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95 Couldn’t be Compared

 After the lesson was over, Kanae headed towards Student Council Room. She found the other three were already preparing to go and they were only waiting for her.

"Can't you just stop waiting for me? I can go there by myself," Kanae sighed.

"You can choose to get in near the gate or on the parking lot," Neo grinned. They were already used to go with Kanae, so he casually bantered.

Kanae glared towards Neo. "Aren't you three very busy in the company?"

"We can do them here too, so there's nothing bad."

"I thought you were skipping classes."

"Only the last lesson most of the time."

They were talking as they walked towards the car. Although most of the students saw them, they were already used to Kanae going with their president. Some of the girls got jealous, but no one tried to hinder them. After they saw that Kanae was completely engrossed in her work, they didn't try to compete with her anymore.

Part of it may be due to her normal appearance and excellent score. If they wanted to surpass her in terms of beauty, there would be countless girls. If they wanted to surpass her in terms of the brain, sorry, there were only a handful of students who were capable.

"Are you ready for the challenge by Sheila?"

"Why should I worry?" Kanae was confused. She only needed to work as usual, so she didn't think that this was any different compared with her usual work. If anything, she just needed to pay more attention in case the opponent tried to sabotage her.

Mike thought about it before shaking his head. There was nothing for him to worry about. She was going to be alright.

When they arrived in the company, they saw the girl, Sheila, with her father. Sheila was still dressed like yesterday with a short shirt and mini skirt. The only difference today would be the color as Sheila picked a darker one today, which made the contrast with her white skin.

Kanae made a short overview of Sheila's father. He was an old man at the middle age with big fat belly. Although she was not sure about his usual life, she knew that he was someone who usually enjoyed himself a lot. If not for that, there was no way he would be that big and fat.

"Ah, President Kevin," Sheila's father smiled widely and moved forward to shake Kevin's hand. On his side, Sheila also looked extremely happy to be able to see him.

"Nice to meet you, President," Sheila greeted.

Kevin nodded his head and looked towards Sheila's father. "Shall we come in to discuss the meeting once again? I'm sure that my employee will be having fun with your daughter."

It was at this time Sheila noticed that Kanae was standing behind Kevin. Looking towards the attire Kanae used, she only noticed that the four of them were still wearing their high school uniform. Because she was only paying attention to Kevin before, she failed to recognize that the girl was only a high school student.

"Sheila, have fun."

Sheila smiled sweetly. "Yes, Father."

While Kevin and Sheila's father already walked quite a distance, Sheila looked towards Kanae and sneered. "I'll show to you that I'm the one who is worthy to be at President's side."

Kanae raised her eyebrows as she nodded. "I see."

With that, she walked past Sheila towards the lift. Being ignored, Sheila was incredibly angry. In her entire life, no one dared to offend her in the slightest. She was the daughter of a company president. It was easy for her to make someone's life miserable.

Yet, this ordinary high school student has dared to ignore her!

With a heart full of bottled complain, she followed Kanae to the fifth floor. At first, she thought that Kanae was someone important to Kevin, but it seemed that Kanae was merely an ordinary girl that went to school with Kevin. Anyway, she would not accept anyone got close with him.

"Shall we start?" the supervisor already knew about these two, so he allowed Sheila's father to bring some work for Sheila to this office. Although those were some unimportant jobs, they would not allow Sheila to touch Kevin's documents.

Kanae merely sat on her chair, but she didn't have any intention to start. She was trying to concentrate and forgot about her surroundings. The chattering voice from the other employees gradually disappeared. It was only then did she start her work.

When she started, the supervisor turned on the timer for her. Sheila too also started to work. Their work were similar, they were only told to type and arranged the papers on their side. It was something that Kanae had done many times in the past.

"She's not nervous at all."

"Little Kanae is always the same when it comes to working. She focuses on them completely until she's finished."

"With her typing speed, it's going to be hard for her to lose."

While Kanae was typing calmly and fast as usual, Sheila was troubled. She could hear the sound of typing from behind her and it forced her to move even faster. Her finger was trying it best to move, but they were unable to match the speed of the one behind her.

With her constantly worrying, her mistyped increased more and more. It was hard for her to catch up to Kanae who barely made any mistake.

Hours passed and finally, Kanae finished. She removed her hand from the keyboard and nodded to the supervisor. He quickly turned off the timer and looked towards the time it showed with a surprised face. Although he knew that Kanae was getting faster as times passed by, this was the first time he knew that she was this fast.

"4 hours 13 minutes."

"What? That's impossible," Sheila immediately stood up and looked towards Kanae. She was barely halfway of her work and her opponent already finished her work? That was impossible. She could not believe what she saw in front of her. Looking at the calm faced Kanae, she wished for nothing more than tearing them apart.

"You're lying! There's no way she can be this fast!"

The supervisor gave her an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, there's no way she can cheat as I'm standing here the entire time."

"What are you -?"

Kanae chuckled a bit. She looked towards the girl with a smile plastered on her face, yet no mirth was seen from her clear eyes. "Miss Sheila, can't you accept your defeat honorably?"

Sheila's face darkened as she yelled. "No! I'll tell my father that you're cheating! He'll surely side with me! You're just a b*tch! There's no way you can type that fast!"

With that Sheila ran away, still cursing Kanae on the way. The other employees were looking towards Sheila in bewilderment. They never thought that a company owner's daughter would be that pampered. Still, it was indeed possible considering that girl status.

"Kanae, are you alright?" the supervisor turned his attention to the girl. She was only 15 years old, and he didn't wish to see this girl got scared or anything from the curse and shout.

However, when his gaze landed on Kanae's face, what he saw was a calm and indifferent face. Compared with the usually cheerful and mischievous Kanae, she seemed very distant. Somehow, he felt that chills were running down his spine when he saw her expression.

Kanae turned her head as a smile was formed on her face. The previous dangerous atmosphere already disappeared suddenly.

"I'm fine, supervisor. I'll go visit President."


Looking towards the girl walking to the lift, the supervisor tried his best to forget what he thought before. It seemed he was thinking too much.