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 Kanae looked towards the newspaper store in front of her as she yawned. After the fight on the school yesterday, the newspapers were filled with the news about the Souhon Clan. Ever since their current Clan Head got sick, the acting clan head kept on making trouble for them.

The school was closed down again. Many students stayed at their home and watched television to stay updated with the news. As for Kanae, she had to stay in this small café near her house to be able to see the news. Well, not that she wanted to, but she didn't have television, so this was the best place.

"Souhon Clan is starting a war, right?"

"I hear that there's internal discord and some battle outside. They're making the people feel unrest."

"Not only that, I hear that the direct lineage of Souhon Clan is fighting with each other."

Kanae listened as the people around her gossiping. She was not sure about their condition, but she knew that the Souhon Clan had started a war against another clan. Based on her knowledge about the clans, they would suffer if they start a war recklessly like what the Souhon Clan did.

Taking a sip of her coffee, her eyes didn't leave the television as she watched how the fight was still going on. Previously, the attacks were negligible as they were only making trouble with newly made gangs. But now, it was hard to say what would happen as the acting clan head had offended someone from another clan.

'It's annoying to get involved if things are this messy. If they don't settle the internal trouble first, they're in for a big problem.'

Kanae looked towards the television as she rubbed her two hands. The temperature has started to go down lately as it was nearing winter. Ah... how she wished she has a television at home so she didn't have to come here to watch.


Souhon Clan Headquarters

Due to the wound caused by Roy, Jay had to rest on his bed. With the advance medicine they had, his wounds already relatively got better.

However, Jay could hear the sound of fighting outside his room, which made him woke up instantly. The sound made sleepiness left him and he was wide awake. People fought in their territory? This was a huge humiliation, but his condition didn't allow him to move around as his body was still hurt very much.

He forced himself into a sitting position as he listened to the sound outside the room. The door suddenly opened and Vero came in with body full of wounds.

"Young Master, you need to hide right now."

"Who attacks us, Vero?" Jay asked with a sharp tone.

Vero was startled at Jay's tone, but he immediately calmed himself down. "its Zone Clan. They are coming back here as they use their member to sneak attack towards our clan."

Zone Clan... Jay still remembered the student from Zone Clan in their school that his brother fought just the other day. He thought that the fight would end after yesterday clash. Who would have thought that they would come here and seek revenge?

Jay gritted his teeth. Previously, no matter how bad the trade their clan failed with those newly made gangs, they wouldn't be able to threaten them. Now that the one who attacked them was one of the five biggest clans, things would get messier.

If he knew this would happen, he should have stopped his brother advance before that person from Zone Clan got hurt. Now, everything was too late.

"Where are the elites of Souhon Clan?"

Vero has an expression full of pain as he bowed down. "Young Master, most of them are wounded hard because of yesterday's fight and the rests are busy to protect our Clan Head."

Jay gritted his teeth. The situation was even worse than what he expected. He immediately took out his phone and called a number.

"Hello, I need your help right now!"

His brother must be alright because he was in good condition, but Jay was nearly half death. He would not be able to move around too much and Vero wouldn't be able to protect the two of them.

After he made the call, dozens of men were coming inside the room. Vero immediately stood up and blocked their advance. Using his long sword, he pushed them back and did all he could to protect the Young Master behind him.

Jay also prepared the short sword he had. He always brought this short sword as it was already a part of him. Yet, his body was hard to move. When they came towards him, he moved his body sideways and attacked from below. Because of his unsteady step, his shoulder was scraped.

"Young Master!" Vero was startled.

"You should watch your opponent!" the man in front of him raised his sword with the intention to fight.

The man's movement suddenly stopped and the other men behind him also fallen down one by one. Vero nearly yelped in surprise when he saw the familiar young figure behind the men. Although the one that he remembered the most was the headband, he was still a figure that he respected a lot.

"How troublesome," Tom said in a light tone. His hand was holding a short sword that was covered in blood.

"Tom," Jay called with surprise. He nearly called the other party Tommy out of habit, but he held back in the end.

Tommy shook his head. "Don't you have any elites in the clan? The ones who guard the area are all second rate fighter."

Second rate fighter...

Vero felt that his pride has been crushed down in this instant. Who would have thought that he would also be considered as a second rate fighter? He has taken pride in his ability as one of the best fighter in Souhon Clan, but this young man just blatantly said that he was only a second rate fighter.

Couldn't you hold back your words a bit?

Unfortunately, Tommy was rather direct and harsh in his usual day. He was raised in the black street, so he was not familiar with the so-called holding back. Except in the school where there were a lot of surveillance, he would not hold back.

"I think most of them are guarding my father," Jay said as he stood up. He felt pain, but he still could stand rather well after seeing the fight. It seemed that the adrenaline made him able to force the pain down as he stood straight.

"Let's just confront them."

"Wait, don't make a mess out of my clan," Jay was startled. He hurriedly chased after Tommy who walked out from the room. Behind them, Vero was startled, but he too followed after them.

On the courtyard, the situation was graver as many other members were in poor condition. They were fighting bitterly and barely able to gain the advantages. When the three of them came out, the fight was almost over.

Roy looked towards the person standing beside his brother with a sharp gaze. Even though the other party was not showing any hostilities, he could feel the hidden danger from that person. Besides, the scar and the headband were the trademark of Tom from Fiore Group, how could he miss that?

"Tom from Fiore Group, what are you doing here?" he asked menacingly.

When the other members heard his word, they were at lost. Although they didn't understand the sudden hostility Roy emanated so suddenly, they knew that Tom was famous in the Underworld. Ever since the big battle between groups three months ago, there was no one who didn't know his name.

Tom shrugged. "I'm just passing by."

"Don't lie. Why would someone like you come here if you have nothing to do?"

"Tom, don't provoke my brother," Jay said bitterly. Come on, why couldn't you be like in the school where you held back your temper?

"It doesn't matter," Tommy's eyes looked towards the room behind them. His captain had told him that the matter of the Souhon Clan was most likely just a ploy, which shouldn't have involved many people. However, he didn't really care about it.

"All I care if whether he can beat me."

Jay nearly chocked. Did you come here because you want to fight with my brother? Well, remembering the scene just a few days ago, he knew that Tommy was angry at his brother, so he didn't try to interfere.

"Oh? Interesting, I accept your challenge," Roy stepped forward.

Tommy walked to the Roy and before long, the two of them started to move at the same time. Roy weapon was also a long sword and the sound of sword clashing could be heard loud and clear on that night. The power Tommy exerted would not lose even towards Roy and at the very first strike, Roy could notice that it was him who got pushed back.

Stomping the ground to move forward, Roy attacked from the side, which Tommy easily parried and counterattack, but failed because Roy evaded it.

"These two are really amazing," Vero commented. In his life, he never met with anyone more skillful than Roy, but now someone could stand on his ground against Roy and even pushed him back.

Jay nodded. This was the first time he saw the two of them fight, but he knew that they were really amazing. The scene of the fight made his blood boiled as he wanted to train harder, so he could stand on equal ground with them. His mind drifted to the time when they sparred together. That Tommy must have held back so their power became similar.

Before long, the fight ended because Tommy knocked over Roy sword and pushed his sword to Roy neck. Although Tommy didn't have any intention of killing Roy, Roy could still feel the humongous pressure coming from Tommy.

"The fight is over," Tommy said, "Do you have any last word?"

Before they could say anything else, the door from behind was opened and an old man appeared. He yelled, "STOP!"