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93 Annoying Girl

 Inside Kevin's Office, Kanae worked speedily. She scanned through the documents and helped sorting them out. Although she didn't understand what they were for, she still could guess what their category was, making her worked faster.

"I think you should be Boss's assistant," Mike commented as he picked up the batch that Kane finished sorting.

Kanae wiped her sweat. "I don't think I can do that, Mike. I'm just helping out here."

Although she said that she did this out of her own will, her target was obviously the meal that they ordered from the canteen. She found out that they were a lot and she didn't have to pay, so why not?

"Is the air conditioner too hot?"

"No, that's not it," Kanae smiled as she turned her attention back to the documents in front of her eyes.

Mike was about to ask another question when he heard a ruckus from outside the door. In mere seconds, the door to the office was opened loudly and a girl was standing in front of them.

"Shelia? What are you doing here?" Neo asked loudly.

The girl who wore revealing clothes that Kanae saw before was standing right before her. Kanae had heard that she was the daughter of a company president, but did she need to suddenly appear in front of them? Based on what she knew, their company was on par with Kevin, so they were not that much better.

On the other hand, Sheila was stunned to see a girl sitting beside Kevin. She heard that he didn't like to get near girls, but the view in front of her was clearly the opposite. Not to mention, that girl was anything but beautiful. How dare she get close with the president?

"President, I want to walk around. It's boring to wait for the meeting to be finished," Sheila answered with a wide smile.

Kanae shuddered when she saw that smile. Wow, there was someone who blatantly showed that they were going to chase after someone. She better not get involved at all.

Kevin didn't even glance to the girl as he answered. "There are other employees. You can just ask them."

"But, they're busy," Sheila gave an excuse.

Logically speaking, Kevin would be busier compared with the other employees. As the president, he had more work to be done rather than spending time with another company owner's daughter.

"You can ask Neo to accompany you. I'm also busy," Kevin answered with a deadpan tone.

Sheila gave a look towards Neo, but it was clear that she didn't have any intention to obey. Her intention to come here was to chase after Kevin and not some mediocre looking employee.

If Neo knew that he was categorized as mediocre looking, he would surely confront this girl and bragged that he was the best man in the earth.

"Is the business meeting over?" Sheila asked again.

"There are still a lot of documents to be finished."

Sheila pouted. "You can just ask your employees to do such work."

"This is how I do my work, Sheila. Don't interrupt," this time, Kevin's tone turned colder.

Mike and Neo shook their head lightly. They knew that Kevin was feeling displeased over this woman over there. He didn't like anyone to disturb him when he was doing his work. Everyone knew that but not Sheila. It seemed that this girl was asking for a beating.

Sheila was displeased too. She was about to speak again when Kanae spoke to Kevin in low voice.

"President, this document is rigged," she asked hesitantly.

Kevin glanced to the document. He took it and gave it to Mike. "Change into a new one."


Although Kevin was only looking towards the document Kanae showed, in Sheila's eyes, he was clearly disregarding her and instead talked to that uninteresting girl. What was so good about that four eyes girl? She was clearly much better looking and more developed.

"President, why are you talking to her but not me?" Sheila asked in high pitched tone.

Kanae was speechless. He was talking to her because she was his employee and she helped him in his work. As for Sheila, she was clearly disrupting Kevin. Why would he want to talk with someone who disrupted his work?

"She's working."

That short answer made Sheila felt even more enraged. "So if I can do work better compared to her, will you talk to me?"

"Depend," Kevin answered calmly.

Sheila turned to look towards Kanae with menacing eyes. "That's a deal then four eyes girl. I'll work better than you tomorrow!"

On the other hand, Kanae was stunned speechless. What did she do to offend that lady? She was only working her work like a good employee and now what did she got? This was unfair.

"President, I'm taking a day leave tomorrow."

"No, you're going to work as usual."

"President, don't drag me into this problem," Kanae answered back. She clearly didn't want to enter the problem that was supposedly only for Kevin. It would be better if he just handled the problem by himself.

Mike shook his head when he heard the two of them argued. He knew that Kevin wanted Sheila to not disrupt him, but he couldn't just kick that girl or he would lose the deal. Although they might not necessarily need that person, it could only be done after the deal was over.

"I need you to make that girl busy during this time."

"You can just use Neo."

Neo nearly fell from his chair. For the Heaven sake, please don't involve him with that girl. He did like girls, but not a girl that would annoy him every second.

Kevin finally stopped his work and looked towards Kanae. "What if I give you an offer?"

"What offer?" Kanae asked suspiciously.

"You seem to like eating in my office very much without paying, so if you help me, I'll allow you to eat in my office twice a day for free," Kevin answered calmly.

That was an offer that was too good for her. Because the price of the foods was simply too expensive in this company and the other shops were too far, she had been tagging along to eat in this office. Although Kevin hadn't said anything as she only occasionally came, he seemed to understand her intention very well.

If she helped, she would get food for free....

"Alright, I'll help you," Kanae shrugged. It was only an ordinary competition with that girl. She would just do her work as usual and she would be able to do them.

"That's good."

"So I just have to compete with that girl?"

Neo nodded his head. "And other demands after that. I doubt she's going to stop after one time."

"Alright, I get it. Is there anything else?"

"You can also try to make her jealous by seducing our boss," Neo was only speaking halfway when he noticed that Kevin was glaring at him, so he immediately swallowed his words back. "Never mind, with your figure it's impossible."

Kanae was about to nod when she noticed that someone was staring at her face then turned slightly lower. Kevin only nodded and barely spoke anything when he saw a pen already fly towards him, which he barely avoided.

"President, I think that's impolite of you," Kanae wore a smile on her face, yet it was clear that she was displeased.