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78 Staying Over Once Again

 Aside from spending the time to teach Kanae how to cook, the three of them chose to cook for themselves. Kanae was only allowed to watch and not helping them because they were not sure if they could be patience if Kanae were to step over and messed the kitchen again.

When Clara went home, she was stunned to see the numerous foods on the table. It seemed that they were going to have a party with more than 10 different type of foods placed on the table.

"Are you three spending your time in the kitchen again?"

Alice nodded her head. She was still wearing an apron, and her hand was holding a bowl of rice.

"We're showing Kanae different types of food."

Clara scratched her head as she looked towards the numerous food on the table. How in the world they would be able to finish them all.

"Mother, do you also want to help?"

"My only question is, can you finish all of them?"

"Don't worry. Kanae can finish them all."

On the side, Kanae nearly fell from her chair. Were you taking my stomach to be bottomless abyss? I'm not that hungry to the point I could eat the portion for ten people! At most, she would be able to at half of them, but after that, she was not sure if she would be able to walk.

"Let's just have dinner. Your father won't be home again today."


The four of them gathered on the table and started eating. It was delicious as both Alice and Misae were excellent chefs. The sound of them joking around on the table was loud and clear.

However, in the end, there was still some leftover from the table. Kanae was already very full and although she was satisfied, she felt that she wouldn't be able to walk for the time being.

"The glutton finally feels satisfied," Misae said mischievously.

Kanae glared. "What about the rest of the food?"

"We'll eat them tomorrow. I'll just place them in the refrigerator," Misae answered lightly. Some of the foods wouldn't stay long and have to be eaten right away, but the others could be placed in the refrigerator for the next day.

Alice helped Misae put the food inside the refrigerator while Kanae forced herself to move and washed the dishes. Before long, they have finished and prepared to sleep. Because this time there was two of them, Misae pulled an additional sheet for Alice while Kanae settled in the living room.

"Your bedroom is quite nice," Alice commented as she looked towards the pink room. It was very neat and tidy with the majority of the items were clad in pink color.

Misae smiled. "Thank you. Do you mind if I turn off the light?"

"Its fine, I usually sleep in dark too."

Some people needed to have the light still on for them to be able to sleep while the others didn't mind much. For Misae, she preferred the dark room, so she asked that question to Alice.

"Good night."

The three of them slept through the night without any disturbance. When it was morning, Kanae woke up the earliest. She sat down on the sofa and looked towards Clara's room. It didn't take long for Clara to come out and noticed that Kanae was up.

"You're always up very early."

"It's a habit."

"I'll warm up the food from yesterday. After that, I'll go out first."

Kanae acknowledged it and waited for the food. Not long after Clara went to her work, Alice came out of the bedroom slowly. She was trying her best to not wake the sleeping Misae.

"She's slow to wake up," Kanae smiled wryly.

Alice nodded her head in agreement. She ate the food before taking out her book. "The school seems to close down continuously. I need your help with the lesson."


The two of them started to review the lesson in the living room. When Misae woke up and saw that, she speedily washed up and joined in. The explanation from Kanae was far better than their teacher. In the end, they only stopped when it was the time for lunch.

"Is there still many leftovers from yesterday?" Kanae asked.

Misae glared towards Kanae. "You have eaten most of them this morning. There is not that much for lunch."

"I think they're still enough for us."

The three of them scrambled to eat the food before resuming their lesson for another two hours. Neither one of them wanted to learn for long, so after that, they were just lazing around in the living room.

"You're really amazing, Kanae. I'll surely treat you after this," Misae said while grinning.

"You can treat me when we return back to school," Kanae laughed.

"Alright, I'll treat you for lunch and Alice for after school."

Alice was startled. "I have to treat too?"

"Of course," Misae grinned. She wanted to drag her friend into this too.

Hearing that, Alice giggled. "Alright, I get it."

Misae shifted her gaze to the ceiling. Her mind drifted for a moment as she recalled something.

"Oh yeah, can I visit your place?"

"No, you can't," Alice immediately refused. Seeing the two of them stared at her, she stammered to explain, "My father doesn't like my friend to come over."

"That's too bad," Misae sighed.

Kanae scratched her head. "There's nothing wrong if you want to visit my place, but are you sure you're alright with a small room? There's barely any room for the three of us."

She was not lying. Her place was incredibly small that she herself often found it hard to move around. If it was only herself, she didn't mind much. But if her two friends came over, she was afraid that there wouldn't be any space for them to stay.

Misae recalled that Kanae didn't have a good condition for living, so she didn't pester any longer.

"I guess, my place is the best for us to gather."

The other two nodded their head immediately. The three of them chatted about other things as time passed by and it was the time for them to go home. Today, they didn't have any plan to stay over anymore.