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82 Mediate

 "Don't you know that man shouldn't hit a woman?" Tommy 's voice was low, but even the students near them can feel the suppressed rage in his voice. There was nothing special from his voice, but the student suddenly felt as if chills ran down on their spine. They were shuddering from some unknown reason.

Roy was not an exception. He could feel the sudden chill and danger from the man in front of him. This made him wary. Ever since he was young, he was the genius of Souhon Clan and everyone should bow before him. With his talent and capability, no one could surpass him and he could even beat up many other veterans.

Yet, now in front of him stood a younger person who could stop his fist like it was nothing more than a joke. Although he didn't strike with his all, he knew that his fist was still strong and could make people feel extreme pain. But Tommy didn't seem to hurt as he stood in front of him.

Jay didn't know what was happened, but he was sure that something must have happened. Sensing another person touch on him softly, he was startled.

"You should stay away from me."

That soft touch could only come from women. The only ones he knew might move forwards were only Kanae since she was brave. However, he didn't want to put her into danger by being close to him.

"No, you're my friend and you're wounded hard," Kanae answered softly as she tried her best to help Jay up from his position.

Watching Jay slowly stood up, Roy felt immense hatred brewing inside him. He tried to take his fist back, but Tommy was clenching his hand tightly. There was no intention to let it go as Roy felt the power increased instead.

"Who are you?" this kind of power, if he belonged to any of the clans, they would surely protect him. But, it didn't seem that there was anyone who protected him, despite his power was really something extraordinary.

"Just a boy who grows up on the street," Tommy answered and relaxed his hand.

Taking his hand back, Roy stared at Tommy warily. This was the first time in his life he got the feeling that he would lose if he were to fight the other party. He never felt this way before, no he had, but only once and the other party was someone who has high status too.

Not only Roy who felt wary, even Neo, who was still making his way towards them, felt the same way. That one strike from Roy, there was no ordinary person who can catch it easily. If Tommy was indeed only someone from the street, how come his fighting strength soared so much at such a young age?


The sound of people clapping their hands made the audience turned back. They could see Kevin was standing beside a third year and behind them is Mike. The third-year smiled slightly.

"The fight is over, don't make the situation worsen again," he said with slight smile, yet they all could feel that he was angry.

"Crap, class rep is angry."

"I hope he didn't flame the teacher to punish the third year again..."

"Well, he always did that, isn't he?"

"I feel lucky that I'm not a third year."

Roy stared at the boy in front of him with a frown. No matter how much he disliked the class representative, he didn't dare to go against him because of the class representative's parents' position and this boy achievement. For someone so important to be in the third year, he felt that he had the worst luck.

"You're interfering again, Jason?" he said with remorse.

"Roy, we might be in different class, but it's my duty to watch over the third year," Jason smile. "Let's go back to class, the lesson will start soon."

He got special permission from the teacher to watch over the third year. Because of that, his influence reached out to even the other classes, which made him nearly invincible among the third year and no one dared to offend him.

Roy looked towards Tommy once again. He would surely find out about this boy's identity soon. If he really didn't belong to any of the clans, he might be able to take him in, that was if he agreed. If not, he could just do the opposite and killed the boy before he became his enemy.

"I will not forget this."

Tommy smiled mirthlessly, "You can come at me anytime."

After saying that, Roy turned around and left while Tommy immediately went to support Jay and helped him to walk. On the side, Kanae stood up slowly and looked towards Tommy. Her eyes had turned normal and Tommy too, already calmed himself down.

Jay was relieved that his brother had left and he fainted the moment Tommy helped him. Tommy helplessly looked towards the fainted Jay.

"His wound seemed worse."

Kanae sighed, "You are really reckless. Even if he hits me, I will be fine."

"I can't stay by the side and watch you get hit," Tommy said. "It seems that I need to hide myself for a while, what a bother...."

"That's your fault."

As they helped Jay, Neo and Mike came over and helped Tommy to bring Jay to the infirmary. On the other hand, Kevin looked towards Jason.

"I owe you one," Kevin said calmly.

Jason laughed, "What are you saying, you didn't owe me anything. Thanks for telling the news, I need to go back first and take care of their punishment."

"See you later, former Student Council President."

"Alright, see you later current Student Council President."

Kevin only helped to let the door opened as Misae and Alice walked over to Kanae. The teacher they called previously already disappeared before the fight end. It seemed that the teacher didn't dare to offend any parties.

"Are you okay? He didn't hit you, right?" Alice asked worriedly.

Kanae nodded, "I'm fine."

"You're really reckless. What would you do if he truly hit you? You're really something."

Hearing Misae protest, Kanae smiled wryly and didn't retort back. She knew that Misae only berated her because she was worried. Although she could evade the attack, it seemed that Tommy just forgot about it and went into hitting the other party heavily.

Finishing with her rant, Misae looked towards the unconscious Jay. "Although I hate Souhon Clan, I guess he's not included into them."

Alice smiled when she heard that. Finally, her friend no longer bothered with this matter.

"Yeah," Kanae smiled and followed the others to the infirmary.