how to cook before? Why did she feel that they were similar with kids who never touched the ingredients before? She felt that a huge headache was coming her way as she noticed that these two were WORSE than Kanae.

"Alice, can you help me instruct them?"

"I think I can," Alice answered in low voice. She too was feeling rather helpless when she saw this. The supposedly easy cooking turned into a chore as they had to take care of these two troublemakers.