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80 A Figh

 The next day, the school started as usual. Many students chose to skip class because they didn't want to go to school.

"I feel like the students are too lazy," Misae complained when she saw the condition of their class.

Alice smiled wryly. "There's nothing you can do about it."

Misae sighed as she nodded her head. She tried her best to focus on the lesson. Still, her head felt hurt as she couldn't follow the explanation from the teacher at all.

"Are you alright, Misae?" Alice asked when she saw Misae rubbed her own forehead.

"Not really, I'm feeling extremely confused. What about you? Can you understand the teacher's explanation?"

Seeing Alice nodded her head innocently, Misae turned her head towards Kanae. With the puppy eyes directed towards her, Kanae gave in and started to explain the lesson to her best friend.

Even during their lunch, Kanae was still explaining the lesson to Misae. Alice was listening carefully when they heard a student yelling to the others in the hall.

"There's a fight!"

"Where is it?"

"On the rooftop, there is a student challenging Roy!"

"Roy Hon, right? Let's go!"

"I want to see it too."

Kanae stopped the explanation as she paid attention to the news attentively. For the other students, the name of Roy was just someone from the third year, but hearing the surname, Kanae knew his other identity. After the brutal fight from before, some of them might have guessed it, but most students still didn't know about it. After all, there was no idiot who would flaunt that he came from a certain clan.

"What is it?" Misae was surprised that Kanae had stopped explaining.

"Let's go watch the fight too. I want to see them," Kanae answered.

"You're not going to stop their fight?" Misae asked in confused tone. From what she knew, Kanae usually called the teacher when there was a fight to avoid them impacting the other students. However, this time Kanae was the one who wanted to watch the fight.

"You call the teacher to come to the rooftop. I will be waiting there."

"Got it," Misae hurriedly get up from her chair.

"I'll call the teacher too," Alice followed after Misae towards the teacher's room. On the other hand, Kanae went straight to the rooftop and looked towards the crowd.

With her small body, she made her way into near the front. Looking at the two students who were ready to brawl, she quickly recognized the two of them. Because of the work in the Student Council, she came to remember most of the students from their photos. Well, she had not visited the room for quite some time now, but her memory was still rather good.

The one with the tall stature was Roy while the other one was an ordinary student named Aaron. From the situation, it seemed that they were going to fight because Aaron was the one instigating it while Roy just played along.

Aaron looked towards Roy menacingly, "You're really something to hide this for years. I would never think that you're actually coming from Souhon Clan."

Roy's eyebrows rose. "It seemed there were people spouting nonsense."

"I hear the truth from your mouth when you're talking to your brother. You're really careless," Aaron said sneering.

Roy's eyes grew cold. It seemed that Jay was still as useless as usual. Even to find a safe place within the school for them to talk about a secret matter was impossible. Since it was so, he would find time to teach that boy a lesson again.

"So, what do you want to do by knowing it? Don't you know that we are famous for our fight?" Roy smiled coldly. The Souhon Clan was cruel and strong, so no one wanted to become their enemy because they knew that should they lost, life would be miserable.

"I come from Zone Clan, which I believe is still a famous clan. I don't believe that you would be able to fight me," Aaron said calmly.

The five strongest clans were the one that dictated most of the areas in this city. At the last one stood Zone Clan, who only has small territory, but their people were strong. Their strict requirement made the people who joined the clan even rarer, not to mention that they were trained heavily. This was the reason they still could stand as one of the five strongest clans.

Still, their two clans were not comparable. Kanae's brow furrowed as she looked towards the two men in front of her. She was sure that the boy named Aaron was not the match for Roy.

"Oh, but from your name, it didn't seem that you come from the main family."

As long as they were not someone from the main family, Roy was not afraid. The Souhon Clan could bear the burden of making a few lackeys enemies, but they were still in the middle of the fight with the others and attacking the direct lineage might provoke a big fight to happen right away. The preparation was not finished yet, so Roy wouldn't do anything reckless.

"Talk later," Aaron lunged forward.

With a swift movement, Roy evaded the attack from Aaron and moved to the side. He bent down a bit before kicking Aaron at his back. Aaron could feel the pain, but after one step, he turned and punched towards Roy.

Although their movement couldn't be said to be quick, many of the ordinary students were unable to follow their movement. Kanae watched carefully as she realized that her conjecture was correct. Aaron was not a match for Roy as he was getting beaten up in a matter of minutes.

The fight didn't last long because Aaron movement was slower than Roy and he got hit a few times before falling to the ground on his knees. Beads of sweats trickled down on his face as he breathed heavily. His body felt hurt after getting hit a few times. He looked towards Roy with bewilderment. He didn't expect the young man to be this strong.

"Already giving up? How boring," Roy laughed.

Aaron's eyes turned red as he forced himself to lunge towards Roy once more. His punched attacked rapidly, but none of them reached his target. When he wanted to move back, he felt pain on his stomach and fell down to the floor in a sitting position.

His face creased as he endured the pain. His eyes started to lose its original spirit. He realized that he was far weaker than Roy. With his power, he wouldn't be able to win the fight.

"What's wrong? Was it not you who said that Zone Clan is strong?" Roy mocked.

Aaron gritted his teeth. He couldn't stand up anymore and only watch with hatred as Roy walked towards him.

"Brother, I think that's enough, alright?" a boy moved forward and said calmly. Although the tone of his voice was calm, Kanae could detect the quiver behind it and the fact that his hand was shaking.

"Oh, you come, Jay?"