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96 I Will Treat You

 Sheila came running to the top floor with a red face. Her previously stunning appearance only made people wary of her. Some of them even showed concern, but no one tried to get close with the woman or they might not be able to work again tomorrow.

"Father," Sheila saw her father and approached him. "Father, she's cheating! There's no way she can type that fast!"

Sheila's father was not in a good mood. He was being led around by Kevin today and as the result, he had to amend the contract before the two of them agreed to it. Hearing his daughter came to complain to him, his mood turned sourer as he didn't wish to talk with her for now.

On the back, Neo secretly grinned. He already knew Kanae's typing speed was rather unusual. Although there were people who able to type that fast, especially those who worked in some field related to typing, there was rarely any at a similar age with Kanae. This made someone like Sheila unable to compete with Kanae in that small competition.

"President Kevin, you won this time," Sheila's father said with a menacing voice. "But next time, I won't lose."

Kevin simply nodded his head. "I'll be waiting for our next cooperation."

After that, Sheila's father looked towards his daughter. He was not sure what kind of person Kevin hired, but he knew that she must be someone capable. He had ensured that the work he gave to her was easy, but this girl still lost.

"Also, for my daughter, I want to borrow that employee tomorrow."

Kevin's raised his eyebrows. "I don't think it's appropriate."

"I can give you an offer," he haggled.

"I'm listening."


After Kanae cleaned up her table, she went towards the top floor. The moment she came out from the lift, she saw the black faced Sheila and her father. From the glint on Sheila's eyes, she was sure that this girl wouldn't let her go tomorrow.

She sighed internally as she knew that she wouldn't be able to have any peaceful day in this company tomorrow.

"Oh, Kanae, you have arrived," Mike smiled when he saw Kanae.

Kanae nodded her head and pointed towards the lift. "You didn't say anything weird to them, right?"

"As a matter of fact, President did," Neo immediately sold out his boss.

Kevin glared towards Neo. "You are not allowed to go home today and finish all the report for tomorrow."

Neo scrunched up. This president was going evil again. It was indeed his work, but did he have to make him finish everything that fast? He was not a robot!

"What do you say to her?"

"You have to help her out tomorrow to make the deal finish even earlier," Kevin answered impassively.

Kanae's eyebrows shot up. "You really have to give me bonus, Boss. You're making me work much more than what I'm supposed to do."

"Not a problem."

"Alright then," Kanae shrugged.

Seeing how quickly Kanae agreed with the term, Neo was speechless. He was hoping she would be angry and all, but Kanae just asked for higher payment and the matter was finished. Did she need to be so pragmatic? Couldn't she ask for something hard for their president?

He was hoping she would make their president troubled, but if it was only at this scale, there was no way Kevin would feel much pain. Their company might only one and half year old, but they were growing bigger and a small amount of money for an employee was nothing for him.

Mike closed the door again after they had come in. He walked to the dispenser and poured himself a glass of water.

"Speaking of which, I hear she yelled at you?"

Kanae nodded her head as she pulled the chair to Kevin's table. "It's common, she is angry because she can't beat me."

With that slightly inhuman typing speed, Mike doubted anyone would be able to beat this girl. He would not point it out, though, for he didn't want to have something being thrown to his face.

"I thought you might throw tantrums or something similar," Neo joked.

Kanae smiled wryly. "Come on, I'm not a kid anymore."

"Well, it's just a guess. After all, I never saw you truly angry before."

"Do you want me to be angry? I have bought a few new pens, and I'm sure they will be happy to contribute to for easing my rage."

"No need, I don't want to see something fly to me even if it's a bird."

Kanae grinned and turned her attention to the work before her. It was not like she didn't throw tantrums, but she was already used to have someone yelled and cursed towards her. In the end, she learned to ignore them, so she was not that bothered with what she heard from Sheila as she treated it as a mere wind passed in front of her.

"May I know what the company Sheila's father hold is?"

Kevin nodded his head. "It's a shipping company."

Kanae's eyes turned bigger. "Is there any project that you need to ship at large amount or far away?"

"There's a deal with a client. He wants to renew his company construction utensil for the government check, so he needs them in the large batch. Unfortunately, it's hard to ship them if they're too many, so I make a deal with this company to have them ship the goods and deliver them safely."

Kanae nodded her head. She remembered that Kevin's company, Kale Company, was a company that focused on manufacture especially utensil for construction and kitchen. They must be working hard lately to make this deal happened.

"Work hard, President."

Kevin nodded his head. The two of them returned to their usual state of silent during working. The silent lasted until the food came as usual. Of course, Kanae would not want to be left behind by the others.

"There are more foods today," Kanae said with sparkling eyes.

Kevin nodded. "They're your reward for winning."

"You don't even know the result when you order the food, how do you know that I'll win?"

"I trust that you won't lose."

Kanae stuck out her tongue. "What if I purposely lost?"

"Then I'll eat all the food."

"What? How can you eat them all?"

The two of them argued while Neo and Mike started eating. It took the two of them a few seconds to make them finished quarreling and started to eat.

It was then Mike recalled something. "I'll just treat you and the others tomorrow, Kanae as part of the compensation."

"There's no need for that," Kanae was startled. She was only joking around with this indifferent president as she didn't really have the intention to have them paid for it. It was not that hard for her too and they were her friends.

"Tomorrow is my birthday," Mike answered.

"Ah... November 30?" Kanae was stunned.

Mike nodded his head.

"Then treat me to a large dish tomorrow."

"... Alright."