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75 Cleaning Up Process

 "Kanae," Tommy walked up to her, "Where were you when the fight happened? I didn't see you anywhere."

"I'm in the Student Council room accompanying Misae," Kanae answered. She looked towards Tommy's hand and frowned, "Did you get hurt?

"Oh this, just a scratch," Tommy grinned. He covered his hand with the other hand as he said, "It's not that bad, none of us actually get wounded and we are mostly fine."

The students were too excited when they joined the fight. This has caused the mess to grow bigger as many of the students were wounded. The teacher would surely felt a headache all over because of the students' recklessness. They were really hard to control.

"Be careful, now we only need to clean up."

Tommy only nodded his head before bending down to pick the broken things from the ground. Rather than arguing, it was better to finish the work faster. Although they would be unable to clean up everything, at the very least, they needed to make a safe path to go out of the school.

Seeing the condition of the school, Kanae was sure that they would need to repair a lot of things. Glasses, fences, even the ground were not spared from the fight. There was no doubt that there wouldn't be any school tomorrow. There was no way the students would feel comfortable with this mess in front of them.

"Who started the fight?" since they were only using other weapons, it didn't seem that they were the clans' member.

"I don't know their name. They are a medium gang who has a few conflicts with the clans. They said that they got news that some of the clan's members are here, so they choose to attack along with a few other small clans."

"They are really adamant to attack here," Kanae sighed. She suddenly heard a scream coming from behind her and hurriedly turned around. She thought that there was another fight, but what she saw was a patient yelling because of pain.

Kanae blinked her eyes a few times. She was not seeing things wrong, right? "...That's a boy right?"

"No, he's still a kid. To yell at this small pain," Tommy sighed and jeered. For men to scream at the slight pain was too embarrassing. If it was him, he wouldn't have the face to meet with his friends anymore. He walked over and smacked that student in the head and berated him.

The doctor was startled, "Tommy, you shouldn't do that. Not everyone is like you who often got involved into fights and wounded."

"If he's a man, he would not cry over small wound like that," Tommy answered harshly.

When she saw Tommy's action, Kanae wanted to bury her head underground immediately. She walked over and used the small wood on her hand to whack Tommy's head before apologizing to the doctor, "Pardon this rude boy."

"Why are you the one apologizing in my stead?" Tommy complained.

The doctor laughed and skillfully tended to the boy wound. In a matter of seconds, he had finished tending the wound and moved towards the other boy. The doctor was still young and handsome, which caused many of the girl students to feel awe.

Watching from the side, Kanae smiled. "Now I understand why the girls are so obedient."

"Didn't you already meet with him on the infirmary before?" Tommy asked questioningly. Kanae answered with sticking her tongue out and Tommy shrugged, "Well, but the girls are bound to get disappointed. The kind teacher is actually..."

The doctor already returned and pressed on Tommy's wound so suddenly, making his face contorted in pain. "If you don't want to feel more pain, you better not spout nonsense."

Seeing the transformation from the smiling doctor to the evil doctor, Kanae laughed. Tommy wanted to protest, but his wound already tended by the doctor skillfully before he even realized it. The doctor turned his attention to other students.

"The doctor is still in his early 20-s, right?" Jay popped out and looked towards Tommy's wound with interest.

"Where did you come from?" Tommy frowned.

"I was over there with President and the rest," Jay answered. Kanae noticed the bandaged arm of Jay. It seemed that the Souhon Clan has some internal dispute.

Jay's face changed into mockery, "But, why did you get wounded over such petty fight?"

The two of them fell into a heated argument. Kanae ignored the two of them as she walked to help the cleaning up. In the end, Mike had to separate them and gave them the warning with a smile. It seemed the name of smiling devil truly fitted Mike.

Mike looked towards Kanae, "By the way, where are you during the entire fight?"

"I'm in Student Council room, waiting for the fight to end," Kanae answered.

"I see."

The Student Council room might look ordinary to other people, but Mike knew that it was actually the safest area. With small windows and tough walls around it, there would be hardly anyone who can break into the room.

Different with the classroom that was filled with window, which was vulnerable for people who were sitting next to the window; the attack would not be easily headed towards the glass, giving the people inside protection they need. Aside from the Student Council room, there were still plenty other rooms like that, but most of them were locked and the students needed permission to get inside.

"Did you get hurt, Mike?" Kanae looked towards Mike up and down.

"You don't have to worry. I'm pretty sure that you know that I'm really skillful in fighting. These puny fights would not be able to hurt me," Mike reassured Kanae.

Kevin and Neo walked over to them, "The wounded ones have been escorted to the doctor. Did you get hurt, Kanae?"

"No, I'm not President? What about you?" Kanae asked back.

"I'm fine," Kevin answered calmly. He looked towards the fight with his brow creased, "Did you know who started the fight?"

"Tommy said that the fight is started by a medium gang who targeted people from clans who attend the school here," Kanae answered.

"It's true," Kevin too got the same answer from the thugs he asked during the fight. However, who dared to leak the news that the clans' members were here?

Neo stretched his body and sighed at the mess, "How long will it take us to finish the cleaning up. At least, we don't have to repair them since the school will handle it themselves."

Kanae nodded her head in agreement. At that time, a rumbling sound appeared from her stomach. Her face turned crimson in embarrassment. Why did her stomach betray her at this very moment? She held onto her stomach, it seemed that she was starting to get hungry because she hadn't eaten yet and it was nearing midday.

Neo and Mike looked towards each other and tried their best to not laugh. When they were trying to talk about something serious, something like this popped out. They truly didn't know whether they should laugh or not.

On the other hand, Kevin rummaged his pocket and handed her a small bag of biscuit, "You can eat it first. The canteen is closed down, but it will be opened again later, so make do with it."

"Are you sure, what about you?"

"I'm not hungry."

"Thank you," Kanae decided to accept the biscuit, but she kept on staring at Kevin.

"What is it?"

"I didn't think that you would bring food around with you," Kanae answered honestly.

"Just eat it and continue cleaning up. Also, you don't have to work for the next few days."

"Yes, Sir."

With that instruction, the rest of the Student Council members continued to clean up the place.