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67 Are You Close with the Boss?

 "Are you sure you're fine with us dropping you here?" Neo asked when Tommy got out of the car.

Tommy nodded his head. "The place where I live is not suitable for cars. There's no need to drive me further than this."

"Okay, be careful, Tommy."

"What about you, Jay? Where do you want to be dropped at?" Neo was pretty sure that Jay wouldn't want the rest of the clans' member to see their young master being escorted home.

"Just near the territory is fine. I can go home by myself," Jay answered calmly.

After dropping Jay, they headed towards the company. Even though there was no class for them today, there was still work for them. Kanae got no choice but to follow after them to their work again.

When she came out from the car, she noticed that the gaze directed towards her increased by leaps and bound. Come on, she was just going with the president because they were in the same school. There was no need for them to be so excessively trying to recreate her image in their mind with their heated gaze.

"There are sure a lot of people looking today," Neo commented when he saw the employees were looking towards Kanae.

"I think they just want to know who this girl that stays close with their beloved president is," Kanae grinned.

Hearing the sarcastic remark from Kanae, Mike did all he could to not laugh. It wouldn't do him good to laugh in front of Kevin when the one they were talking about was this particular president.

Kanae could faintly guess their mind as she recalled the way the students looked towards her at first. They were jealous of her to get chosen as the Student Council Vice President, but at the same time, they knew that they were not her match. After they saw her only work and didn't do anything else, they eventually ignored her.

However, she was not sure how she should deal about this in the office. Trying to suppress them with her ability was basically useless. Her position would just make them hated her much more if she tried to confront them.

It seemed that the best way for her to not get their attention was by pretending that she didn't know anything.

"Your place of work is the same as yesterday," Mike reminded.

Kanae nodded her head. "I understand. Thank you very much for bringing me here."

"Not a problem."

While the three of them were going towards their office, Kanae walked to her own work desk. Her supervisor was looking towards her with a gaze full of bewilderment. He could accept that the boss was the one who picked this girl, but he didn't understand why their usually cold boss would let this girl stay with him.

He looked towards Kanae up and down. In terms of appearance, Kanae was very plain. With her wearing the school uniform, it was clear that she was in the same school as their boss. Her hair was tied into two braids. With the addition of her glasses, she looked like the studious type of students. In short, she was not attractive.

"Sir, can you please stop staring at me?" Kanae was feeling uncomfortable at the gaze her superior gave her.

"Ah yes, this is your work for today. You have to write the data on these papers to the computer and arrange them before showing them to me, understand?"

Kanae nodded her head. "I understand."

She turned her head to the monitor as her hand began to type at incredible speed. The supervisor was still looking towards her as he tried to think hard about why their boss wanted to get close with this small girl.

Feeling uncomfortable, Kanae stopped her typing. "Sir, is there anything else?"

"Kanae, are you close with the boss?"

He could understand if she came here with the boss for the first time. However, she came here with their boss TWICE. This was what made him couldn't understand why their boss allowed her to get into the same car with him and came here with him.

"No, I'm just a member in the Student Council with him as the president," Kanae answered. In truth, she wanted to say that she was the Student Council Vice President, but it would make their attention went to her even harder. After all, she has been working on the side of their boss for a couple of weeks.

"Oh, I see," the supervisor said with uncertainty on his voice.

Kanae didn't try to explain further as she continued to do her work. In any case, it was the truth that she was in the Student Council, and she was also under him at school. Now that she thought about it, why it seemed that her life kept on being tied with that indifferent president?

Shaking her head to erase those thoughts, she typed even faster and finished her work earlier. This time, she didn't go to the President's office as she didn't want to attract more attention than what she had received so far.


Misae's House

After coming back from the trip with Kanae and the others, Misae slumped on her bed as she recalled her experience. If she said that she was feeling alright, then she was lying.

"Misae you're still up?" Misae mother, Clara, came inside the room with a frown. Usually, Misae would be running here and there to tell her about what happened in the school. But today, it seemed that she was feeling rather down.

"Mother," Misae called her softly.

"Yes, Honey?" Clara sat down near Misae.

"Does every clan's member is a bad person?" Misae asked.

Clara was stunned. "Not all of them are bad, but most of them are. Besides, the government let the clan live here and didn't bother with them, right?"

"Well, it's true," Misae murmured. The government did let the clan stayed here and grew because the clans were a group of powerful people. Even before the government existed, the one that controlled this area was the clans and they didn't have that bad of an image.

"Did you meet a clan's member?" Clara asked suspiciously.

Misae nodded. "I found out today that one of the Student Council members is the member of Souhon Clan."

Clara's eyes narrowed. If it was only a small clan, she would not care much because the number of clans in this city was quite many. However, the name of Souhon Clan was different. Souhon Clan was the second biggest clan and also the cruelest one.

"What kind of person is he?"

"He seems normal," Misae said hesitantly. During the interaction between her and him, he didn't seem out of normal bound for her. He was just interacting like a normal student and there was no air of arrogance around him. "He's just good at fighting."

"You see him fight?" Clara was surprised.

"He spars in the martial art class quite often."

"Let me find out more about me. What is his name?"

"Jay," Misae answered. "Jay Hon."

Hearing the surname, Clara movement stopped for a moment. Because of her job, she was familiar with that name, and she certainly didn't think that he would be in the same school as her daughter. But if she thought about it again, the school where she enrolled was indeed the best school for clan members to go because it was quite lax in law.

Previously, she didn't dare to dig too much into the direct lineage of the clan's family, but if she needed to ensure her daughter safety, she would do it. If it was only a little bit, she was sure that she would be fine.

"Give me some time, but if he does anything to you, you have to report it to mother," Clara reminded her.

"I understand," Misae answered.

"It's fine to be friend with him. All this time, did he do something to you?"

Misae shook her head. Jay was not that bad of a person inside her mind because he looked normal. That was until she heard about his background as the Young Master of Souhon Clan.

"Then you should be fine with him around you, alright?"

"Yes mother," what her mother said was reasonable and Misae would try to not hate him.