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92 Important Guest Daughter

 After talking for some time, Taka brought Kanae to the lobby. While bragging a bit, they met with the Old Man. At this kind of time, the Old Man was standing near the counter calmly because he was waiting for another package.

"Oh, Kanae, you're coming again," the Old Man smiled kindly before shooting a glare at Taka, "And what are you doing here, Taka?"

"Don't be so cold, Old Man. I'm only escorting Kanae since I have some free time. Besides, the others are still stiffly sticking to their work because of the important guest coming," Taka shrugged.

"What kind of important guest is he?" Kanae couldn't help but ask.

"He's the owner of a big company. Although Kale Company already surpassed him in many areas, he's still quite a strong competitor. Today, they send some representative to talk about business with our President."

Although the tone Taka used to explain things seemed casual, Kanae could sense the coldness behind the tone. From her point of view, it seemed that the meeting was not that simple at all. There must be something that happened from behind.

Seeing from their attitude, Kanae knew that they were not going to tell her. Because it was not her business, she would not interfere. However, deep inside her heart she really wanted to help out with the problem in this case.

"I see, they must be really important then," Kanae nodded.

The Old Man sighed, "The people they send should be fine if not for that little one coming."

The Old Man pointed his chin towards the end of the corridor. Standing beside the door was a girl or could be said a woman. Her face could be considered as pretty with long eyelashes and rosy lips. Her wavy hair was tied beautifully making her really charming. Although they were standing quite far from the girl, Kanae could see the girl feature very well.

However, her clothes were really revealing, which made some of the employees send her quite a look. She wore a mini skirt with high heels and her tops only barely cover her body, showing them how alluring she looked.

Kanae's mouth opened wide at the view. Although she knew that there were people who still wore such daring clothes, most of them were people she found on the Black Street and their job was... *ahem*. This was the first time she met one inside such a company.

"Wow, what a wonderful view," Taka said with glistening eyes, "If only...."

The Old Man slapped the other party mouth, "Be careful with your words, there is a kid here."

"I'm already 15," Kanae protested.

"15 years old is still considered as a kid," the Old Man answered. In this city, women would only be considered as an adult when they reached 17.

"But I'm already working as an employee!"

"Many kids already started working at a young age."

While the two of them going back and forth with the discussion, Taka fixed his eyes on the girl who came to the company. Even an idiot would know that this girl didn't come because of the business discussion, but rather she came to seduce the President.

His mouth curved into a sneer. Their president would not be so stupid so as to fall down for such a petty trick. If Kevin was someone who liked beauty, he would surely take someone beautiful to accompany him and not...

He turned his eyes towards Kanae. In terms of look, Kanae couldn't be said as pretty, at most average. She looked more like a nerd with her glasses and tidy appearance, but her work already at the level far above them.

"Does President tell you to come to his office again?" Taka suddenly asked.

Kanae nodded, "He says that he will send Neo when it's the time for me to come up."

"Say, what did you do in his office?"

"Working, what else?" Kanae tilted her head in confusion.

Taka shook his head. It must be only his imagination. How could their president have this poor taste?

"Nothing, do you want to stay here or return to work?"

"I will just wait with Old Man, I have finished my work for today," Kanae said leisurely.

"Probably I need to open my store again and recruit you back, Kanae. With that, you can work even more," Old Man said with a mischievous grin.

"I like working here," Kanae immediately refused, "Maybe later during school holiday."

The Old Man laughed at Kanae's response. Kanae was not the type that liked to stand in her place and did her work quietly. She liked to do more activities aside from the time when she needed to sleep badly.

When they were talking, Neo came over and told Kanae that she could come to Kevin's office for working again. On his way back, he was complaining that Kanae should have just stayed in her workplace and not wandered around.

On the office, Kevin was looking towards the document in front of him with cold eyes. Although his expression didn't change, the coldness from his eyes and the aura around him showed how he was feeling clearly.

Mike stood on the side without talking. The business meeting turned out awful, and Kevin was in the disadvantages, which obviously angered him very much. If it was only disadvantaged in term of profit, Kevin would not be this angry, but that person actually tried to get even more and he has slowly crossed the line.

"President, do you want to sign the document?" Mike asked carefully.

Kevin didn't answer and instead say something different, "How is the condition of the market in his company, Mike?"

Mike quickly searched in the batch of paper in front of him before giving Kevin the detailed answer. In the end, he showed Kevin the chart and the glint in Kevin's eyes turned even sharper. Without Mike needed to guess, he knew that Kevin was feeling displeased about the condition.

Tapping his hand on the table, Kevin started to think deeply and gave a series of instruction for Mike, making him scrambled everywhere to search for the appropriate ones. Giving them all to Kevin, he stood on the side waiting patiently.

Knock! Knock!

"President, Kanae is here," Neo said as he walked into his table and started to type again, not bothering with the amazing view in front of him.

Kanae's eyes widen when she see the stack of messy paper in front of Kevin. She walked closer, but she didn't touch them because she knew that they were important papers for him.

"Kanae, which one do you think will rise?" Kevin showed her three charts.

Kanae looked at him suspiciously before pointing to one of them, "I think this one will rise the highest."

Kevin nodded, obviously agree. He showed her the documents from before. Mike and Neo's eyes tensed up when they see that Kevin just showed her something really important.

"What do you think of this document?" Kevin asked calmly.

Taking the document, Kanae scanned it once before frowning, "There is something weird with the terms, but I cannot pinpoint what it is."

She was not a law major student, so she couldn't say for sure what was wrong, but her intuition told her that there was something wrong with the documents.

Kevin nodded and put the documents away before pointing to the papers on the table, "Help me clean them up."

"Okay," Kanae answered before moving her body to move them all.

On the side, Mike's eyes still locked onto the document. So that was the reason President hesitate to sign it. Even he didn't realize there is something wrong with the document, it must be something hidden really deep.