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77 Cooking Lesson

 The next day Kanae woke up early as usual and dressed up lazily. There was no school today, but her body clock forced her to wake up as usual. With no other choice, she washed up and cleaned up. Since she was already up, it would be better if she came over to stay in Misae's place again. It would be boring to stay here when she didn't have anything to do because she didn't have to go to work.

When she walked out of the room, she noticed that the guards were far more than usual, close to double their number. It seemed even her uncle was more worried about his daughter safety thus he sent more people to guard the mansion. Although she hadn't met them again for a long time, she knew that her cousin was still inside the big mansion.

Taking out her key, she walked outside the mansion area with a small bag pack as usual. She closed the door carefully before walking on the street. She purposely avoided the suspicious place as she made her way to Misae's house. In front of that big house, she noticed a girl was getting out from a car.

Seeing that familiar countenance, she nearly shouted out in surprise. "Alice?"

Alice turned her head and looked towards Kanae blankly. She didn't expect that the two of them would have similar thought about going to Misae's house.

"Good morning, Kanae."

"Good morning," Kanae walked to Alice's side. "Are you thinking about going inside too?"

Alice nodded her head. "Yes, let's go in."

Kanae walked to the front door and rang the bell. Just like before, Clara was the one who opened the door. Her eyes were surprised when she saw Alice standing beside Kanae.

"What a surprise. I never thought that Misae has another pretty friend."

Alice blushed in embarrassment. "Good morning Madam, I'm Alice, Misae's friend."

"Please come in, you two."

The two of them walked inside. Although Clara was already familiar with Kanae, this was the first time she met with Alice. When Alice came over previously, Clara and Kano were away to do their work.

"Misae is still sleeping. Do you two want some breakfast?"

"There's no need to trouble yourself," Kanae wanted to decline. Although she was hungry, it would be impolite of her to ask for food from them again.

"No need to be shy," Clara laughed.

The two of them unable to refuse and soon Clara had cooked a lot of food for them. Of course, the majority of them went into Kanae's stomach and only a small portion was eaten by Alice.

Kano walked out when the two of them were in the middle of eating. "We have another guest?"

"Good morning, Sir. I'm Alice, Misae's friend," Alice immediately stood up and introduced herself politely.

"There's no need to be so rigid," Kano laughed. He looked towards Alice with inquiring eyes. He had heard about this girl, so he remembered that Misae said Alice looked like a doll. Now that he saw her up close, he realized that his daughter was right. Alice was incredibly pretty, like a doll.

However, when he studied the girl's appearance, he got the feeling that he had seen her somewhere before. He just couldn't remember it.

"Good morning, Sir," Kanae also greeted after she swallowed her food. Her voice took Kano's attention to her.

"Good morning Kanae and Alice, I need to go to work, so just a light one for me," Kano said to Clara.

Unfortunately, Clara had placed a plate full of rice in front of the man as she smiled. "A big plate is more suitable for you."

Kano's smile stiffened. Under the watch of his wife, he had to eat them as fast as he could. When they finished, the two of them went out for work while Alice and Kanae were doing anything they could to suppress their laugher.

After the Misae's parents had left, the two of them laughed and talked about that situation. When the two of them were talking, the door opened and Misae came out. Upon seeing the two of them, her mouth opened wide.

"Why are you two come here again?"

"We want to visit you," Kanae laughed. It was not that hard to deduce that they came to meet with Misae given that they were already in the living room.

Misae groaned. They should have told her if they wanted to come. She came out with her pajamas again. Without replying, she went into her room again and washed up as quickly as she could.

"If you two come because you're worried about me, I'm already good," Misae said after she came out again.

Kanae giggled. "I come to ask for your assistance in cooking again."

With what Kanae said, Misae's face turned pale. She was already feeling extremely helpless when she was faced with Kanae's ability to turn the entire kitchen upside down. Now she had to face another round? Can't you give me slight breathing?

"Alice, do you mind if you're the one who instructs Kanae in this field?" Misae wore a helpless expression as she looked towards Alice.

Seeing that expression, Alice got a bad feeling, but she still nodded her head. Kanae scratched her head. Was she really that scary in the kitchen?

"Let's make potato, carrot, and corn soup."

After that, the three of them came into the kitchen. First of all, they told Kanae to wash the vegetable, which she did carefully. She did not use the soap, but her speed made the other two speechless.

"There's no need for you to wash that long," Misae looked towards the time with a wry smile.

"But if I'm not long, it's not clean."

"Trust me, if you wash that long, you'll spend most of your time just to wash them," Alice also added.

"Now, let's cut them."

"Wait, you have to peel them first. Don't cut too much!"

"That's too little, do you want to eat the outer layer?"

In the end, they still have to scold Kanae numerous times. Facing two angry girls, Kanae felt rather helpless. She was never able to make any good food, so there was no need for them to be this strict, right? Unfortunately, they had to be strict with the food she made because if they didn't, it wouldn't be edible.

After a long battle in the kitchen, they finally finished the cooking. Alice finally understood why Misae was looking like that when Kanae mentioned about asking for another cooking lesson. This girl was simply a disaster.

"At least, the food is finished."

Kanae scratched her head. "This is like the opposite from what we usually do in the school."

In the school, these two would pester Kanae to help them in their lesson. Here, it was the opposite as Kanae was the one being scolded over and over because she couldn't do thing right.

"I'm not as patient as you," Misae grimaced.

"Let's just eat. I'm already hungry," Alice wore a wry smile.

Misae shook her head. "Let's cook again and this time, Kanae just watch."

Kanae nodded her head as she watched the other two worked in the kitchen. Inside her heart, she wondered if she would ever be able to be like them.