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90 Study Fever

 The matter about the clan's battle soon disappeared from everyone minds. The number of people fighting on the street decreased rapidly and the citizen started to come out from their house again. Although there was still some news about the Souhon Clan, it was no longer about their fight, but rather about the dispute there.

They managed to calm down the raging parties, except for those small gangs who ended up being crushed. Facing against the huge Souhon Clan, those were only small fries that not worth mentioning. Overall, the situation turned better after a few days. For the citizen, that was all the best.

As time passed, the end term semester exams came near and many students have to focus on their attention to them. As the result, the classes were filled with enthusiastic students who wanted to learn.

At the school, Misae almost laughed at the scene she encountered. Many of the students already came to the school and hogged Kanae to teach them many kinds of materials. Before the written test, there was a practical test, so they wanted Kanae to help them out.

For the entire time before the lesson started, Kanae kept on teaching the other students. She could only relax when it was the time for the lesson and slumped down on her desk with a tired expression.

"You have to take off your glasses, Kanae," Misae reminded her.

Kanae frowned and put the glasses off, "I really want to have a sleep."

Alice looked towards her friend concernedly. She worried that Kanae would overtax herself and became exhausted as the result.

"Didn't you have a good sleep yesterday?" because of Kanae previous part time job, she usually unable to sleep until it was already late at night. However, after she changed her job, she could finish the work earlier and rested at her home.

"I'm still sleepy," Kanae answered calmly.


Misae didn't tease her any further and focused on the lesson. Because the end term exams were near, many of the less capable students found more time to study and all. They didn't want to end their year with that low of a score. If they did, they might not be able to spend their holiday in peace and have to attend additional class, thus they worked even harder than before.

Even during lunch time, Kanae was still crowded by the students who wanted to ask her many things. In the end, Misae and Alice had to drag her out, so she still could eat some food and not have an empty stomach during the entire lesson.

"You're really popular, Kanae."

"Only during times like these, they would not bother me if it's not because the end term is near," Kanae gulped down her food quickly.

Misae smiled as she changed the conversation, "Does Jay already return back to school?"

"Nope, he's still busy dealing with the problem in his clan. It's only been a few days, you need to wait longer for him. Do you miss him?"

"I hope he can be here to lessen your work in Student Council," Misae said seriously.

"..." in short, you just want him to suffer.

Alice giggled. "There is still Tommy who can help out Kanae."

"But that brat has to study even more," Misae complained.

The two others nodded their head in agreement. They had known from long ago that Tommy has a big weakness in the lesson. With that brat skipping the class continuously, they wondered when he would be able to pass the exams safely.

After lunch, Kanae got swarmed by the other student. Misae was stunned when she saw that and nearly laughed out loud. On the other hand, Alice was rather worried about Kanae. However, Misae soon found out how hard it was to sit beside Kanae because the cramped atmosphere was annoying.

"I feel that during this time I need to change my seat," sitting next to Kanae when the students were crowded to her were really tiring.

"Don't, I would not be able to bear it," Kanae immediately shook her head.

Misae looked to the back. "I'll just sit near Alice."

In the end, Kanae had to bear with the students alone while Misae and Alice were listening from behind her. It was incredibly tiring, but there was less than one week for the written exams to start, so Kanae patiently explained to the students in front of her.

"If I'm her, I'll ask the other students to get out," Misae commented.

Alice giggled. "That's only if."

The rest of the lesson went smoothly and by the end of the class, no one bothered with Kanae anymore. The girl packed her things quickly and cleaned them from her desk.

"Do you need to be in hurry to go to work?" Misae asked confusedly.

"I need to go to the Student Council Room today. Mike and Neo have finished their part, so I need to make the report first."

"What about Jay and Tommy?"

Kanae smiled wryly. She bet that the two of them hadn't touched the material for their work or barely worked at all. If they still hadn't finished their work, Mike would be glad to make them work.

"See you later Kanae."

"Don't forget to study, Misae."

"I'll see you tomorrow, Alice."

The three of them went their separate ways and Kanae headed towards the Student Council Room. This time, only Mike was inside the room.

"My, you two look really tired," Mike offered a cup of water to her.

Kanae shrugged as she sipped the water, she didn't feel like she wanted to explain more about it. It was not like this hadn't happened before. Even when she was in Junior High, the other students would crowd to her when it was the time for test because they wanted her to explain things to them.

Mike laughed, "It's the same with Neo and President. They hadn't come yet because the second years are crowding to them."

Before long, Neo opened the door with disheveled clothes, "Ugh, they just wouldn't let me go!"

On his back, Kevin condition was far better, and he looked as calm as he ever be. He glanced at the others once before going to his seat as usual.

"It must be tiring to keep up with them all the time," Mike smiled.

Neo nodded heavily, "It's really hard. You should try to become a smart student sometime, and you would be able to understand how we are feeling."

"I can't, even to get average is already hard for me."

"That's true," Neo turned to Kanae. Although it was clear that Kanae was tired from answering those questions, she still looked relatively fine.

"How I wish that they would treat me with respect like these two," Neo sighed.

Mike placed a cup in front of Neo, "Respect has to be earned."

"I know..."

Kevin sat on his seat and looked towards Kanae. "It's time to work."

"Okay, President."