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66 Figh

 Unfortunately, none of them paid any attention to Misae's reaction as they were watching the group of men carefully. The other customers were trying to get away silently. They didn't want to get involved with them especially when they heard the word 'clan'.

Jay smiled coldly. "Trash like you are not worthy to call me that way."

"Why don't you prove it?"

The moment Jay moved, Kanae pulled Misae to not look back again. Misae looked towards Kanae in question, but she just smiled wryly as the response while Tommy sighed.

"You would not be able to take the view in."

"Don't see it."

Although that was what they said, Misae could hear the scream and yell from the back very clearly. She didn't know what happened, but she knew that Jay was someone who was good at fighting because their yell was directed towards him.

"Are you alright, Alice?" Tommy peered towards the doll like girl's face.

Alice looked up and nodded her head slightly. She might look fragile, but she was not that weak to be unable to watch them. After all, she was still someone who lived in this city.

With Kanae's hand holding her shoulder, Misae felt that her mind was in constant turmoil. She was feeling troubled over the fact that Jay come from Souhon Clan. Based on her memory about the clans, she didn't have a good impression about them. The sole fact that Jay came from the clan made her felt that he might be a bad person.

However, it didn't change the fact that all this time they have a normal relationship. From what she remembered about him, he was one of the annoying men in the first year. She often saw him fight with Tommy in the martial class and saw him under the abuse of Mike to train harder.

They were showing her the normal side of him. But her heart felt unsettled just because of that one fact. Could she still talk to him like normal? Honestly, she didn't know.

"Do you want to return back first, Misae?" Kanae asked the girl beside her.

Misae noticed the concern on Kanae's face as she nodded her head. The feeling of having someone near her turned out to be a member of clans that she hated so much made her feeling unwell.

In the end, she called for her driver and went home earlier.

The rest of them were standing near the fight as they could hear the constant yelling and curse towards Jay.

Finally, Tommy couldn't stand the silence. "Have you all known about this before?"

"I don't know," Kanae answered. She was actually felt surprised since she didn't know about it, but she kept herself calm and collected because Misae was here. Besides, it was not like this was the first time she met with a clan member, though usually they were just lackeys and this time it was the young master.

"I also don't know," Mike said nonchalantly.

Neo shrugged. "I already know about that. It's very easy to recognize the young master of each clan."

Kanae was startled. "How?"

Before Neo could answer, they heard the sound of glass breaking from behind them. It seemed that they accidentally broke the glass of nearby stores.

The five of them turned their head to see Jay fought with the men. Even without any weapon on his hand, Jay swiftly evaded the attack and countered using kick or punch. From the way the gang's member reacted, they were sure that the punches were extremely strong.

The fight was completely in Jay favor. He might be useless in front of his own clan, but it didn't mean that he couldn't fight at all. He still could fight and even far better than most of them. Finishing this group of trash people was not hard at all.

"You... how can you have the title of useless with this much strength?"

"That title is given because they are comparing me with other people, idiot. For people like you, you would never understand."

Jay glanced at the camera nearby. He sighed because he knew that he would be in for another trouble since they got his face and the way he fought would give away the fact that he came from Souhon Clan. Cleaning his clothes, he walked towards the main hall and waved to the others.

People who see him would immediately give way to him. The name of Souhon Clan was famous as the cruelest gang, so Jay didn't really care about the way they looked at him. He was already used to see their terrified gaze even when he was not going to attack them.

"Sorry, it took longer than I thought."

"It's fine. Misae had returned first because it's already noon," Tommy informed him.

Jay nodded. "It seems she will hate me tomorrow. She is the only one who really hates clan's members, isn't she?"

"Most of the ordinary citizen would feel the same way. Don't take it to heart," Kanae answered.

"It seems that you are still indifferent."

"Do you want me to change? Even if you're a clan member, you're still Jay. Why should I make a fuss out of it?" Kanae shrugged. In her logic, it didn't really matter where he came from because what she knew him as Jay, the member of Student Council that came from the first year.

Jay smiled. "Thank you."

Neo waved his hand lightly. "With your surname, it will be a miracle if I don't know that you're from Souhon Clan. I already know about that from a long time ago, so you don't have to worry."

Kanae recalled Jay's full name. If it was not wrong, his name was Jay Hon. She didn't see any relation between 'Hon' and 'Souhon'. On the second thought, she finally understood the relation.

Come to think about it, she never realized that Jay was the member of Souhon Clan. It should have been obvious because the last name of Jay was Hon. Clan members who come from the direct lineage would have the surname from their clan name without the first syllables.

This way of naming would make other people knew clearly who has the bigger power in that clan. This name couldn't be bestowed easily, so the number of people who has the same surname was not that much.

"It seems like I have forgotten about the matter completely," Kanae sighed.

"You finally notice that they have the same surname?" Neo grinned.

Tommy still looked rather confused. "What do you mean by the same surname?"

Neo scratched his head. Now, how should he explain the matter to this person who seemed to have the lowest IQ among them all?

Jay patted his friend's shoulder. "There's no need for you to know the relation. It's enough for you to know that I'm from the clan."

"Fine," Tommy shrugged. He was only curious, but he still didn't understand how the others suddenly understood about the matter so quickly.

"Let's go back," Kevin suddenly remarked.

The others looked towards the president when they noticed that the people inside the mall were looking at them. The commotion from before has caused them to be the center of attention.

"Alright, let's go back."