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89 I’m Just an Ordinary Troublemaker

 When the school started again, Tommy was sleeping in the infirmary when he felt that he was being lifted again.

"Woah, demonic doctor! Put me down!"

The infirmary doctor kicked him out from the bed as Tommy groaned in annoyance. He was about to lash out again when he saw Kanae walked into the room.

"Oh, you're here Kanae," Tommy greeted with a wide smile on his face.

Kanae nodded her head. "The school will resume as usual and you have to focus on your lesson. I come to inform you that you have to reach at least 45 if you still want to be in the selection for the competition."

Tommy's face scrunched. "Can't you lower the base?"

"That's already low enough."

"Fine," he groaned and sat down on the bed again. His eyes looked towards the girl before him as he recalled something.

"The Souhon Clan will start to clean up the matter. The streets are going to be safer, but there are still a lot of people complaining about them. The other clans are staying silent. Is this the reason why you say that participating is stupid?"

"Yeah, if one clan wants to succeed other clan, they will not stay quiet. But except for Zone Clan, the others stay out from the matter and try to avoid it while many gangs become the target. Don't you think it's weird unless they want to use the chance to strike the other two, which is quite unlikely," Kanae shrugged.

"Besides, with the strength those Souhon Clan posses, they will not let the news about failed trade with new gangs leaked out. It is intentional as they are only trying to stir out problems for their two young leaders to see how they will take care of the matter."

"You're pretty sharp."

"I think you're the one who's an idiot."

"What do you say?"

Kanae shook her head. The matter would end here, but in the future, she was not sure that the Souhon Clan would be able to rein themselves with the two peculiar young masters inside them.

Well, it was not her problem too as she has other things she had to do.

The door opened and a limpid person walked inside. Tommy was startled when he saw Jay was in the condition near death. Jay was already wounded hard yesterday, but today he seemed even worse.

"If I don't know better, I will think that your brother wants you to die," Tommy commented.

"Well, this is not my brother but my father," Jay's face scrunched. "I think he's displeased with my action as a clan's member."

Well, he had to admit that he was barely doing anything as the Young Master. Unlike his brother who actively got involved in the clan's matter, he wanted nothing more than ordinary life. Even if it was only temporary, he didn't wish to inherit the clan.

Because of that, he continued his usual daily life at the school. With his participation in the Student Council, he barely had any time for his own clan's matter. Although he was practically Mike's slave here, he enjoyed the time he had with the others because they were not looking at him any different than an ordinary student.

When his identity leaked out, he was afraid that the others would treat him differently. To his surprise, no one from the Student Council treated him any different. They were bantering and asking him a lot of work as usual.

"You can just let your brother have the position," Tommy shrugged. There was no need for the second son to inherit the clan, right? The first son was still alive and kicking around.

Jay nodded his head. "Not sure if my father wants it, I just think that it's indeed inappropriate."

"Can't you just leave the clan?" Tommy asked curiously.

Jay stared at his friend with a deadpan expression. You said to me that I should leave my clan? If he did try to do that, the next thing he knew would be his body was stranded somewhere without anyone knowing anything.

The rules were strict and direct lineage such as him was not allowed to get out from the clan. They were tied directly to the clan and no one would be able to drag them out. Even for ordinary members, there were severe punishments if they dared to leave a clan.

"Tommy, I truly think you need to renew your lesson in the matter of the clan."

Kanae shook her head. "He will never learn no matter how many times you say it to him. Anyway, I still have class and later you two have to go to the Student Council."

"Eh? There's no more meeting, right?"

"We have prepared the list of clubs you have to visit and make a report from. You have to take them from the room later," Kanae answered.

"Wait.... You make the list?"

"Of course."

"What about your own job of reviewing and making the report?"

Kanae stared at the two of them weirdly. "We have finished making the outline and anything. After the others finished their work, we will complete it."

Tommy sighed internally. "Do you have to be so fast?"

"See you later."

Without Kanae in the room, Tommy and Jay looked towards each other as if they understood. They were thinking that they could delay the work as Student Council member, but it seemed that it was going to be impossible.

"I'll leave you two to talk," the infirmary doctor waved his hand and walked out from the room.

"Are you going to go to school?" Tommy asked a different question.

Jay nodded his head. "Occasionally I will. The training is not that hard to the point I unable to leave the residence. However, I doubt I will be able to get into the class again."

"Are you sure you won't get behind in the class?" Tommy asked doubtfully.

Jay flashed a grin. "Oh right, you don't see my score before. I'm part of the best 10 in the first year. Even if I don't study much, I'll still get inside the top 20."

Tommy's jaw dropped open when he heard that. He never expected that the one he battled every time would be someone who was also smart in class. Dang it! Did it mean he was the worst among the students in the Student Council?

"Anyway, why do you hold back when we spar?"

"Spar is for practice," Tommy shrugged. "In addition, I'm also wounded because of the big battle."

Jay looked towards Tommy up and down. Based on Tommy's performance yesterday, he could hardly believe this man was wounded.

"I'm already healed!" he bellowed angrily.

"Okay, okay, no need to be angry," Jay pulled out a small bag from his backpack. "This is your payment."

Tommy accepted the bag and tucked it into his own. After that, he lied back on the bed. "I'll skip the class again. All the battle last night makes me tired."

"Last night?" The battle with Zone Clan happened in the afternoon, not night.

"I walk around the black street again," Tommy shrugged as he drifted to sleep.

Jay smiled wryly. He shook his head as he climbed the other bed. His father was merciless, so it would be better if he could escape here for a bit.