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68 Playing Basketball

 Nolen School C, the Field

"Misae, watch out for the ball!"

In the next second, a ball made its way towards Misae's face. She was knocked back. The poor girl used her hand to cover up her face as the heat made its way towards her cheek. She was extremely embarrassed for being absent minded in the field.

Alice ran towards Misae worriedly. "Are you alright?"

Misae nodded her head. She looked around and noticed that most of the students have their attention placed on the duel between Kanae and Kevin. Today was another joint sport class, and these two immediately went to their duel, so not many students saw her embarrassing state.

"I think I'll just watch Kanae's play," Misae wore a wry smile.

Alice checked Misae's face in case she was hurt, but because no one passed the ball too hard, there was no wound. She heaved a sigh of relief as she took Misae out from the court. They were quickly replaced by other students who wanted to play the ball.

The game between Kevin and Kanae lasted longer than what people expected. This time, Kanae moved even faster and stayed in front of Kevin for a longer time. The two heated fight made the students cheered loudly in excitement. There was no one who could beat these two.

When the two of them looked towards the court, Kanae was in the possession of the ball. Circling against the other students, she came face to face with Kevin. Her hand bent back a bit and the ball bounced to her back thus avoiding Kevin's hand that came to snatch the ball. Using the other hand, she hit the ball to bounce on the floor right into Tommy's hand.

Tommy dribbled the ball and head towards the ring, scoring a beautiful point.

"Nice cooperation!" Tommy gave thumbs up to Kanae.

Kanae grinned. "I get a pass at you."

Kevin nodded slightly at Kanae. "The same movement won't work twice."

"Don't worry, I still can create many different movements," Kanae answered with a confident smile. "Just because you're now my boss, I won't show any leniency to you."

"That's what I want," Kevin answered.

They continued to play until it was half time. The students were scrambling for drinks because the play was simply too intense. The first years gathered around Kanae who plopped to the ground the moment the referee said half time.

"Your drink," Tommy passed a bottle to Kanae.

Kanae accepted it and drank the water with relief. The game was intense, yet her face was full of smiles. "It's really fun."

"You two are crazy," Jay said helplessly. He was part of the team because of his physique, but his skill was not up to par. He could only stumble here and there trying his best to match against Neo. They asked him to guard him because the two of them have similar physique.

Tommy patted his friend's shoulder. "You're doing great."

"Can you still play for the second half, Kanae?"

They were only playing the ball with one break in between. Although the rules were actually four breaks, the students didn't want to wait that long for a full game as they also wanted to get the chance to play.

Kanae nodded her head. "It should be fine if it's only for another half. If I can't play, I'll ask for substitution in the middle of the game."

"Alright, let's go!"

The game continued again. From their lineup, it seemed as if the first years were in disadvantages because there was one girl. However, it was actually the opposite as the girl was actually the best player from the first year.

"We'll need more people to join the game in the future," Alice commented as she watched the game.

Misae nodded her head. Her eyes were following after Jay who seemed to be unable to play too well. Although he did help, he mostly lost the ball to other students who were able to play. In terms of skill, he and Neo were more likely to be at a similar level.

In the end, Kanae was substituted in the middle of the second half. They allowed the player to rest a bit when they exchanged the player.

"You play well," Kevin said before she got out.

Kanae nodded her head. "Thank you President."

Without Kanae, the game turned in Kevin's favor completely. It didn't take long for the first years to lose, but their difference in score was not that big anymore as Tommy and a few other first years have been honing their skill.

"That's really tiring," Kanae waved her hand towards the other two. "Have fun watching the game?"

Alice nodded her head as a smile was formed on her lips. "You did great on the field just now."

Misae looked towards the two of them as she fidgeted. There was something that she wanted to know very badly.

"Why are you two still treating him like usual?"

Kanae sighed. "Misae, not all of the clans are bad. You should stop generalizing all of them."

"You speak like you're a clan's member..." Misae frowned.

"Sorry to disappoint you," Kanae laughed. "I'm not a clan's member."

"No, it would better be that you're not," Misae added quickly.

Alice smiled slightly. "In this school, you will more likely meet them because the law in this school is not that strict and it is easy to get in."

What Alice said was correct as this school was indeed the best place for those underworld people who were still underage to study. However, even if they were from the underworld, they were also students and they wouldn't act any different on the usual basis. That was why it was hard to differentiate between a member and ordinary people.

"You're right," Misae mumbled.

Kanae patted her best friend's shoulder. "When you don't know about it, he's your friend. Now that you know, is there anything different from him?"

There was nothing different from him in Misae's eyes. She saw that he was still as usual, which was the very reason she was confused about what she should do. She hated the clans, but he was also her friends.

"There's no need to force yourself. Many other people hated the clan's member," Alice added.

Misae nodded her head. "I think I want to cool down my head."

Alice and Kanae watched as Misae walked away. The two of them stared towards each other as they knew that there was nothing that they could say to Misae anymore.

"Kanae, do you think she will forgive her friends if that person turns out to be a clan's member?" Alice asked in a soft voice.

Kanae nodded her head. "She will, but it might take some time. After all, it is indeed hard for her to accept that someone close to her is part of that world."

"What about you? If your friend hides something from you, will you be angry when you found out?"

"I don't think I will get angry," Kanae shrugged. She already accepted the fact that the underworld people were around them ever since the very first. "I'm not your mother, and I don't need to know everything about you. But as times passes, there will come the time to tell your friends about that."

Alice nodded her head. "So in the end your friends have to know?"

"Well, not that you have to tell them. Sometimes lying can make other people feel better, but there are times when it will be better for them to know the truth," Kanae scratched her head. "After all, everyone has their secret that they don't want other people to know."

Hearing Kanae's words, Alice felt a bit better. She smiled slightly. "I see. Thank you."

"Don't thank me. I do nothing."