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91 Important Guest Coming

 After the work ended, Kevin looked towards the clock.

"What time today will they come?" Kevin asked Neo.

Neo took out his notebook, "At 4 PM today."

"Let's return back to the office," he said lightly before standing up.

Kanae followed suit as she turned to Neo, "Is there any important guest today?"

"Yes, President has a meeting with some important people, so you cannot go to his office today," Neo explained.

"I see."

Kanae didn't go to Kevin's office that often, but she usually did because she would be able to eat more in their office. Of course, she always did this covertly in case her colleagues got envy. Although some of them already accepted the fact that she was allowed to meet with their boss occasionally, some of them still looked towards her with an evil gaze.

"You can go up at night. I will send Neo to fetch you," Kevin interrupted.

"..." Neo felt vexed. Just now he said that she couldn't come, but Kevin had to say that she could. On the side, Mike shook his head with amusement seeing the scene in front of him.

Kanae shook her head. "If I want to come, I'll go there by myself. There's no need for Neo to fetch me."

"He'll still fetch you later," Kevin answered calmly.

"..." Why didn't you listen to me?

Arriving at the office with Kevin's car was already the usual thing for Kanae. She didn't remember since when, but she gradually got used to go to the office using the car. Although she still walked here on occasion, most of the time she will use the car. Thankfully, whenever she rode their car, they would park a bit farther from the main building.

Getting out of the car, she quickly walked towards the building after Kevin and the others had walked first. She used the lift and reached her workplace. The atmosphere in the room was tenser than before and even the superior seemed rather stiff compared to the usual him.

"Supervisor, is there anything happen?" Kanae pretended ignorance. It wouldn't be good if she acted like she already knew.

"There is an important person coming to the office today. Don't make any unnecessary mistake. This guest is really important to the company," he warned.

Kanae looked around her and found the other employee also working with a stiff face. They seem to be afraid of making even a single mistake on the work. Seeing the tense atmosphere, Kanae shook her head lightly before doing her work.

When someone was nervous, they were bound to make more mistook, so Kanae chose to do her job with ease as usual. With her quick hand and all, it didn't take her a long time to finish today work demand. Because she was already used with only typing and arranging them, she worked even faster than usual.

"You're really fast," one of the coworkers commented on Kanae job.

Kanae glanced up and tried to remember the man name. He was dressed neatly, but his young age was pretty apparent on his youthful face. Because he was really tall, it was hard for her to see this man in the sitting position.

"It's usual, Brother Taka."

Taka smiled wryly at Kanae's response. He pointed to the others, who were still busy working to finish their job.

"If your pace became the standard, these people can be considered as slow."

"What about yours, Brother Taka? Have you finished?" Kanae shifted the topic.

"I'm only an errand boy here, so I don't have many works," Taka stretched his body, "Let's go to the canteen first."

Kanae glanced at the clock. The time was still only half past five, Kevin must be still busy with that guest of his. However, she didn't feel hungry.

"I'm not hungry. This is still too early," Kanae protested.

"You're right. How about a tour in the office? You haven't been here for long, right?" Taka offered. He has already worked here since the very first time the company stood, so he knew very well about the location. As for position, he didn't like doing work with sitting behind the computer, so he kept on being the errand boy.

Counting the time, Kanae had indeed only worked here for around one month. During that time, she mostly would stay at this room to finish her work or going to Kevin office to help out with the other jobs she could do, so she didn't know very well about this place.

"Is that alright?" from what Kanae knew, there were some places that Kevin didn't want her to know because she was an outsider.

"There are some off limits places, but I can take you around the rest of the place. Just name it and I can take you there," Taka said proudly.

Kanae giggled, "How about the place where you work?"

Taka scratched his head, "You know that I don't have any fixed place to work as I'm basically just an errand boy."

"Well, that's true."

Taka stared at Kanae for a moment before continuing with a hesitant voice, "Can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"How can you know President and the rest?" the activity of Kanae going to Kevin office almost every day was not a secret anymore. Almost everyone on this floor knew that Kanae knew their President, and she was allowed to stay in his office to help with the important works. Although most of them only knew she was going to meet with the president, some other people knew that she also helped that president.

"He's the Student Council President in my school," Kanae answered calmly. There was nothing she needed to hide, and they could easily found out about that if they were to come to her school and asked around. After all, Kevin was famous in the school as the model student.

"You enrolled in Nolen School C?" Taka was surprised.

Most of the smart and capable students would pick the Nolen School A since the C school was the one with the lowest passing grade and all. Although the Nolen School C was the poorest, the name of Nolen School itself was the biggest school in this city. People trusted this school much more compared with other schools. It made the Nolen School became the first option for applying to most students.

With the ability Kanae showcased during her work, there was no way he would think of her as someone who came from the worst school. Although it was indeed made sense because only the Nolen School C provided their students with enough freedom to work outside the school time and relaxer law inside the school.

"That's right," Kanae nodded her head.

Taka knew that the three important people in this company were also enrolling in the same school. The other three who have company to manage might also think the same. They needed to work and couldn't always come to school. The Nolen School C provided this option for them and granted them the freedom to do that.

"I think now I know how you meet with them," Taka nodded.

Kanae was not really sure about that because she hadn't told him that she was selected as the Vice President of the Student Council in the Nolen School C. But, he didn't really need to know that, so Kanae didn't mention it to him.