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86 Tommy’s Second Identity

 "Don't get any closer," Vero immediately put his guard on. He didn't know how strong this person was, but he would not back down without any fight. He felt really afraid because, for anyone who could dictate the people in Black Street, their power was surely not low.

The man stopped in his tracks. "Jay, is that your bodyguard?"

Jay was still in trance. He could sense that even Vero is afraid of the people in the Black Street, yet this person could command them with ease. On the contrary, the people even seemed to be afraid of him and didn't dare to offend him.

When the other party said friend, he felt that his brain short-circuited with the information and he couldn't bring himself to understand. When did he have any friend with that much power and ability to the point that Vero would be afraid? Even in Souhon Clan, Vero was one of the best fighters among them all.

When the other party spoke again, his voice changed to the one that Jay knew very well. He looked towards the man in disbelief as he tried to match their appearance.

"Tommy, is that you?" his voice was quivered as he never thought of Tommy as this good of fighter. During the fight, he was unconscious, so he didn't see the fight. From what the other students say, Tommy indeed had better power and ability, but no one know to what extent his power was. Besides, he has been sparring with the other party countless times, so he felt it was more unbelievable.

Tommy smiled, "On the Black Street, you have to call me Tom."

"Tom, is it?" Jay nodded, "Why are they seemed afraid of you?"

"Because if they don't scram, I will beat them out of their wits," Tommy shrugged.

Vero couldn't bring himself back to reality. 'Beat them out of their wits' was not a sentence any ordinary person could say lightly. Even he himself didn't have the courage to say that towards those big men. Yet, this seemingly young person could say that with ease and even drove those people out from this place with mere words.

What made him couldn't think straight was the fact that Jay knew this man called Tom. To befriend someone this strong, he couldn't respect his Young Master more than at this time.

"You're really strong," Jay sighed, "It made me really want to recruit you into the clan."

"No, thank you. I have told you that I'm not interested in the clan's affair," Tommy answered with ease, "Besides, I have joined a group."

Jay already guessed that it was the case, "Which group?"

"Fiore Group," Tommy answered.

"Fiore..." Jay felt the name to be familiar, but he couldn't remember where he heard it. He turned to Vero only to find the latter was looking with mouth wide open.

"You're Tom from Fiore Group? No wonder no one dares to attack you," Vero nodded in understanding and fear. Even he himself couldn't match against the person before him, not to mention the other ordinary people.

"Vero, do you know him?" Jay asked.

Vero nodded, "Fiore Group is the current strongest group in this city and Tom is the name of their third strongest fighter. From the rumors, it seems that during this time the Fiore Group didn't appear as much as in the past. After the big battle, the news about them disappears and only Tom can be seen wandering on the street at night for the past few weeks."

"We don't want to interfere with the clan's battle, so captain told us to chill down. However, I don't have anything to do, so I just wander the street and do some odd jobs."

"Is the Fiore Group disbanded?" Jay frowned. He finally remembered where he heard the name of Fiore. A few months before, there was a clash between the powerful groups in this city. The winner was a dark horse with the name of Fiore Group who could defeat the other groups no matter how powerful they were.

That was the battle that changed the hierarchy in the groups, making the Fiore Group as the strongest group. No one dared to challenge them, but after that battle, their member seemed to disappear into thin air.

It was not weird considering that other groups seemed to disappear too. After all, the wounds they sustained because of the big battle were not light. Not anyone could recover that fast, which made them all seemed to disappear.

Because group and gangs were different from clans, their member could easily hide their identity and switched it to any other fake identity. No one knew the real name and identity of Fiore Group which made them seemed to disappear into thin air. Only several weeks later did one of them start to appear again and make the Black Street shuddered in fear: Tom.

Only one person could make several people cower in fear. The name of Tom became a forbidden name in Black Street as no one dared to approach him due to fear. Although he was only the third strongest in Fiore Group, they didn't want to sacrifice themselves as the guinea pig to test his power.

Tommy shook his head, "No, we are only resting because that battle causes our captain get injured worse than we thought. Besides, we don't want to interfere with the clan's battle."

"And, why are you telling me this?" Jay asked. For the powerful group like them, their identity was something really important and they would not leak them out lightly.

"I want to help you," Tommy grinned.

"Help me? Didn't you say that you would not interfere with the clan's battle?"

"I'm bored and after meeting you a lot of times in the school, I decide that I want to help," Tommy answered lightly.

Jay considered the matter. It seemed that he would not get any lost from collaborating with a powerful group like them, "Do you have any requirement?"

"If you can pay me, you can hire me."

Vero's mouth opened wide, this kind of offer was really interesting and if Jay dared to refuse, he would be the biggest idiot in the entire world. The power of Tom from Fiore Group was not one to take lightly and to get their word to help was indeed not easy.

Jay frowned. Groups didn't usually do thing on their own as they usually took the biggest payment. With Tommy said this to him, he was guaranteed that Tommy would accept his offer first if he had enough payment.

"I don't think I can go against you," Jay knew that the moment he refused, Tommy might even choose to attack him to silent him. Besides, the offer was not that bad for him and he could even use the ability Tommy had for himself. It was good, wasn't it?

"If you want to look for me, you know where to go," Tommy stretched his body, "Don't leak out my secret though or we will crush your clan."

"I understand," Jay was not that stupid and he didn't want to make unnecessary enemies. Just his brother and the other clans were already too many. Adding another powerful enemy would only make his lifespan reduced.

Besides, he might not know the power that Fiore Group held, but he knew that they were definitely not weak. Even if they were unable to completely crush his clan, making them suffer a lot would be easy.

"Oh, and if you want to get more powerful, you should spend more time on the Black Street. I grew up here, so if you want to train, you can ask me. That is if I don't have anything to do."

"Sure, thank you, Tom."

After that, Tommy disappeared into the darkness while Jay slipped inside the car again. He smiled slightly for he finally understood why Tommy said to his brother that he grew up on the Black Street.

"Young Master, you got an awesome friend."

Jay nodded, "Vero, you can keep a secret, right?"

Vero nodded. He had accompanied Jay from the latter young age, so he would not betray him because he was his master. Seeing that powerful ability Tommy had, he found hope once again that Jay would not be looked down into in the clan.