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69 They’re Differen

 After Kanae's explanation about her relationship with the president, the people in the office were trying their best to accept that fact. Luckily, she didn't come with their president that day, so they could learn it better.

The next day, Kanae arrived in the school early as usual. She got more sleep from the time she worked under Kevin, so she didn't feel sleepy during the class. Even the teachers were happy to see their usual sleeping princess started to pay more attention in the class.

The students, however, were the opposite. At first, they were glad that Kanae had waked up, and they could ask her a lot. The end result was the teacher kept on comparing them to Kanae and asked them to improve.


When they looked towards the role model, they would have the urge to cry. How in the world did they improved to Kanae's level? That was impossible!

"I guess whether Kanae wakes up or sleeping, she's always the center of discussion," Alice giggled.

Misae nodded her head. "They're really funny."

"I can't really do anything about that," Kanae put a wry smile. At the very least, she was very busy lately because the students were pestering her to help them with their lesson. Because she was no longer sleeping, the students decided to ask for her help continuously.

"You're one of the best students in this class, so please help us," Misae flashed a mischievous grin.

Kanae rolled her eyes in annoyance. She was glad that Misae had returned to her usual mischievous and bold girl, but it didn't mean she was happy with being pestered by the students. Come on, she wanted to have some peace!

The three of them finally got some leeway when the lesson changed. When it was not related to science, the students would not bother Kanae too much. There was simply nothing they needed to ask from her as most of them were already inside the book. The question was only whether they read the book or not.

Misae shifted her glance to outside the class. She felt rather bored, and their sitting position was near the window. Although Kanae was closer, she could sneak a peek to the window.


The students were stunned when they heard that voice. They immediately stopped whatever they did and turned their head towards the window. They wanted to know the source of that sound.

"Move aside a bit. I can't see anything."

"Don't push me!"

Misae was right beside Kanae, so she could see the scene outside the window rather clearly. There was a group of men standing in front of the gate yelling some words they couldn't hear.

Alice wore a worried expression. "Do you think they'll charge into this place?"

"I don't think so," their number was too little for them to charge into the school and based on their clothes, they were not a gang, but rather a group.

"Do you know what they are saying, Kanae?" Alice turned her head.

Kanae shook her head. "No, I don't know. I'm more curious about their clothes. They seem to be from a group and not a gang."

"How do you know?" Misae was stunned.

Alice frowned as she looked towards the people carefully. She then nodded her head as she realized that Kanae was correct. Those people were not from a gang, but they were from group.

"I think I know who they are," Alice said in a low voice.

Misae's eyes widened. "Are you sure?"

"Not really. But if I'm not wrong, there's a dispute between the Souhon Clan with a group from yesterday newspaper. They disagree about a certain agreement they make, and the group is furious."

"The groups are active again?" Kanae was startled.

Alice nodded her head slightly. "That big battle happens in August, so many of them start to return back for business. But only the small ones since the big ones are still recuperating."

"There's a big battle?" Misae looked in confusion.

"Yes, the detail is unclear, but at that time all famous and big groups participate. As the result, many of them sustain heavy wounds, so they are unable to operate for a long time."

When Alice recalled that, she felt that it was a bit too bad. After all, many of the groups have excellent fighters among them, but they were forced to not operate for a long time. Recuperating after a fierce and hard battle would take them months before they could return to the street again.

Kanae looked towards the men outside the gate. "If they're looking for the leader of Souhon Clan, shouldn't they go to the clan's territory?"

"Their leader is in this school," a student chirped in. "He's in the third year."

Hearing that, Misae's face paled as she looked towards the other two. Her eyes were watching as a student walked out from the third year building towards the group in front of the gate.

"A high school student is the leader of a clan?" Misae asked.

Alice shook her head lightly. "If I'm not wrong, their current head is sick, so their oldest Young Master is the one in charge."

Young Master.

Misae recalled hearing this word directed towards Jay. So it seemed that Jay had someone else from their clan in this school.

"Do you know him?"

"If you're talking about his name, I know," Kanae answered. "It's Roy Hon."

After she had recalled that way to recognizing the descendant of the clans, she browsed through the name of the students and found another one that shared the same surname with Jay. He was a third year and actually quite famous as the students in that boy's class were afraid of him.

Outside the building, Roy was walking towards the group with a nonchalant expression. He looked towards the guard.

"You can let them in. I'll take care of them."

The leader looked towards Roy menacingly. "So you finally come out. Do you know how much we have spent for the deal and you suddenly call it off?"

"We don't need trash. You're just a third rate group, be grateful that we still take time to welcome you," Roy answered simply.

"You're courting death!"

Hearing Roy's words, the men were furious. They charged towards Roy in full power as the boy simply moved his feet and hand slightly to avoid their weapon trajectory. Another one tried to shoot him, but Roy pulled the men before him as the shield.


The students who were watching shrieked when they heard the sound of the gun. Misae was pushed backward by Kanae the moment the gun was shot, so she didn't see what happened.

Looking towards the fierceness they showed, she felt terrified as she finally recalled how the clans were living in a completely different world. They fought everyday and have to survive through countless dangerous situations. It was completely different from her usual life.

"Don't watch."

Kanae's voice reverberated on her ear as she tried her best to forget about the fight in front of them. It was simply too brutal for her to watch.