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94 Glutton

 Kevin looked towards the pen that landed on the rack by the side before moving his gaze back to Kanae.

"I won't do that again."

Kanae nodded her head. Mike already picked the pen and handed it back to Kanae, but it was clear that the pen was broken. It was her fault for throwing it too hard when it was clearly just a cheap pen that she bought on the store near the street.

"Just use this one," Kevin handed a pen to her.

Kanae took it and used it to continue her works.

On the side, Neo felt awed. This was the first time there was someone who dared to be impolite to Kevin. Oh well, if he thought about it, Kanae has been challenging their president a few times on the basketball court. Their result so far has been in Kevin's advantages, but Kanae's growth seemed to be very quick. In fact, it was too quick in his opinion.

"Neo, if you don't work, you're not allowed to go home."

"Ah, Boss! Don't be so stingy. I will do my work."

With that, Neo moved his finger to type even faster. The atmosphere turned normal as there were only sounds of people writing, moving paper, or typing inside the room. The silence was only disrupted when Lou came in with a few big boxes of food.

"Boss, this is your meal."

Kevin stopped his work. "Let's eat first."

Looking towards the number of foods they brought, Kanae knew that they already calculated that she would be here. She took one of the boxes along with the other two and sat down on the sofa. She didn't dare to sit on her original place, or she might stain the documents.

"Just eat a lot, vice-Kanae," Neo said with a grin. He almost called her vice president out of habit. If this was the school, no one would mind much because it was indeed her position. But in the office, she was merely an employee and the others might have a wrong view about her.

Kanae gulped her food and giggled. "You should watch your mouth, Neo."

Neo nodded as he was still busy gulping down his food. Although the amount of food they ordered was a lot, these four could finish them rather quickly. Rather than Kanae, the one who ate the littlest was instead Neo.

"That's why I tell you that you have to practice," Mike reminded Neo.

Neo scoffed. "I'll be dying if I have to follow your crazy training. Just what I usually do are enough."

Kevin moved back to his seat and Kanae followed suit. She continued to work until it was nine before bidding her farewell and returned home. Kevin asked her to bring the pen along with her, but Kanae refused and left it in Kevin's table. The other three still have work, so they haven't gone home yet.

"Boss, what are you thinking when you ask her help?" Neo asked. If Kevin suddenly said to that annoying girl that he was interested with a nerd.... That would be hilarious.

Kevin pointed to the documents. "She'll delay enough time for us to discuss this."

He still needed to meet with the company owner. If that girl kept on pestering him, he wouldn't be able to work efficiently.

Mike stared at the document suspiciously, but he nodded his head. He was sure that their president had his own way to make sure that the deal would be beneficial to them too.


Nolen School C

On the school, Misae and Alice listened to Kanae's experience with wide eyes. They were shocked that there was someone who was that shameless to chase after the president right in front of him.

"I never know that an adult woman can be that shameless. I thought only the students were chasing after him," Misae pointed outside the window. Many girls were flocking around Kevin and his friends like birds.

"I think you'll never know," Kanae shrugged.

Alice shook her head lightly. "They're just chasing after him because of his position. If they want to get close to him, they have to get used with his cold demeanor."

"Yeah, right," Misae has stopped visiting the Student Council lately because they didn't have many meetings anymore. Most of the works were done outside, so she no longer met them that often.

Before that, she already knew that the president hardly spoke and usually has a cold demeanor. Although it was cool for her eyes, she was not fond of people like him, so she never tried to get close with him. At most, she just wanted to admire his face like a fan.

"But it's quite unlike you to make yourself get involved in that kind of thing," Alice commented.

Well, honestly, Kanae didn't want to get involved too. But when the president offered her the food, she just couldn't refuse it. It was far better for her to be able to eat for free rather than paying them.

Misae and Alice: "..."

They have just realized how much of a glutton this friend of theirs was. Because Kanae usually ate so quickly, they thought that this girl just didn't want to waste the time to eat. Who would have thought that this girl actually a glutton, but she was unable to eat too much?

Alice looked towards Misae. "Didn't you already know about this before?"

"I meet Kanae in my second year of Junior High," Misae said embarrassedly. At that time, Kanae was already an orphan, so she didn't know much about Kanae's situation before that. Although occasionally she treated Kanae to eat and Kanae did eat very much, she never thought that Kanae loved to eat so much.

If they thought it in another way, Kanae's economic condition did not allow this girl to eat too much. She needed the money for different things.

"Let's just treat Kanae with more food today."

With that, the two of them treated Kanae for more food during lunch, nearly made her unable to eat them all. Although she was confused why they suddenly gave her so much, she took it as them giving her a favor since she had been helping them in the lesson lately. After all, the one who she helped the most were the two of them.

"Ah, you two are gathering here again," Tommy waved his hand when he saw them. His eyes locked to the empty plates in front of Kanae. "Wow, you eat so much today. Is there anything special?"

"I'm not sure," Kanae shrugged.

Tommy grinned. "When will you take days off from work? I need your help in some lesson."

"I think next week."

"Next week is the start of end term exams, Kanae..."

"That's why I take days off," Kanae grinned. She pointed to the other two girls. "You can just study with them. With the help of books, you can do it."

Seeing Tommy's dark face, Alice giggled while Misae shook her head. Although it was possible, they would need someone who was smart enough to help them. Unfortunately, Alice was only mediocre at most, so they could barely do that.

"Well, we can just try it," Tommy shrugged.

Alice and Misae stared towards each other. The two of them finally decided to agree.

"Fine, but after the exams are over, you have to accompany us, Kanae."

"I'll do my best."