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79 When Will You Return?

 The next day, Kanae walked to the school to check out the cleaning process. She found out that the school was still under repair. Although most of the damage has disappeared, there were parts of them that was still there and the workers were already busy cleaning up here and there.

"Missing school?" Tommy asked from behind.

Kanae glanced back for a moment. "A bit, it's quite fun lately without the need for me to sleep in class."

"I still prefer to just skip the class, but I guess I can't do that too much too," Tommy stretched his hand.

"You need to catch up on your lesson too."

"As long as I'm still above the passing grade, it's more than enough," Tommy said leisurely. "Besides, I have more important matters to do now. The groups have started to come back in operation, and the clans are issuing orders to recruit them."

For the past few months, only the clans and the gangs were active in this city. It was not as if the groups disappeared, but many of them were unable to move. After the big battle in August that involved nearly all of the groups that existed in this city, they disappeared from the surface.

Some of the clans and gangs used this chance to hunt down the groups. However, the groups were the hardest one to find because they were usually ordinary people who have different identity during the day. Even their teammates sometimes were those that they met on the street and they coincidentally have a similar purpose.

"Coming back when the Souhon Clan is in turmoil is stupid," Kanae said in ease.

Tommy shrugged. "I think they're already itching to make a move during the time the most powerful groups are away. Based on the estimation, the wounds require around three months to heal and another three months to have them back on their previous shape."

"Those who sustain lighter wounds don't need to be that long," Kanae sighed. It was only three months after that battle, but the number of groups started to increase slowly.

"There will be more of them in December," Tommy added. He turned his gaze towards Kanae. "What about you? When will you return?"

When she heard that question, Kanae closed her eyes for a moment. She was enjoying the peace she had, but she knew that this would not last for long. After all, she would not survive against her big family if she only lived as an ordinary student every day. She is part of the underworld, and she has her own share of troubles there too.

"Soon," she answered calmly.

"How soon is that 'soon'? It's boring without you on the street."

"As soon as possible," Kanae answered.

Tommy looked towards Kanae. "I understand."

Kanae moved her gaze from the school. "I'm sure you didn't come here just to see the school in reparation. Is there anything you want to ask?"

"Since you're not in the condition to participate and don't have any intention to," Tommy hurriedly added the second part. "Can I be the one to participate?"

"It's up to you."

The two of them stood calmly before they went their separate ways. Kanae headed towards Kale Company and her supervisor was stunned when he saw Kanae came to the office.

"Little lady, don't you know that you don't have to come today?"

"I know, but I want to come," Kanae smiled. She was bored staying inside her small room every single time. She occasionally went out to run, but only a bit as she still needed to rest a lot.

The supervisor scratched his head. "There's no work for you. I'll try to ask the Boss if he has any instruction for you."

Kanae waited as the supervisor asked the higher ups. After a few minutes, he returned with a strange face. He put on a professional smile that still looked a bit awkward as he pointed upwards.

"Boss wants to see you, you can go there."

Kanae's mind blanked for a moment. That idiotic president! Didn't she tell him before that she didn't want the others to misunderstand their relation? Why did he have to tell her to meet with him in front of the other employees?

Thankfully, the supervisor's voice was not loud or she might consider asking that president to just change her into a different department. She didn't want to have the other employees looked towards her strangely and with those envious gazes. She already had enough of them in the school.

Still feeling wronged, she used the lift to reach the highest floor. When she arrived, she noticed that the president was busy sorting out the paper in his room with Neo and Mike helped him.

"Kanae? You know that you don't have to come, right?" Neo asked with a dumbfounded expression.

Kanae nodded her head. "I'm just a bit bored, so I come here."

Would someone go to their workplace when they were bored? Mike passed a glance towards Kevin and sighed internally. These two were definitely workaholic. He couldn't say anything else as he simply waited for their boss to reply.

"You can help me sort this."

"Are you sure it's fine for me to see them?" Kanae was hesitant.

Kevin nodded. With his agreement, she started to work and sorted out the numerous papers. With her help, the work ended earlier and Neo was feeling extremely grateful that he didn't have to waste the entire day to finish all of them.

After it has finished, Kevin handed a book to Kanae. "Just read this while you're here. The others will bring the food here."

Kanae took the book and glanced at the title. It was a book about clans in this city. This city was nicknamed as City of Crime as they were still a lot of the work from underworld organization. The most common three were clans, groups, and gangs.

She didn't understand why Kevin told her to read, but she followed his instruction.

In the middle of their work, the door was knocked and a man came inside. He was startled to see a girl sitting on Kevin's table with him.

"Is there anything wrong, Lou?" Kevin noticed his gaze, but he ignored it.

"It's nothing bo-President. Here is the food you asked," Lou immediately put the food on the table, trying his best to ignore the presence of Kanae. After talking for a moment with Kevin, he walked outside and immediately walked to the person watching on the table near them.

"Who's that girl?"

"She is the new employee that President brings to the company around a week to two ago. Is there anything wrong?" the person asked.

"No, nothing," From what Lou knew, Kevin would not let any stranger got near him. It must mean that he had met the girl before today and knew about her. But, he didn't remember seeing their President get close to any girl.

"Do you want information about her? The file has been compiled."

"Sure," taking the paper, he immediately read it. His eyes stared at the information about her at school. So, she was his friend from school, but why the president suddenly took her in? From the bottom of his heart, he hoped that it was not like what he thought.

While he was in turmoil, Kanae joined eating with the president and spent the rest of her time reading the book. The other three were also busy with their work that they ignored her presence. They were already used to have her stayed beside their boss in the Student Council, so no one felt weird anymore.

"Thank you for the book," Kanae finally finished reading.

"What do you think about them?" Kevin glanced up from his work.

"They're very detailed. I think I learn a lot from this book. I never know that the structure for clans is that complicated."

Kevin nodded his head. "Be careful outside. It's not good for a girl to walk around alone."

Did he make her read the book to make her more aware of the danger? Kanae looked towards the expressionless president with a confused look. She quickly dispersed the thoughts as the employee brought their dinner. She ate with them before she bid her farewell to the president.

"I think you should order more food when she comes over," Neo commented.

Mike nodded his head in agreement.

"We'll see about that in the future," Kevin answered lightly. "For now, focus on your work. There's a deal we need to get."

"Yes, Boss!"