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84 Brewing Plans

 When an hour or two has passed, the doctor finally kicked Tommy out from the room. The boy grumbled heavily, but the infirmary doctor paid no heed as he focused his attention to the wounded boy.

"You won't be able to go to school with that kind of wound," the infirmary doctor reminded him. "Rest for a few days and you will be better in no time."

"Thank you," Jay was not really concerned about the school. He could easily catch up with the lesson with no trouble. At most, he would fall back a few ranks behind the current one, but still able to catch up at most of them.

Struggling to stand up, his eyes were now filled with resolution. He was not going to watch from the sideline anymore. Although he was weaker, the weak have their own way to survive in this world and that was what he was going to do.

The infirmary doctor didn't help Jay as he watched from the side, "Be careful, your enemy is not only one."

"Thank you doctor," Jay answered. Somehow, he got the feeling that this doctor was smarter than what he showed outside, but that was a matter for a later date.

The doctor smiled. The eyes on Jay's face were not an eye of a defeated person, rather it was the eye that was full of fighting spirit.

"Roy, you should be careful at the beast you reared."


While the others were doing their work, Kevin met with Neo and Mike, who have been waiting for him in the Student Council room.

"Finished with the talk?" Neo asked curiously.

"En," Kevin nodded. "Where is Kanae?"

"She headed back to work first, saying that if she goes earlier, she can finish even faster," Mike answered.

"That's good then," Kevin took a seat on his chair. He proceeded to ask, "Have you finished searching for Tommy?"

The scene on the rooftop was not something that ordinary people could hope to achieve. That quick response, thick killing intent, and that resolute eyes, it was the eye of people who have undergone a life and death situation. It was even possible that it was more than one.

For people like them, who knew very well what could make a person have that kind of eyes, they couldn't help but feel suspicious over the matter. In fact, they would not be the only one feeling curious, but there would be other people too.

Exposing his ability to fight was truly a foolish thing given that many clans sent their young member to this school. Those with higher fighting ability would become someone whom they chased after and rope in if they found the other party suitable. Of course, a check on his background was necessary.

Neo nodded, "There is nothing really special about Tommy. He practically grew on the street because of his family condition. He doesn't have a father, presumably even his own birth is unexpected because his mother is unmarried."

"Did he live in Black Street?"

Black Street was not the real name. Because buildings increased in height with the advancement of technology, areas with a lot of buildings blocked sunlight from narrow alleys at the bottom. The gaps between these towers were some streets, and they were dark most of the time, so people called them "black streets."

People who lived on black streets were those who were poor and those who didn't have a decent job. There were also many criminals there as the security was really low and they usually don't have enough money to afford it.

These streets were usually outside the range for clans and only the small local group and gangs were here. The number of the 'black streets' in this city couldn't even be counted with fingers anymore as they were too many.

"Yes, but he rarely comes home and mostly wanders on the street at night. People don't really pay attention to him, so the information is really low, but the neighborhood said that he only comes home for a while before leaving and return early in the morning to go to school."

It was no wonder about it especially because Tommy would just sleep on the infirmary for the entire day. If he were not sleeping at all, it was obvious that he would be really tired and naturally sleep the entire day.

"Did he join any clans?"

People could join a clan if that particular clan wanted to take them in. Of course, they couldn't become the direct lineage except through marriage, but they could become part of the inner circle after some time. Of course, they have to be capable enough for that.

"There is no record of that," Neo answered, "I already hacked the clan's record of new members, but there are none who fits his description."

"What about groups or gangs?" Mike asked.

"There is no way we could confirm that unless he joins some big ones," Neo said depressingly. It was not that he didn't want to find out, but most of the groups and gangs were unregistered and many of their members have another identity to hide themselves.

"Have you checked them?" Kevin asked.

"Based on the body build, there are more than 100 people in big groups that fit him," Neo answered, "But, if his fighting skill is added, there are only 46 people that can be him since I don't know his weapon and all."

"That too excluding the small groups," Mike said in a low tone, "How about gangs?"

"There are close to 1000 people..." Neo said in a depressed tone.

Kevin looked towards Neo. "Among those 46, how many of them have the capability to defeat Roy?"

"Defeat Roy, you say?" Neo frowned and try to look at the list again. "Based on their fighting data, there are 8-9, but there are also some of them who might hide their strength, so probably 18-19 people."

"Then you should check them all," Kevin concluded.

Neo was stumped. Checking something generals was easy, but if he needed to check even their private life, it was not going to be easy. Not to mention that this was close to 20 people. If one person needed an entire day, it would mean that it might take him a month to finish because he still needed to do his usual jobs. Neo suddenly wanted to cry.

Mike patted his back. "Good luck, Neo."

"Scram!" Neo yelled indignantly and started to type furiously. On the side, Mike was standing respectfully as Kevin started to do his job too. They were going to do part of their job here before returning to their office.