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71 Boss… Why Are You Hiring an Underage?

 After parting with Misae, Kanae originally planned to walk to the company again. She purposely avoided the second years because she didn't want to attract more attention in the company. Unfortunately, she bumped straight to them after she had stepped out from the gate.

"Kanae, come in," Mike beckoned for her to come.

Kanae sighed. "I can walk just fine. There's no need for you to wait for me."

"Boss says that you have to come with us, so we wait for you," Mike pointed to the back seat. "Can you do us a favor and hop into the car?"


Without any other choice, Kanae walked inside the car. She saw that Kevin was holding another stack of paper, and he was in the midst of reading them carefully. Just how much of a workaholic this man was? She didn't see him enjoy himself, except during the game of basketball.

"Why do I have to come with you?" Kanae asked when Kevin finally finished reading.

Kevin's gaze turned to her. "It's dangerous on the street. Using a car is much safer."

She was already used to walk alone on the street, even at night. There was no need to worry about her condition as she knew the way to walk around without any danger.

"I can walk just fine. All these times, I never encounter any mishap," Kanae was still grumbling.

"If the chances can be reduced, it will be better this way."

Alright, she would never win when arguing with this man. Turning her head to the side, she refused to look at Kevin. She was still annoyed because she knew that the news she has been trying to tone down would soar again because of this incident.

"There's a secluded parking area in the company," Kevin suddenly spoke out. "If you don't want anyone to see, we'll use that one."

Kanae was stunned, "Really?"

Seeing Kevin nodded, her mood cheered up instantly. She smiled widely and nodded her head in agreement. "Thank you!"

On the other hand, Neo's face turned sour. That parking place was quite far from the main building, which was why they didn't use it often. He still didn't like to use that place to park their car.

After looking towards Kanae's face for a second, Kevin shifted his attention back to the paper he was holding. He needed to learn them again as he needed to pay more attention to the business deal in the company if he wanted to expand his business.

Neo took them to the secluded place that Kevin talked about beforehand. There were fewer people around, so Kanae didn't worry that there would be anyone recognizing her.

"We'll walk first," Mike informed Kanae.

After the three of them had walked dozens of meters, Kanae followed from behind towards the building. She went straight to her working place and did the assignment that was directed towards her. In the midst of her work, she heard the sound of someone coming.

"Oh, there's a new employee," the man said with a surprised tone.

The supervisor nodded his head. "Boss personally picks her, and so far, her work is very satisfying."

Could you please not praise me in front of the other employees? Kanae could feel their gaze directed towards her was full of competitiveness. It didn't really matter for her if they wanted to compete as she barely paid any attention to them.

"Let me see her," the man appeared from behind her monitor.

Seeing that slightly aged face and unruly clothes, Kanae's mind turned blank in surprise for a moment. She was sure that she had seen his face somewhere before this. It took her less than one second to remember this man and his name.

"Sir Ryan?"

"Kanae?" the man asked with a surprised tone. He had met with her in the noodle store before, so he was quite familiar. After that, he hadn't come again, so he didn't know that now Kanae worked in Kale Company.

"Why are you here?" Kanae's hand stopped as she looked towards this man. Wasn't he a gangster or at least part of the underworld? His appearance was still messy like before and his big build would give people the impression that he was part of the underworld. This was also the reason Kanae was suspicious of his appearance.

Ryan pointed towards Kanae. "I can ask the same to you."

"I'm working here. Pres -Boss hire me a few days ago after I lose my job," Kanae answered and turned her gaze towards Ryan as if saying that it was his turn to answer.

Knowing his appearance, Ryan knew that he would make Kanae suspicious if he said that he worked here. After all, his appearance didn't suit the work inside a company, especially work behind the desk like what Kanae did.

"I'm a client," Ryan immediately answered.

"You want to buy something?" Kanae was stunned. This was still a company and if people just wanted to buy a few, they could just easily found the distributor. There was no need to come straight to here.

Ryan shook his head. "There's no need for you to know so much."

"Alright," Kanae would not pry deeper. She was about to shift her attention to her work again when he spoke up.

"How's the Old Man?"

"I haven't met with him again ever since I start to work here."

"I thought you're still in contact with him."

Well, she wanted to do just that, but she couldn't. First of all, she didn't have any phone and the only phone she had was the home phone, which she rarely used. Secondly, she was not sure about the Old Man's house, so the only chance was to find him in this company. However, the Old Man was not working here, so she didn't know where she could find him.

"I don't."

Ryan nodded his head. His eyes watched as Kanae resumed her work. Looking towards her typing speed, he wondered if she ate something. It was exceptionally fast, and he almost couldn't follow after her movement.

"Sir Ryan?" the supervisor was stunned when he saw that Ryan and Kanae knew each other. He thought that it was already good enough for Kanae to know their boss. Who would have thought that she also knew someone like Ryan?

Ryan shook his head. "I'll return now. Take care of yourself."

"Yes Sir."

When Ryan arrived in the lift, he felt like banging his head to the wall. He didn't mean to lie, but he found it difficult to tell that bright child that he was working here. He just hoped that the boss wouldn't know as he silently prayed inside his mind while lamenting.

'Ahhh, Boss... why are you hiring an underage?'