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76 Attack Targe

 When they were cleaning up, Kanae noticed that some people started to come. She stopped her movement and stared at the journalist who came to the school and started to take pictures and interview the students. Many of them bragged about the fight, especially those who were wounded and bandaged all over their body.

"Their shamelessness truly doesn't have bound," the doctor sighed.

They were only involved in minor fights and even cried during the time the doctor tended their wound. The next second, they changed themselves to become a tough person in front of the camera. They were truly awesome. He had to give a big thumb up for them

Kanae chuckled, "Have you finished with tending the wound, doctor?"

The doctor nodded. "They are not wounded that badly since they are not the gang's target. Still, they are really reckless student to charge into the brawl instantly."

"Can't refute that," Kanae answered.

"I will return to the infirmary first. If there is any other student need help, just send them there," he said as he tidied up his equipment.

Kanae nodded, "Thank you doctor."

After the doctor left, the cleaning process continued. Luckily for Kanae, she got a break first to eat because her stomach couldn't hold on anymore with the urge to eat.

When it was already around 3 PM, she found Misae and Alice walked over to her.

"Misae, Alice, are you two alright?" Kanae waved her hand.

Misae nodded, "I eat first before coming here. How's the condition?"

Alice only nodded her head lightly as she didn't want to say anything too much in front of the journalist around and the bragging students.

"There are no heavy wounds to the patient and all. The cleaning up process might still take a long time. Do you want to help out?" Kanae handed her the tools.

"Sure," taking them, Misae and Alice started to clean up the ground along with Kanae. It took them another few hours before finishing with the cleaning up process. It seemed that the damage on the school was far bigger than what they thought.

"The school will be closed down tomorrow. They need to repair the entire broken item first," Tommy walked over and handed them some drinks, "President's treat."

"Thank you," Misae took hers first and drink the soda. She felt refreshed.

Alice smiled towards Tommy as she accepted the drink. She indeed needed them very badly.

Kanae looked outside and nudged Misae, "Your father comes to pick you up. It's already late, you better hurry and goes back home first."

"Alright, see you later tomorrow."

After Misae left, Kanae still sat on her place with Tommy and Alice standing on the side. Her eyes watched the car as they left.

"Is she alright in the infirmary, Alice?" Kanae turned her head to look towards Alice.

Alice nodded her head with a bright smile. "I think she has started to recover. I'm sure she'll be fine after this. She's a strong girl."

She was not the only one who thought that way as Kanae too has a similar thought. She nodded her head as she smiled.

"Thank you for accompanying her."

"There's no need to thank me, I'm the one who wants to accompany her," Alice giggled. Her doll like face made her even more adorable and some students around them even stopped to look at this beauty.

"You're right," Kanae smiled back.

Alice looked outside. "I need to go home first, my father is going to worry if I'm not at home."

"Alright, take care of yourself."

As Alice left, only Tommy and Kanae were left in that place. Tommy yawned as he stretched his body.

"I really want to have some sleep."

Kanae frowned. "I heard that you had been sleeping on the infirmary every day?"

"It's not every day... well almost."

"If you didn't study well, I bet that you would not be able to advance in class."


Kanae stood up, "I'll continue cleaning up a bit before going home."

Tommy nodded and waved before walking towards the others, who were busy cleaning up. There were still some parts that need to be cleaned up, but they could leave it for the guards tomorrow since they have done more than what they were supposed to do.

Jay looked towards Tommy, "Is there anything?"

"The gangs are coming for you, right? Did you do something to annoy them lately?"

Jay's face turned darker, "It's not like I do something to them. The Souhon Clan is involved in a few new trades lately and messes up a few of them. For revenge, they might want to hurt people from the Souhon Clan especially those from direct lineage."

"So, you're really involved."

"I'm not the only one being chased and I'm not the only clan's member in this school," Jay's eyes were looking towards the ground deeper. As the clan's member, he knew better about those who were actually the member of clans. Because of that, he knew there were many others who were hiding their real identity.

For them, it was basically a game they needed to put on before they grew up and worked in the clan. After all, underage children in the clan still needed to go to school and they would want to pass their day time in peace. That was for a certain time frame before they needed to abandon their real identity.

Jay stared at Tommy, "And you too, right? Though, I'm not sure which clan you come from."

"Ah, bad guess," Tommy grinned. "I'm not from clans. I'm just a kid who grows up on the street."

"I see," Jay still looked towards Tommy suspiciously, but he didn't ask any deeper. After all, he was mostly curious about the way Tommy fought, but he too didn't want to offend his friend.

After talking a bit more, they went their separate way.


Misae House

"Father, it's rare for you to pick me up," Misae said after they had arrived at home.

"If my precious daughter is in danger, father will surely come after you. Did you get hurt?" Kano looked at Misae up and down in worry.

"I'm fine father. There would not be any school tomorrow, so I can just stay at home," Misae grinned.

Kano was contemplating. Should he take one day off from the office to accompany his daughter? But, he was sure that Misae would protest if he did that because she didn't want to burden her father with her well being.

"During the fight, are you in danger?" Kano asked.

Misae remembered the scene of Kanae protecting her. She smiled wryly, "I think that when the window breaks, I was in danger, but Kanae protected me, so I'm fine."

"Window breaks?" he remembered that Kanae seat was right near the window. Should the window break, wouldn't the girl get hurt because of the glass pieces? It seemed like the matter was more serious than what he thought.

"Yeah, but she's not hurt, so it's fine. And father, do you know the reason why they are attacking the school?" Misae looked up.

Kano knew, but he didn't feel like telling Misae the truth. He didn't want her to worry about things more than what she already was. But, it didn't mean that he couldn't tell her anything, if it was only a bit of clue, it should be fine.

"They want to wound someone particular, a lot of people at that."

"They are really hateful," Misae's face turned dark.

"Wash up and get ready for dinner. Your mother will be back soon."


Kano sighed to himself. The one the gangs were looking for were all the important figures from different clans. From the biggest clan to small groups, they heard that the students were there and hid their identity. Somehow, he already started to regret his decision to put Misae inside that school.

He hoped that there would not be any mishap to his daughter.