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88 The Truth

 Tommy still held his sword near Roy's neck, but he turned his head to look towards the man. That man had a big stature, with a face similar to Roy or Jay. In that instant, he knew that this man was the current head of Souhon Clan and also Jay's father.

The old man looked towards the scene in front of him as he coughed. "You're Tom, right? Can you please let my son go?"

"Sure, but you should take care of the matter of your clan inside and don't drag other underworlds organization into this," Tommy put down his sword. "My captain is not happy with this development."

Jay's father rubbed his head. Although he had guessed that some big clans already knew his ploy, he didn't expect that the newly crowned strongest group in this city would expose them so easily. He was not afraid of Tom alone, but he was indeed afraid of Fiore Group's leader.

On the side, Jay was instead stunned by what Tommy said. From what he knew, Tommy was not a bright student. Well, if he said idiot, it would not be a lie too since Tommy was barely able to do anything right in the class. For someone like Tommy to be able to read the movement of the clan, why did it sound impossible?

"I see that Fiore Group is still as energetic as ever," Souhon Clan's Head smiled wryly.

"As you can see, we're still alive and kicking," Tom answered. Although he was the only representative of Fiore Group right now, there was no one who dared to refute his words. They already saw very clearly how this young many fought against Roy and won.

Souhon Clan's head nodded his head. "It's good that you're alive, but don't be reckless. You're not the best fighter yet, young man."

Behind the clan head, there were several people stood calmly. Although Tommy couldn't see them clearly, he knew that they were the true elites from Souhon Clan. It was as he was told, the Souhon Clan real elites were not allowed to join the fight between the two young masters. They were on the back and monitored the situation.

"But you still annoy us very much," Tommy smiled wickedly. "Don't forget that our group is not only me."

Souhon Clan's Head nodded his head and walked a few steps forwards. He pointed towards his two sons.

"As you can see, these two are big idiots. The older one is too ambitious, and the young one is too weak. I want to see what will happen to my clan once I pass away and to be honest, I'm feeling extremely disappointed."

Jay was stunned when he heard his father's words. What did he say? Everything was only a plot from his father that the two of them fought against each other? He stared at his father with unbelieving expression. After all, he thought that his father was genuinely sick and left the matter of the clan to his brother.

On the other hand, Roy was calmer. He stood up and looked towards his father with cold eyes.

"Don't like old man. You're genuinely sick and only think about this ploy long after that. I have seen you on the bed, so I know that you're really sick," Roy countered harshly.

"Well said," Souhon Clan's Head nodded his head calmly. "Still, I don't think that I should tell you that what you do is wrong, Roy."

Roy frowned. He knew that his father was displeased when he was acting all high and mighty. In his eyes, the Souhon Clan was invincible and no other clan could contend against him. This was the reason why he chose to accept the challenge from Zone Clan for the two of them to fight for the higher position of the five strongest clans.

However, when they fought the battle, he realized that the battle power seemed lacking. It was then he realized that his father kept those real elites stayed close by his side. Because of this, they were unable to contend against the people from the Zone Clan.

"Also, Jay, you're too weak and soft. I believe you should understand this yourself, right?"

Jay lowered his head. He knew very well that he was far weaker, both in terms of physical strength and mental fortitude. He was only able to rely on other people to save him from this crisis.

Souhon Clan's Head wanted his two sons to cooperate together, but in the end, the two of them instead were having dispute. He had planned everything carefully, but he didn't expect his son to offend the Zone Clan instead, ruining his entire plan.

Souhon Clan's Head shook his head. "You two will undergo another training, which you can't refuse."

"Yes, Father."

In the end, Souhon Clan's Head turned towards Tommy. "Tom, I will compensate you for your participation in this fight along with the other clans as this is something that I do selfishly.

"Sure, the usual payment," Tommy nodded his head. "Also, my captain leaves you a message: you shouldn't delay the internal dispute for long. The strongest groups are going to return soon."

Souhon Clan's Head shuddered. He only dared to make big moves during this time because he knew that most of the active groups were in hiding. They were recuperating from the battle and the other clans were chasing after some groups that offended them in the past. This was the perfect time for him to test his two sons.

Unfortunately, he knew this wouldn't last long. When he heard his son offended someone from Zone Clan, he knew that things would blow off out of proportion. He even nearly lost one of his sons if not because of Tommy's perfect timing in coming here.

"Tell your captain, I understand," Souhon Clan's Head said in an amiable tone. The surrounding people nearly choked when they saw the sudden changes in their leader. Did he take the wrong medicine today?

On the other hand, Tommy barely cared as he shrugged. "Well, ask your second son to deliver the payment. I'll go now as I believe you still have a lot to take care."

With Roy offended the Zone Clan, they needed to ease the situation as to not escalate the matter further. Although the Souhon Clan was strong, there was no need for them to pointlessly fight others if not for this peculiar Clan Head wanted to see their ability.

Souhon Clan Head nodded his head. "I think we'll meet again in the future."

"Probably," Tommy shrugged. He turned around. "If you want to meet me again, your second son knows where to find me."

Jay was startled. Well, he did know where to find him because their classrooms were not that far. However, he was sure that what Tommy meant was their meeting in the black street.

"Tom, will you help us?" he suddenly asked.

Tommy stopped his movement and looked towards Jay. His sharp gaze nearly made Jay shuddered. This was not the usual Tommy that he knew.

"Groups only move based on payment, but during this time, we still won't be accepting any request, so no," Tommy waved his hand.

Jay looked towards Tommy's back with a complicated feeling. He wanted the other party's help, but at the same time, he knew that it was impossible.

Souhon Clan Head watched his two sons' reaction. He sighed as he realized that these two were too immature to take care of the clan's matter.

"You two, I want to talk."

This was the end of the Souhon Clan's fight, but they were still busy to take care of the matter and appease the other clan's rage. After all, they had offended quite a lot of people during this short period of time.