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85 Black Street Bridge Block D

 Kale Company

Kanae finished her work in short time. Looking at the time, it was still only a quarter past 6, so she has finished her work a bit too quick. Tidying up her desk, the supervisor only glanced at her once. They have been numb by her amazing speed in work and because of Kevin's order, they knew that she was allowed to leave first.

Going down with the lift, she encountered the Old Man on the first floor, standing near the counter with a bored expression. Her eyes lit up as she already missed this fun Old Man.

"Good afternoon, Old Man," Kanae greeted with a smile.

"Oh, it's you Kanae," the Old Man laughed. "What are you doing here, didn't President place you on the fifth floor?"

"Oh, I have finished my work," Kanae said simply.

The Old Man was startled. He immediately looked towards the clock and silently cursed inside his heart. This little lass surprisingly could do the work in the office at such a short time. No wonder the President didn't go through the usual procedure for her and directly gave her the contract. Her work efficiency was far more than ordinary people!

Seeing the Old Man's face contorted a bit, Kanae scratched her head. It was not her fault for being so fast, it was just the work was that easy.

"What are you doing here, Old Man?"

"I'm waiting for a packet. It will take some time before they arrived, so I need to wait here patiently," the Old Man shrugged.

"I see, you seem quite idle," Kanae commented.

"Of course I am. I'm already too old for any work. But, you're more suited to this job rather than the previous one," if it was working in the noodle store, it was guaranteed that she cannot come home until it was already very late at night. Working like this, she could save more time.

Kanae shrugged. "It's not like I don't like the job, but I'm tired of sitting continuously."

She already sat on her chair for hours this day. If not because of her youthful age and vigorous body, there was no way she could bear with the treatment to her body. Her back might already gone sore because of staying in the same position every day.

"You can just skip the class and sleep in the infirmary, that way you'll be lying down."

"..." Are you sure that's the correct advice to give?

"Hahaha, don't take it seriously. Are you going back home?" the Old Man shifted the conversation.

Kanae nodded, "President and the others are not here, so there is nothing I need to do. See you tomorrow, Old Man."

If he was here, she would just visit his office and helped out a bit. Since today he was away, she would just go home directly.

The Old Man waved his hand as he stared at the girl back. Somehow, he missed the time when the two of them could talk together for a long time.


When Jay came out from the school, he saw that the car from the Souhon Clan was being parked there. His closest subordinate, Vero, was waiting for him with a worried expression.

"Young Master," Vero quickly come to Jay side. He was waiting on the gate for a long time with the car parked. Seeing that the Young Master still fine despite the obvious wound from yesterday, he felt extremely glad.

"Vero, take me to Black Street Bridge block D," Jay instructed.

Vero was startled, "Young Master, the Black Streets are dangerous. It will be unwise to go there with your condition like this."

"I need to meet someone there," Jay insisted.

"Young Master..." Vero finally gave in. He couldn't convince Jay and with the latter stubborn personality, it was possible that he would go there by himself. Although he felt remorse, he still drove the car towards the designated place.

Jay looked outside during the journey. As the Young Master of Souhon Clan, he rarely went to such a place where crimes were even more common. Just from the window, he could already saw many kinds of crimes happening here, which made this place seemed to devoid of law.

The condition of the people who lived here was even worse. Most of them didn't have any decent place to live and could only scrape to live on some unwarranted place. Everything was exceedingly awful, and Jay got the urge to puke at some of the disgusting sight.

Vero could tolerate the view far better than Jay because he was used to go towards these kinds of places for work. However, all of them were dangerous works and not the kind of work where he could spare any time for sightseeing. The worry inside him grew as he looked outside for he didn't want to place Jay in any kind of danger.

"Vero, how big is the Black Street in this city?" Jay asked.

"Around a quarter of the entire city can be considered as Black Street. They are divided into several blocks, and the location of the blocks is different," Vero answered.

Jay looked outside, "Does people from the Black Street have better fighting skill compare to the others?"

"Not everyone, but some of them yes. The Black Street is famous for breeding the most talented fighter in history, but most of them only have a short life," Vero answered. The Black Street was indeed the best place to train, but it was also the most dangerous place to stay because the danger was far more compared to any other place.

"It's expected," Jay commented. The most dangerous place was also the place for most talented people to shine.

"We've arrived," Vero stopped the car and get out. He glared at the people who dared to look at them and the menacing aura around him made them realize that he was strong. For those who didn't want to get involved, they quickly departed, leaving those who wanted to take advantages of the situation.

Jay also got down and frowned at the sight. No matter who he was outside, in the black street, no one cared about one person background. All they care about was the strength he held, which in this condition, really poor.

"Young Master, it's better for you to stay inside the car," Vero warned. He couldn't guarantee to protect Jay should these people attacked together.

Jay frowned, "I need to meet with someone."

Before Vero could persuade Jay again, one of the men already threw a bottle towards them. Vero took out his gun and shot the bottle midair while his eyes watched the other people. Seeing that he had gun, many of them dispersed leaving only a handful of them outside.

"Young Master, you need to get inside," the rest of the people were too strong for him to take care while protecting Jay. He felt that he shouldn't have come here and brought Jay towards trouble because these people wouldn't care about their lives.

When the people were ready to attack, a voice stopped them.

"You bunch of trash, don't attack my friend, will you?" a man walked towards them. He was wearing a shirt and jeans with a headband. On his face, there was a scar on the right eye, making him looked scary.

The men cursed when they saw him.

"F*ck! Don't just appear out of nowhere!"

"You startle us."

"Let's get out from here."

"Sure Tom, as long as you didn't beat us," the men answered mildly.

Vero's jaw dropped at the obvious change of attitude. Who was this person to wield such power in Black Street? For these people, they would only yield to power, which meant that this young man has more power compared with the rest of them.

The man looked towards Jay and walked to him.