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83 Who Are You?

 "I can't believe that you have so many students get hurt today," the infirmary doctor sighed at the sight of Aaron and Jay. He had treated the two of them, and they were lying unconscious on the bed inside the infirmary.

Tommy stared at the beds, "It seems I can't sleep in the infirmary today."

There were only three beds in the infirmary. With two of them being used by Aaron and Jay, the other one was left empty if there were any other patients. Someone like Tommy who only came to sleep would be kicked out by the doctor.

Misae smiled wryly, "You can just go to class."

"I'm not that good at sleeping on my desk," Tommy grunted. Sleeping on the bed was a must if he could because he didn't want his back to ache at the uncomfortable position of the table.

"We will return first," Mike and the others bid their farewell because the class has started. Today Kevin was adamant to join the class, so they have to leave first.

"Me too," Misae glanced at the clock and hurriedly stood up, "Today lesson is math and I'm really bad at that. Better hurry to the class before I cannot understand anything anymore."

"I think I even got worse than her," Tommy shrugged.

Kanae stood up too, "I will sleep on my classroom instead of the infirmary. And Tommy, don't do anything reckless like that anymore."

"Sure," Tommy waved. Only after he couldn't see Kanae did he mumbled, "It's really hard to pretend that I didn't know you in that situation."

The doctor flicked his forehead. "For today, you're not allowed to sleep here. Go return to your class."

"Yes...." Tommy stood up and walked to his own classroom. He was silently complaining that the doctor was unfair. He still wanted to sleep in the infirmary because lately he was unable to do that.

Jay didn't know how long he slept because when he opened his eyes again, he felt extremely dizzy. It seemed that his brother hit his head quite hard, making him cannot think straight.

"You woke up?" the doctor glanced from his chair.

"Yeah, what time is it?" Jay cannot move his body, it felt as if someone was crushing him and the pain made him unwilling to move.

"It's almost the time for school to be finished. Don't move around so much, your wound is worse than the other one," the doctor explained.

Jay looked to the side, the bed was empty, he was sure that Aaron already returned first. It made sense, though, since the wound on Aaron body was not as bad as his. When Roy hit Aaron, he didn't make the other party awfully hurt or anything.

He didn't really remember what happened after Tommy and Kanae appeared. His head was still extremely hurt and dizzy at that time, which made him only barely able to hear a few words. Those words were the kindest word he ever hears.

Speaking of which...

"Right, how is Kanae?" Jay was sure that the movement he heard before he passed out was the movement of punch. The one near him at that time was Kanae, if she were to get hurt because of him, he felt that he would not be able to forgive himself.

"Don't worry, the girl is fine."

"What about Tommy? He challenges brother, right?" after that, he was sure that he heard the angry voice from Tommy. The tone that Tommy used at that time was completely different compared to the usual tone he used, which startled him because he couldn't see Tommy as someone serious.

"He's not hurt," the doctor smiled. If Tommy were to get hurt because of that puny strength that brat Roy exerted at that moment, he would be the one to get surprised. Of course, it would be a different matter if the two of them were fighting seriously on that roof.

"That's good," Jay was genuinely relieved.

He was about to ask another question when two people appeared on the door, Tommy and Kanae.

"Hello, I rarely see you two together," the doctor greeted.

"We meet on the way," Kanae explained, she turned towards Jay, "You are awake, how's your condition?"

"I'm fine, well I barely can move, though," Jay answered.

Tommy turned his head towards the empty bed and grumbled. "Hey, the bed is already empty, why are you not telling me, you dumb doctor?"


"Please be respectful towards your teacher," the infirmary doctor reprimanded him calmly.

"You're not a teacher, I still remember when those girls are coming here to confess to you and then..." this time a book landed on Tommy's head.

"Ouch.... Shouldn't it is a doctor duty to heal patients and not wounded a patient?" he yelled indignantly.

"You're not a patient and if you're wounded, I will be glad to help you," the doctor smiled, but Tommy immediately shook his head. He didn't want to become a guinea pig for this man. He was really a cunning doctor.

Kanae shook her head lightly. This brat was really going on with his mouth if there was not even one superior with him.

"Are you alright now, Jay?" Kanae asked.

Jay nodded. "I just need some rest. You can go back first. I'm sure you need to work."

Kanae nodded. She talked to the infirmary doctor for a minute before giving her farewell because she wanted to work.

Tommy looked towards Jay with curiosity, "Does being in the clan is really that complicated?"

Jay looked towards Tommy with suspicion. From the fighting skill Tommy had that made him escaped unscathed from his brother, he doubted that Tommy was only an ordinary student. But, if Tommy was not part of any clans, could it be that he was part of a strong group? Jay wanted to find out.

"You would know if you join. What about it?"

"Nope, I don't have any interest in joining the clans," Tommy immediately refused.

"You sure are quick to answer. Have you joined any other group?" Jay asked.

Tommy smiled, "If you want to know, go to the black street bridge block D tonight. I will tell you some things you might be interested in."


"Don't ask a wounded patient to walk in such a dangerous place," the doctor reminded.

"It's not dangerous, and why are you eavesdropping our conversation?" Tommy retorted.

Jay nodded. "I will come tonight."

"Good, now it's time for me to sleep," Tommy climbed into one of the beds and sleep.

The doctor shook his head and returned to his desk. "The infirmary will close down in an hour."

"I know, just wake me up when you want to go home," Tommy's muffled voice could be heard.

Jay looked towards the boy beside him with a confused expression. He truly wanted to know if there was something more from this seemingly idiot and ordinary student.