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81 Are You Really Brothers?

 Jay tried his best to keep his calm. In front of his brother, he always felt afraid of him and even today, he didn't feel calm. His brother was always far better than him, and he would beat him up without warning at times.

"Isn't it enough?" he asked again.

Roy kicked Aaron to the side, and Aaron's friends immediately went to help him. Looking towards his useless brother, Roy got another urge to beat him up. Walking towards Jay, he raised his hand and strike towards him without mercy.

The moment Roy raised his hand; Jay closed his eyes and raised his hand. He was not a match for his brother, so he could only prepare for the impact. He could feel that his brother really didn't hold back.

With one strike, he felt tremendous pain. His knees immediately felt weak as he fell to the floor. Pain permeates his body from the point where Roy hit him.

"A useless brother like you is unneeded. Don't interfere in my business."

At that moment, Misae and Alice already returned and they could see the scene clearly. The voice from Roy telling his own brother that he was useless made her heart boil with anger. Although she did hate the people from Souhon Clan, Jay was someone she approved as a friend and hearing other people say that he was useless, she couldn't accept it.

As she thought about this, she finally realized something. Even if Jay was someone from Souhon Clan, it didn't mean that their time together didn't exist. She still saw him as Jay from Class 1-B who loved to spar. That was why she felt anger for him.

However, she didn't have the courage to go forward while the teacher by her side already feeling weak on his knees. He didn't have the strength or courage to go against Roy. For him, it was better to just wait until the fight was over if he didn't want to get beaten up. After all, he knew Roy's real identity as the Young Master of Souhon Clan.

Kanae watched as the strike hit Jay coldly. Was that what a family would do? She really wanted to give a good beating to Roy, but she knew that it would not end the problem here. Besides, she couldn't show anyone her real ability as it would make the Souhon Clan paid more attention to her. Standing amongst the crowds, she thought hard for what she had to do.

Roy hit Jay a few more time. Each hit was harder than the previous one, making Jay felt numb and pain all over his body. He was sure that his brother truly didn't hold back anymore, and he might not be able to move for the next few days.

"Are you sure that you're his brother?"

The students all had pale face and only a few of them could keep their expression undisturbed. They were watching Roy striking his brother mercilessly without any sound. When suddenly someone spoke out, they were startled and immediately turned to the one who spoke.

"Who is it?" Roy stopped his movement and scanned the crowd with cold eyes.

One person walked outside calmly. The other students made way for him to go forward while Kanae stared at that person. He was really reckless was the thing inside her mind. She knew that person very well and even though he was strong, this was not really the place to show off.

"It's me," Tommy answered. His eyes scanned the unmoving Jay on the ground, the wounds seemed serious.

"Don't interfere, you're just a stranger," Roy barked.

"He's my friend, why should I stay quiet when you're beating him?" Tommy retorted.

On the ground, Jay was still conscious, and Tommy words surprise him even more. Their relationship was only acquaintances and he never feel that Tommy was that close to him. But, if for the sake of him he stood up, he could feel warmth welled inside him. Nevertheless, he was worried about his friend's safety. He knew his brother strength very well and this might not end well for Tommy.

From Tommy's words, it seemed that the Student Council was willing to stand up for this matter. Kanae lips curled slightly, he was really cunning at this time, and hopefully the others were not going to get angry at his decision.

"Friend is not closer than family," Roy said calmly. He felt that Tommy was really an eyesore, why would he suddenly stand up for someone he barely knew for a month or two? They were not even that close.

"Both of us are Student Council member, it's our duty to take care of the safety of the students, at least partially. Since you're hurting a Student Council member, do you know the punishment for your action?" Tommy retorted.

"He's just an ordinary member, not worthy of your time."

"At least, the two of us are ordinary members," Tommy smiled. He wished for Kevin and the others to come here as soon as possible, but he knew that they might not come here to interfere. Still, he wished for that.

"Don't force me to beat you up too," Roy threatened.

Tommy walked forwards towards Jay step by step. Roy was about to strike when he saw that Neo has come to the rooftop and waved to them.

"Fighting is not allowed on the school ground, don't you know the rules already?" he said with a smile, yet his eyes didn't show any mirth.

"Student Council member again," Roy scoffed, "It seems you're all really adamant to stop me from giving a lesson to my brother?"

"You can give him a lesson, but not at school. This is not your private ground," Neo explained.

"So, you're saying that I have to wait until the school is over. It makes sense," Roy answered.

Tommy wanted to say that he preferred that Roy didn't beat Jay up at all, but knowing that he might just aggravate the situation, he didn't say anything. Stepping closer to Jay, he wanted to help the other party.

Before he could do it, Kanae already arrived at Jay's side and helped him get up. Although the movement of Kanae was not fast, it was still quite quick considered that she came from a far place. But that was not what the people thought because they didn't see her coming.

Roy irked reached another level when he saw that there was a girl helping Jay. Not even a decent girl wanted to get close with him despite him hiding his identity for years in the school. They were either an annoying one or even one that wanted to use him. Of course, he chose to get rid of them quickly.

Without him realizing it, he raised his hand and strike at Kanae. That fast movement could only be seen by three people, Kanae, Tommy, and Neo. Neo wanted to curse out loud because he was too far to help, but at that moment, Tommy already moved forward and caught Roy fist like it was nothing.

That one movement startled Roy and Neo heavily. At that moment, they both could see the way Tommy looked at Roy was filled with immense rage.

"You..." Roy wanted to say something, but he couldn't find his voice at that moment. For his fist to be caught by an ordinary person, he felt that his pride was crushed down. In addition, that fast reaction he saw was not a reaction normal person should have.

Kanae back was facing Roy and her eyes looked down, so no one knew that her eyes have turned cold.